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  1. Hi I work on motoring TV shows such as For The Love of Cars. I'm currently working on a new C4 series, one episode of which is concentrating on an M100 Elan. We need a car for our very famous presenters to drive gently for some filming at a track in the south of England, probably Goodwood, on July the 24th. If you own an M100 Elan, pref a turbo, please call me on 07740 463196 or email me on [email protected] This is a genuine advert please google my name to see that I do work ion this field. I look forward to hearing from enthusiastic M100 owners keen to rai
  2. I have driven a V8 actually, on road and track - the press car Lotus had at the time, loved it but could not contemplate owning one. I had to be 'inserted', which took some time, and had to drive it in my racing boots because normal shoes were just too wide to delineate the pedals. Seeing as I can hardly walk in my race boots because they squash my toes so much it would not make a pleasant form of actual transport. Wonderful car though, both in looks handling and sheer performance. One of those cars that made me wish I was smaller and thinner! I had the chance to drive a Countach LP400 on
  3. Long way off yet - please do not start talking about it on facebook chaps as its not been announced yet - but it will happen
  4. Yes I genuinely work for Corgi - if you google my name you will see it come up against things for various car TV programmes, Racing Legends, The Classic Car Show, For The Love of Cars, Top Gear etc but through working on those programmes I started working with Corgi 10 or more years ago. I don't have a Lotus sadly - I'm 6ft 4', but my everyday car is an MGB with a Fiat 2.0-litre twincam in it, an SD1 back axle and a Watts-link so I guess I qualify as an enthusiast in my non working life... Please explain the post above - MJK via Kimbers?. I'm guessing this is Mike Kimberley in some way?
  5. Thanks Mike and if that is the case then so be it but I thought it worth a try. John
  6. Yes but does anyone know anything about its history after it was a Lotus PR/press car?
  7. Corgi models are attempting to find the owner of a specific Lotus Esprit S2. Chassis number: 400G Number plate: YVG789S It was originally painted gold. However, it is now believed to be painted red and registered YKO 48S. If you have any information about this car's whereabouts please contact: [email protected] or 07740 463196 Corgi's policy is include the history of the real car on which the model is based on a card in the model's box. This car was used by CAR magazine for a feature, and now by Corgi as the basis for a model, so Corgi are keen to find out about its late
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