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  1. Hi Gang, work thing last minute - may be a bit late, sorry!
  2. This made me chortle. I've been using the "two bucket" method for years. Like yourself, the logic feels a bit iffy to me - but the consensus by those in the know is that it's the done thing. Looking forward to seeing how the Valet Pro stacks up against the products I normally use from another reputable detailing company on the South Coast.
  3. If they close at 2100, is 1930 early enough? (Yes, Paul, before you say it, 90 mins is probably enough DC for anyone... 🙄)
  4. No worries - we going to try somewhere else?
  5. Agreed, and in addition THEY MUST TAKE IT RACING Not in some brand/model cup, but proper multi-brand international stuff.
  6. Absolutely. Leave the silver and grey launch nonsense to the others. These should be statements!
  7. This is spot on. The number of people who comment that they either didn't know Lotus still existed, or that that they made anything other than the Elise is a real challenge for the brand. It always surprises me - and then I remember that Motoring Forums in general, certainly the more specialist ones, tend to be a microcosm where the inhabitants forget that pretty much the rest of the universe base their choices and decisions on the popular view and perceived wisdom. This more than anything has to be the hurdle that Lotus needs to clear. We can get bent out of shape that Lotus is
  8. Well, snipes aside, I quite enjoyed that. Did I get what I wanted out of it? Not really. Did it sound encouraging? Yes. Was the tease enough? No, but it certainly made me glad I've got a ticket for GFOS on the 8th. I feel like I just listened to people with a plan, not a bunch of wishes, hopes and fairy dust.
  9. Direct transactional model?!?!?!?!?! I bet the dealerships watching this just spat their coffee..
  10. I'm in, but the volume is really low... can barely hear with speakers turned up to 11
  11. Hmm. A bunch of embargo protections and T's & C's would lead me to think that this is a substantial announcement... (please be)
  12. as an aside, dah followed by 23 dits and another dah is morse code for "this is shit"... - .... .. ... / .. ... / ... .... .. -
  13. Yes, was great to see you all. Loved the Elan. Spent two hours last night looking at the Classifieds...
  14. Better safe than sorry! See you next time! (In my excitement, I appear to have already got here)
  15. Nudge Just a reminder for tonight. Personally am very excited to be going "out out" to a Pub! 6 PEOPLE ON 20 APRIL AT 19:30 Reference code: DMN-16738947700 Booking type: Outside Marquee Here
  16. As an aside: I've just fallen foul of not being registered with a GP for about, oh maybe 9 years? So, have now registered and got my NHS number but need to wait a few days for the system to update before I can book my slot.
  17. This article was annoyingly Porsche heavy - perhaps justifiably so as they are doing a lot of investment - but gave me hope... along with that nagging feeling that I've had for some time that the whole 'lectric thing may pass and LOTUS will have chased rather than led...
  18. 1. Dave 2. Kev 3. Kenny 4. Simon 5. Paul 6. Tony The sweet sherry's are on me...
  19. 6 PEOPLE ON 20 APRIL AT 19:30 Reference code: DMN-16738947700 Booking type: Outside Marquee Only lets's you book up to 6 and this was a two hour slot, the longest they offer. So, please add your names to the list as follows: 1. Dave 2. Kev 3. 4. 5. 6.
  20. I can't see anyone firming up on a date - other than suggesting which weekdays are out. So, week tomorrow at the Mayfly? That would be the 20th.
  21. For a magazine who's strap line is "The Thrill of Driving", it never ceases to amaze me that it's not that defining quality with which they select their "winner". I stopped subscribing 4 years ago.
  22. Invite sent for Thursday so hopefully more can make it.
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