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  1. This. Been there. Tried everything. New battery, and voila!
  2. Honestly speaking, a self-dipping mirror. I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why they don't even have an option. Pretty much anything else would make it "not an Evora", if that makes sense? Wet legs and all.
  3. Haven't been driving much due to lots of foreign work travel. Drove up to HQ which is roughly Southampton to Bury St Edmunds and back this week. Not the most enthralling of drives, but loved every minute of it in the Evora.
  4. Sorry all. Away with work again. Stupid work. Have a great time.
  5. As far as I can tell, I'll be able to make this one. Currently replying from Dubai. And I don't even have time to attend the Motor Show that is on whilst I am here. Boo :(
  6. That looks epic! Congratulations!
  7. Totally agree Jonny. This is the most open of World Cups we've seen. The All Blacks seem to have been written off by the press and I can't explain why, but tellingly a few pundits (Warbuton to name but one) still think they're the form team. Two words: Beauden Barret. For me, I think this could be the year the French stop being the bridesmaid but, as always, it will depend on which French team turn up. It's strange how a team can fire so hot and cold in consecutive matches. I do think the Boks look good. Their scrum-half Faf de Klerk (who is not a huge hit with the Boks fans) was outstanding in the Four Nations and the centre, Lukhanyo Am, looks formidable. As we all know to our cost, form tends to make very little difference going in to a World Cup, though. Of the home nations, England, Wales and Ireland are all in with a shout. As a Welshman I can tell you I too will be cheering for whichever home nation makes the final. It is hard to cheer for a team that has Eddie Jones in charge, however... ITV coverage, though. Ugh.
  8. Does anyone know when we're going to get a proper, written up, road test of the car? I've been scouring the internet and set up all the appropriate "google alerts", but not seen anything yet...
  9. My Dad came through his open-heart surgery successfully.
  10. Tesco's Roundabout in Hythe at 0615 this morning. Sadly, wasn't in the Evora.
  11. Northbound on the M271 yesterday afternoon. I was in the Orange Evora :)
  12. Welcome - that looks absolutely stunning in that colour!
  13. In other news, Lotus website is back up and running :)
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