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  1. Hi Guys, unfortunately there was never really any interest generated on this. I think i only made about two pairs as samples. I still have the drawings to fabricate some but the cost and time to make them could be a deal breaker. Obviously volume will bring the cost down considerably, but a small batch could see these at around the £100 mark.
  2. I wanted to make replacements for the front access panel hinge but had to sell my car so i have nothing to reference. I also make a rear diffuser bracket for some Exigeseses but only ever sold a couple.
  3. If you mean the classifieds here, i did that before. Orders were sporadic at best hence i passed the stock to Xr8 thinking they would put effort into advertising etc. I'll have a think about making a batch, but the cost will go up to cover increases in steel and shipping etc.
  4. I'm the one that made these. Sold my stock to X8r but i guess they've discontinued them. I can make more and may even have a few available. All Evoras will need to change them due to rust, even the 400s i think.
  5. Honestly, it's probably no more expensive to just make them in stainless -the extra material cost is negated by the fact the parts don't have to be zinc plated (which offers very little extra protection IMO). hi Bibs, happy to get something modelled up, then send the originals back so you can fit. Would need them for a week or so i guess?
  6. I made Stainless steel mudflap brackets, now sold on X8r, my next part was going to be the stainless steel hinge, unfortunately i had to sell my car so i have nothing to copy. If anyone has an old one i'll happily get it drawn up and manufacture something that will never rust.
  7. Miguel

    TLF GT430 Club

    Happy to have a look -any photos, drawings or links back to what this is? Are we talking stainless steel? Aluminium?
  8. Hi, thanks for the interest guys. I still make the brackets, but handling the orders, despatch etc. was a problem my end. the brackets are now sold through a company called x8r ltd - they're really helpful and have plenty in stock. They haven't got them listed on their site yet, but will very soon i'm sure.
  9. Not sure if this is allowed so please delete if necessary, but seemed relevant to the SR owners on this page -i've got two black 19" OEM alloys (tyreless), from my old SR. Newly refurbished as they had some light kerb rash. Will post an ad very soon.
  10. Hi all, I’m making a small batch so it’s cost effective, will help if people can put the word about a bit so I can sell them.
  11. Haha! If you want a pair, just email me with your billing/delivery address: [email protected] I'd happily supply direct to Lotus, it was a while back that Bibs kindly took some to the factory, but i've never heard a peep from them. I only really sell these out of love for the car and marque, happy to keep doing it until i run out, then i'll have to decide whether it's worth it or not.
  12. Hope okay to post here: I have a spare, unused set of OEM front grilles if anyone is interested?
  13. Hi Jairaj, just found this from the original post when i bought the CAI: Looks like it's not going to be suitable for an NA Evora. Sorry.
  14. Hi, i've got one. Was going to put it up for sale soon. I bought it second hand but was told it had barely been used and i never got round to fitting it myself. I'm sure its a BOE one -you may need to confirm it will suit both N/A and supercharged models.
  15. Looks like those would be simple to make, but no idea what demand might be like -no point cutting a batch out unless you think you can sell them all. The cynic in me wanders whether Lotus know parts like these will see out the warranty period, but have to be changed later at the owners cost, but of course I'm sure that's not true. Another reason could be a concern over mixing stainless with aluminium -add some water to the mix and you can get an electrolytic reaction ( I think) -this can cause bad corrosion, mainly to the aluminium part I suspect. But this is easily solved with rubber bushes/washers etc. The mudguard brackets only bolt to the bodywork so there's no risk there, but those above are mounted to the alu. chassis. I really doubt this is down to the cost of the part as the mild steel version, whilst a cheaper base material, has to be sent for zinc plating which I doubt Lotus do on site. It could be a case of 'its just how we've always done it'. Hopefully things may be changing though.
  16. Hi Andy, drop me a line and i'll happily send you a set on sale or return -would be good to confirm they're a straight fit to the 400s. Still amazed the factory use mild steel.
  17. Hi all, if others are interested, i have about 30 pairs in stock, but this is likely the last batch i'll make. Drop me a line if interested.
  18. Hi Chaps, glad to hear the parts are getting some interest. Whoever fits the first ones, i'd really appreciate some feedback -i'm always cautious with first batch runs, so i'm all ears if i need to tweak or remake something.
  19. Hi chaps. I make stainless steel mudguard brackets, checkout the ad in the for sale section. They're 316 marine grade stainless steel so should last the lifetime of the car. Also lighter than the bog standard rusty ones ;P
  20. Not a 400, but I'm looking to sell my S sport racer. 23k, great condition -and I daily drive it with three kids 4/8/14.
  21. Robert, I've tried fabricating 1.5mm brackets from titanium before (the hinges are 3mm thick). Laser cutting works well but I thought I'd get away without heating them and bending on a brakepress, but they just snapped. Bear this in mind as it will be trial and error to get these right. The weight and strength difference was significant though (better in titanium), just commercially, wasn't for me.
  22. Hi Ian, would be good to have a look at those if you have them -i'm in tomorrow from 8am if it's convenient?
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