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  1. At the risk of asking the obvious, have you tried searching for a specialist? It might cost a few bucks, but there must be someone out there with what you need?
  2. Try this and this.
  3. Hi Dave, Welcome to TLF. Your best bet for Evora advice is to head over to here where there's a whole (and lengthy) thread for those looking to move in to Evora ownership. The more info you can give, the better answers you'll get. I came to the Evora (now on my second) via a Z4M, and there's a few other Z4 veterans lurking around too. Enjoy!
  4. Orange is where it's at. Fact!
  5. Exactement. You really are a cunning-linguist @Bibs
  6. "il semble avoir un problème d'essuie-glace" - hilarious!
  7. Magnifique! Welcome to the Forum. I missed going to Le Sarthe this year.
  8. I don't know why, but this image twigged the memory circuits to early 80's Marantz designs...
  9. We can but hope... certainly the second statement, anyway...
  10. ... sorry, am I missing something or are you a bigger tease than we all expect?
  11. Me too... but then... oh, life's too short. I genuinely don't know why we get bent out of shape by articles like this (but we do). It's a familiar rehash of eleventy million similar articles. Lotus e-something put up against similar rivals as best in sports car class and loses for being best in sports car class but not having decent sat-nav or some other bollocks. It's astonishing to me that it's the 'murican Motoring press that is the most in love with all the things that Lotus do well.
  12. This reminded me of an Exige I saw at a track day, T1 VVA... made no sense until I saw him rapidly approaching in my rearview mirror...
  13. Hey Nick, it's a nice problem to have. I went from an S to a 400. I'm pretty sure I posted a comparison after a few weeks of ownership somewhere, but can't for the life of me find it. From memory: 1. The power and weight difference is noticeable. 2. The ride is not as compliant, and the S was definitely a better mile-muncher 3. The steering is much more direct, and the better for it when *cough* progressing. Less bump-steer. 4. Ingress/egress is MUCH better. I still can't risk a mini-skirt, though. 5. The interior felt more luxurious/ bespoke in the S, but the controls are much better in the 400 and there's no "airbag of doom" to worry about. I do feel that the 400 cabin is more spacious. Oh, and the HVAC is a marked improvement. 6. The Sparcos are not as comfy as the Recaros 7. I miss the change lights, but the small digital speedo at the top of the binnacle is a real boon. 8. You still can't wear polarised sunglasses and read the display. 9. It's cheaper to tax 10. Fuel economy is about the same 11. I definitely feel that the gear change is an improvement - purely subjective - just feels better. 12. Tyres last longer - although that is largely due to the switch to the Michelin tyre, which are excellent! 13. Noise. It's always in sport. 14. My S was nudging 70K miles. A newer car with the balance of warranty and not more than delivery mileage just took that niggling doubt, unfounded or not, away 15. I loved my S. A lot. I love my 400 more. I get that you wouldn't want to follow the Herd, but that 410 of @bosshog is no ordinary yellow car, and it already has the Sparcos. Edit: When I talk about Sparco's in @bosshog's 410, I mean that they're Sparco's as in a 400, not the cf seats.
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