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  1. This should, of course, read “an emergency “
  2. That is epic! Congratulations
  3. Good man! Best bet is to keep an eye on this, but it's been unusually quiet for a while... I'm sure if you posted in there too that you'd get plenty of advice and help. It's always worth having a butchers here too Of course, if the Sale hadn't been agreed I would be wholeheartedly suggesting that you stop your search immediately and buy this
  4. Unsurprisingly, all my business travel has been cancelled - so looks like I can make this (was going to be in Dubai) whatever the date :)
  5. Great to see you all tonight. Thanks for coming out
  6. Job is einen Gooden, as they say in Germany. Anyone else?
  7. Too pretty? Not enough moustachery? I'm in the UK for the next two weeks if anyone fancies a pint? NB the above two statements are in no way related.
  8. This. Been there. Tried everything. New battery, and voila!
  9. Honestly speaking, a self-dipping mirror. I cannot, for the life of me, fathom why they don't even have an option. Pretty much anything else would make it "not an Evora", if that makes sense? Wet legs and all.
  10. Haven't been driving much due to lots of foreign work travel. Drove up to HQ which is roughly Southampton to Bury St Edmunds and back this week. Not the most enthralling of drives, but loved every minute of it in the Evora.
  11. Sorry all. Away with work again. Stupid work. Have a great time.
  12. As far as I can tell, I'll be able to make this one. Currently replying from Dubai. And I don't even have time to attend the Motor Show that is on whilst I am here. Boo :(
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