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  1. Never heard of the books, but thought the TV Series was excellent. Oldman is magnificent.
  2. 84.5K, bought by an auto-bid (where they set the max they'll go to)
  3. Only a few minutes left... wonder if the snipers will break cover...
  4. I'm annoyed how much I enjoyed that video. A lot. The ice grey interior looks the business. Damn.
  5. How would everyone be fixed 22nd - Empress of Blandings? Ignore. Sorry. Got distracted half-way through posting.
  6. Sorry couldn't make it last night. Work all over the place right now. Menu looks good 👍
  7. Way out of synch for when you ordered, @KennyN
  8. That's a view I think we could all do without...
  9. How will you video it while taking part? 🤔
  10. Sticking with Lotus, don't panic
  11. I cancelled last week and got the same...
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