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  1. It's hard to argue with your choice. It really looks fantastic, and is a properly compelling proposition - especially in the US, where the $ price is astonishing for what you are getting. As @MJON said, don't be a stranger. Look forward to hearing (and seeing) how you get on with the car when it arrives.
  2. I get what you mean, but they'll be using calibrated, high fidelity monitors and top-end graphic packages so their colour accuracy with rendering will not be subject to the multiple variables that we're introducing.
  3. Answers as promised (sorry for the delay, been moving a muck-heap, spreading and harrowing - payback for last night's excitement): What driving aids/ limiters etc are actually on the car? (I'm hoping minimal) - Contrary to Bibs' post elsewhere, I was categorically told last night that the FE would have adaptive cruise control. Go figure. If they get the homologation done before July the 8th (when the legislation is scheduled to come in to effect, there would be no speed limiter for the V6 FE. They were unsure if this would impact i4 cars (as they would be homologated at a later date in theory), but are looking in to it for me. They did suggest that the date for the legislation might slip, as in their experience they regularly do. When are i4 FE's scheduled to be delivered and what is the time-scale for configs, additional deposits etc? i4 FE Configurator is (at present) scheduled to go live some time in November but, as we already know, they are focussing on V6 Fe's first. 2nd deposits etc will follow the same pattern as those going for the V6. Autumn deliveries. What are the proposed servicing intervals? I got varying answers on this, but 12K miles or annual seemed to be the consensus (although there was some talk of the V6 following the Evora with 9K/ annual. Fixed price servicing. When will factory tours be available again/ available to deposit holders? Spring if all goes according to be plan. There was talk of looking at factory deliveries... Any indication on tyre costs/ tyre wear expectancy? Nothing yet, all mules are running a mix of tires and mostly running on the track so the data would be pretty meaningless right now. In November when the roadgoing "shakedown" cars become available they should start getting this data. When will deposit holders get a test drive? Dealers should be getting their demonstrators late Feb/March (more likely March) The ride for Sport was described to me as very similar to Evora Sport 410 but, as stated elsewhere, it was emphasised that Touring was probably going to be the sweet spot for all but the most committed track gods. They are looking at Service plans. I didn't see the question on the wheel/arches. Sorry. The event last night didn't go to plan (no reveal etc), BUT... the LOTUS staff were on hand and helpful, and obviously - and rightly so - proud of their baby. If someone I was talking to didn't have the answer, they went and grabbed the right person. Chris and the team at Hendy Poole were on hand, and did a great job. The car is stunning. With a bit more time made available to you to look and get as much of a feel for the car as you can without driving it, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a winner of a car. Yes, it's heavier etc. Still felt and looked like a Lotus should. Driver centric, just more useable. I am absolutely delighted.
  4. Ugh. Just last night at the Roadshow I was told it WOULD be on...
  5. Ugh... there goes my evening... See you in a couple of hours @Bibs
  6. Off to Westover, I mean Hendy, Poole this evening. Anyone got any burning questions that haven't been asked yet? On my list to try and get definitive answers on are: What driving aids/ limiters etc are actually on the car? (I'm hoping minimal) When are i4 FE's scheduled to be delivered and what is the time-scale for configs, additional deposits etc? What are the proposed servicing intervals? When will factory tours be available again/ available to deposit holders? Any indication on tyre costs/ tyre wear expectancy? When will deposit holders get a test drive? I know some these have been asked, but there are wildly different answers, so I'm hoping to get at the very least some consistent messaging (on the understanding that things can change in time)
  7. Audiophiles across the country just clutched their chests with despair at Bose being likened to Kef 🤣
  8. Congratulations! That is a thing of beauty. Whilst I'm in the queue for an Emira, I keep looking at the last iteration of Evora with no small amount of lust.
  9. Guess I'll be "slumming it" in my Evora longer than expected... not great, but not terrible either... First World problems, eh? 🙄🤣
  10. Guys, colour temperature of the lights coupled with the camera settings will really distort what you're seeing...
  11. Not doubting that this is what you were told, but had my call this morning and that's at odds with the "in a few" weeks I was told for the i4 FE orders ... (runs head first in to a brick wall)
  12. DaveC72

    Lotus Emira

    That's a little bit dismissive and superior, do you not think?
  13. I got my call today, which I couldn't take... office hours are just that...🙄 (Deposit paid 28th June)
  14. Been a couple of weeks - any news on the model Emira, if they're doing another etc and also new merch range?
  15. I'm holding on for the i4, but the V6FE looks astonishingly good value on the face of it. Well played Lotus.
  16. Mid to high 20s pootling, 30 on an extended motorway run, low 20s driving *cough* progressively, high teens if you're giving it the barry!
  17. Completely with you - and as you might have guessed, I'm a certified Lotus fanboy. My heart sinks when you see public representation of the brand I love like this, but it's not without a certain amount of justification. It's not a great experience when things go wrong. And they do go wrong for all manufacturers. It's how you deal with it pre-sale, execution and post.
  18. So, I was out based on information I was given by someone who really should have got it right... but I'm not surprised based on my experience so far...
  19. I'm going with my original guess: Base i4 59,995.00, with the V6 about a 6K premium. I can only tap my nose at the V6 FE price though and, given the source, could be wrong... but I'm pretty confident So, if my math/guess is correct, FE package £12K. Once the full pricing is available will be interesting to see what the "saving" is over speccing that in as individual items. Looking at what you get for now, I reckon it looks pretty good value.
  20. lol - browser didn't update. Taps nose, ref price. I'm so with you on the 4xxx suspension difference. I'm slightly worried that that the sport setting may start drifting to the "M" way of doing things - i.e. fit a gum shield. So, I would really want to talk to someone sensible (who could be in Sales, we're not ALL idiots you know) or drive it before nailing down my config.
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