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  1. Hi, I live in Penrith Cumbria and lucky to have some fantastic roads and views. I have had many kit cars prior to having a VX22O for 3yrs then a Lotus Europa S for over the past 5yrs and just bought a Evora which will be coming home in the next few days. I tend to drive the cars on dry days where possible but I also enjoy spending loads of time on my cars doing mechanical and complete refurbishments as I am very fussy and like thing to be spot on and maybe thats why I have a good following from other enthusiast always wanting to buy my cars when I am ready to sell them.


    1. C8RKH


      Hi Bob. You finally made it over here!  Great stuff.

      I bought Bob's VX220 4 years ago, it's been a hoot.

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  2. Today I finally managed to have some spare time to work on the Esprit. As my car is basically a rolling chassis, and an extensive list of parts is required to get her back on the road, I have decided to re-design parts and manufacture them myself, due to poor quality of secondhand parts at over inflated prices and availability.

    First of all I will start with the interior as this is almost totally stripped, and I have already managed to purchase a few items of trim.

    The tunnel trim pieces I think are most probably from an S4, but I have made them fit. 

    Interior mockup.jpg

    1. C8RKH


      Wow, that's a huge job you've got there and really looking forward to seeing the transformation.

      You have allowed me to understand where VW got the inspiration for its Polo Harlequin!  :)

      Volkswagen Polo Harlequin #Blogpost

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  3. So well summed up, re your comments about the Future of the EVORA in the US thread. I was close to writing the same thing but you did far more eloquently.

    I have probably pissed them off with my last post but they need to get over them selves. 



    1. C8RKH


      Lol. That just made me laugh. CharlieB and CCD can take it as they dish it and I couldn't give a fried fig lol....!

  4. C8RKH

    C8RKH    Bibs

    Hi Bibs - interested in one of the indoor car covers for an Evora.  Do you have any pictures of a black one with red piping and the red Lotus emblem, or a red one with black piping and black lotus emblem.  Sure you get the gist given my car! :)  Thanks Andy.  I might start a thread getting people to post up their car covers as would be good future reference. OK?

    1. C8RKH


      Cheers Bibs.  Think I'll go for Red with black piping and log and will post on there once arrives. Will get it ordered when i get to a PC and not this stupid phone.....

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  5. Hi Paul

    Just joined the forum today.  I have the 2nd of the 3 'Essex' Evora Ses produced. Would be good to find out who has the 3rd one.  I had the stripes removed before I bought it by Chris Neils in Cheshire in May '15.  Apparently these 3 cars, paint work and stripes courtesy of Scott Walker, were the last rh drive ones produced. After the Elise S mine gives so much more comfort. 

    Oulton (3).jpg

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