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  1. As an aside: I've just fallen foul of not being registered with a GP for about, oh maybe 9 years? So, have now registered and got my NHS number but need to wait a few days for the system to update before I can book my slot.
  2. This article was annoyingly Porsche heavy - perhaps justifiably so as they are doing a lot of investment - but gave me hope... along with that nagging feeling that I've had for some time that the whole 'lectric thing may pass and LOTUS will have chased rather than led...
  3. 1. Dave 2. Kev 3. Kenny 4. Simon 5. Paul 6. Tony The sweet sherry's are on me...
  4. 6 PEOPLE ON 20 APRIL AT 19:30 Reference code: DMN-16738947700 Booking type: Outside Marquee Only lets's you book up to 6 and this was a two hour slot, the longest they offer. So, please add your names to the list as follows: 1. Dave 2. Kev 3. 4. 5. 6.
  5. I can't see anyone firming up on a date - other than suggesting which weekdays are out. So, week tomorrow at the Mayfly? That would be the 20th.
  6. For a magazine who's strap line is "The Thrill of Driving", it never ceases to amaze me that it's not that defining quality with which they select their "winner". I stopped subscribing 4 years ago.
  7. Invite sent for Thursday so hopefully more can make it.
  8. Ahoy. Welcome Joe. I'll set up a teams meeting for Wednesday for those that can make it. If you haven't done yet, please PM me your email address so I can add you to the invite.
  9. I absolutely loved this video. I confess, I have been looking at what might be a potential replacement for my 400. This video just reminded me what I love about the Evora. I'm a bit disappointed that there wasn't an Evora "Final Edition" announced yesterday (I'm sure it's just an oversight, or it will follow), but in the meantime I'm back to the configurator to play the spec'ing game :)
  10. Now fixed... just doesn't take you to the right pages when you click through to the model specific pages ...
  11. Broken link...🧐
  12. OK, you should all have an invite now - let me know if you've not received it?
  13. Probably works out nicely for the rest of the family too...
  14. I would be up for something - and happy to sort. I seem to spend my life on Videoconfernces these days, so I feel your pain Kenny. When would suit everyone? Next Wednesday night at 1930?
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