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    John aran
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    Exige 350 v6 ,Porsche 944turbo,Audi Quattro cab,Range Rover evoque,1930citroenc4ix,1930citroenc4f .
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  1. Just checked its SORN ..not probably not left at all!!
  2. Thanks i think I'm going to give it a go ,prompted by the awful standard unit and rubbish speakers .my car has cruise control so i think i will be making some bespoke stalks!
  3. Hi has anyone fitted a flip up head unit if so which one and how did it go? regards John
  4. C4ix

    V8 1996 anyone here

    Thanks for trying ! Regards John
  5. C4ix

    V8 1996 anyone here

    yes please, phone 07769660940 thanks john
  6. C4ix

    V8 1996 anyone here

    sad and looks unloved, where is it ?? It would be fab, another project to join the list ,I'm not sure that theres enough retirement years to do them all but who cares!!!
  7. C4ix

    V8 1996 anyone here

    sad and looks unloved, where is it ??
  8. Hi and welcome, fab choice, I have a v6 Exige ,its fab !!!
  9. yup thats my old lotus glad to see her on the road ! Ruby red
  10. Hi recently bought a Exige 350 v6 following my last lotus which was Peter Russells old v8, what a fabulous car ,we need to keep the v6 a secret or the whole world will want one and like the v8 they will all vanish !! This one is a toy and would like to know how many bhp are attainable for road use before its un-driveable? In standard form its a rocket so how much more do you get upgrading ??? Regards John
  11. Hi all having just bought a Exige 350 v6 ,I cant believe how quick the car is even compared to my old v8 .With a staged upgrade kit i can only imagine the performance would be unbelievable!!! what I was wondering was Has anyone done a upgrade for road use ? has it made it un-driveable? IF so what bhp was the upgrade? Also has anyone developed a T roof for the Exige? regards john
  12. C4ix


  13. Thanks peter that would be great! is it a s ? And when is convenient ? Regards john
  14. Hi Barry thought they had to leave the cars ? After the Fracas Would make a great project car .......interesting ,more details if you have them regards john
  15. Hi peter I've bought a evoque but I'm on the lookout for a late v8 with round lights or a evora s .I would buy the old girl back but it needs to be cheap enough to take it to a proper lotus garage and get them to repair it properly ,problem is I know that car inside out now ! How are you getting on with the evora ? Does it thrill like the esprit ?i love the lazy raw power of the v8 !!! I nearly bought the car that top gear took to the Falklands but despite being low mileage the underneath was very furry and needed extensive powdercoating which they wouldn't nock the price down enough for it to be done .now it's wrecked of course regards john
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