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  1. Thank you for taking the time in coming back to me.I have booked my car in for a C service. Regards Jason
  2. Hi people i have a 111s s2 that's due for a C service.I was wondering who you think is the best to use for servicing and future repairs etc... Which place have you found best for knowledge ,workmanship ,customer service and honesty ? I live in Maidstone . Regards Jason
  3. Hi people, i have a 53 reg Elise S2 111s with soft top but i don't have the bag to put it in. If anyone has or knows where i can buy one it would be really helpful Jason
  4. Hi Michael Thanks for the advice,I'm still navigating around this forum Regards Jason
  5. Hi everyone I have just brought a 53 plate S2 111s.It has a janspeed exhaust fitted to it.The "burble" from the exhaust as it is is a little disappointing at the moment.I was wondering if I should invest in an induction kit to improve this but don't know the best one to go for.It has been suggested a Hurricane kit would give the best noise?????? Jason
  6. Hi Bibs Thank you for your reply. I know Ryarsh well, I have a customer there (Brookline Coaches) jason
  7. Hi, I've just brought myself a 53 plate 111s. I'm thinking of putting an induction kit on to give a little bit more power and also to improve the sound. The car is fitted with a Janspeed back box which gives a bit of burble but I want more. Could anyone give me some advice on which kit to go for please? Regards Jason
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