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  1. Great to see you all last night, especially @pbharcourt's upgrade to the Firecat. Paul, if you still have that Evora itch, this is a mighty tempting proposition...
  2. Finally, it's Le Mans week.
  3. Have you tried switching off and turning it on again? By which I mean a good lengthy disconnect of the battery and a full charge. As an aside, isn't there a Lotus Dealer in Cwmbran?
  4. +1 for an OBD dongle jobby and Torque. As well as providing you with diagnostics, it can provide you with a cheeky little heat-map of your journeys, where it can overlay your speed over your route on a google-map saved to your phone. Which is nice, if a little (lot) incriminating. I had a similar issue after a lot of consecutive roundabouts and hard acceleration between them on my old S. Seem to recall disconnecting the battery for 24 hours, giving the battery a good charge and never saw it again - something to do with sensors and variances which was cleared by resetting. Engineering
  5. Canada (with Denmark a close second). Makes me happy. Although having the same result(ish) as @Bibs does cause some concern...
  6. lol - just saw this thread as it had popped up as recent content and having read all the way to the last few posts (and not noticing the date of the thread) , was about to suggest Bob sees if he can stretch his budget to a 400...
  7. Still remember being a "Part 3" and sleeping on a pallet on top of a torpedo in the Bombshop. Sleeping through water-shot drills has given me the ability to sleep through pretty much anything, anywhere. But if the ventilation suddenly stops, I'm already reaching for my steaming bats... (NB this is now 25 years ago...)
  8. "You're either qualified, or you're not..."
  9. Well... shit. I'm sure there's a reason, but that is a damn shame.
  10. Um. Sorry, having owned both - yes you will. Agree it's down to personal taste, but here's my my oversimplified 10 cents: 400 definitely quicker. Honestly. I did significant mileage in my S and the difference in the 400 was noticeable straight away, even for someone with my limited driving abilities. 400 has a firmer ride (something about reducing the bump-steer in the S1), but still not as harsh as a "sports" car from any German brand - so not as comfortable for long journeys as the S1, but more comfortable than say, a 3 series with M suspension. 400 has much more aggre
  11. At the risk of asking the obvious, have you tried searching for a specialist? It might cost a few bucks, but there must be someone out there with what you need?
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