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  1. Congratulations - great looking car - I'm a big fan of the non-"black-pack" cars (wasn't one in my price bracket/available when I bought). There aren't many around either, so that in itself is awesome Your journey seems to be not atypical, in that you almost stumbled in to ownership (knew the brand, not the cars) and not in a bad way! Welcome to TLF, and enjoy the car. Ownership just get's better with time!
  2. Pretty sure this belongs to the bloke from Bristol I met at the 70th bash. Didn't catch his name - but it's a stunning look car in that combo
  3. @fillpoke, welcome. Some thoughts: Clutch: My 2012 Evora S had done 68K miles when I sold it, and the clutch still hasn't needed to be done 16 months later (so maybe another 6-12K miles on top). The car was used for all kinds of driving, and honestly speaking it was showing no signs of wear. The Pistonheads car is ridiculously close to you, in the grand scheme of things, so if it were me I'd be taking the car for a test drive (show him this thread if he thinks you're a tyre-kicker). At a guess, you're already on the decision track having asked for our thoughts... IMHO there is no such thing as "the right answer" with regards to trim levels, gearboxes, rear seats (sorry Andy) etc etc. Sure, there's popular wisdom, and a general consensus on these things - but, considering most of us on here don't drive 911s so clearly aren't that arsed about this, we're collectively strangely insistent on what the "right choices" should be. Which has always mystified me somewhat. Buying a car is such a personal thing. If you like it when you try it, then buy the damn thing. No-one will berate you for making the "wrong" choice - certainly not on here - and you will have a car that you have chosen, not anyone else. Advice is good. Experience offered is good. The choice is yours!
  4. Sorry you're poorly, hope you feel better soon.
  5. @RoflOnMyWaffle, feel free to join - even if you're Lotus-less. A harsher man than I, @Kevin Wheeler, might suggest that this is @eeyoreish's default state...
  6. This has just started on mine - slug of WD40 inbound...
  7. Nope - was there for the Cinema and a cheeky Five Guys (trade off with SWMBO - Yes, we'll go and see "The Favourite", but only if I can stuff my face with meat based products in dough based wrappings first...). As an aside, never really understood the blurring of number plates... you can't do it in real life, so concealing a reg in a photo seems a bit pointless in my mind... @RoflOnMyWaffle, you should come along to arguably the shoddiest organised of all the regional groups next meet - details can be found here
  8. Many thanks to @Kevin Wheeler for sorting everything out last night and great to see you all. Am I right in thinking we settled for the 22nd as our next meet?
  9. Lesser spotted Dave and Jonny, rarely seen in the wild, leaving the New Forest at 1815. See you all soon.
  10. This is the bane of my life. Using my Evora as a daily drive, the number of people who are intrigued to see how many miles I've got on the Odometer is truly astonishing... after all, that has to be the only reason for driving that close, right? <-wanders off mumbling/ grumbling
  11. Hi Kev, I settle up for his Bibsness and myself shortly.
  12. @Kevin Wheeler Can you PM me your bank details and I will transfer the dosh before the end of the week?
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