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  1. Perfect. Thanks very much for that Paul. Gonna have to keep an eye on it in future.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. (normally open switch...of course) But, after connecting the two wires, the lights do illuminate. The switch is not being closed by the brake pedal for some reason. Did you know anything about that bolt in the picture which has the nut close to the head. Without seeing the internals behind that bolt (via a parts diagram), I'm not sure how adjusting that bolt will affect/rectify my problem. I could just give it a go (thinking out loud).
  3. Would somebody please help me out with my brake light switch problem on my S2. I've taken the switch out of the top of the pedal box and tested it and it works correctly. I've screwed it back in as far as it goes but still no brake lights when the pedal is pushed. Maybe there's a bolt that determines pedal travel and needs adjusting. Can someone explain (and a scan of the parts manual would be awesome) how to fix this problem. I've attached a photo (if I got it to work) looking up the brake pedal. The silver bolt is a bit suspect with that nut so close to the head (just below the green wires), but I don't know if that's the problem for the light switch. There's also a picture at the top of the pedals showing the switch in and connected. Also shows that bolt at the front. Thanks.
  4. I feel for you. Hope everything turns out ok in the long run. Now I'm not the most mechanically minded person, so keep that in mind when reading the next bit. Regarding the discussions on fire fighting equipment, wouldn't prevention be better than a cure? Wouldn't it be worth a little effort to ensure that fuel (and vapors from leaked fuel) do not get a chance to light up, rather than going down the path of perhaps an expensive extinguishing system? Again, I wouldn't know how to prevent it effectively, but I'm putting this thought out to the real mechanics on the forum. Perhaps a shield around the distributor or other spark sources? Interested to hear what you guys have to say.
  5. Paul, I'm sure others would agree that any photos are worth looking at, even just other angles of what you've done already. I've got an S2 that is starting to spend more time off the road than on, and I'm considering a major resto. Following somone else's adventure is inspiring.
  6. I've owned my Esprit long enough to know that owning an Esprit inevitably means that even if you didn't want to know how every mechanical part of your car works, you soon will. After a catastrophic failure and subsequent repair of the spline on a rear driveshaft, the mechanic repacked the original wheel bearing when putting the driveshaft back in. First drive since and the rear wheel was loose and slightly wobbly, but still just drivable. I took it back to the guy who said the bearing had collapsed. For the next step of my mechanical knowledge, can someone explain this to me. Does it mean the bearing cannot be fixed, and needs replacing with a new one? Thanks, yours-in-learning, Evan
  7. Thanks for your efforts guys. Although the hub is listed on Lotusbits, they don't have any. Simon, are the driveshafts still available at that sale or has the price gone up? I've had a look at the parts list on but there is very little there. I guess everybody bought up big on the day. It's looking more and more like I'm going to need to get one or both parts fabricated. Actually I just saw the email on the sale website so will send one off. I don't suppose anyone knows a parts cross-ref (if there is one)?
  8. Well, I joined the tray-top gang a couple of weeks ago. The reason is that my right rear wheel hub and outer drive shaft have worn away. The wheel spins freely on the drive shaft, and therefore no drive to that wheel. I've tried getting a replacement wheel hub from the major Lotus parts suppliers but have had no luck. They have indicated they can get me an outer drive shaft for 200 pounds, but no hub. So if anyone has a spare wheel hub for an S2, I am willing to talk a deal (I'm in Australia by the way). One of the reasons why my parts wore out is probably that the wheel hub that was on it when I purchased the car was the wrong one. I'm guessing it might be from an S1. The first picture below shows the wrong part, and the second picture shows the correct one from the rear left wheel on my car. I know that the right rear was the wrong part because it was too narrow and the split pin did not go through the castellations in the hub nut (third picture), as they did on the left side. Incorrect hub above. Notice the difference behind the hub compared to below. Split pin not within the castellated nut. This actually caused the wheel to become loose on the drive shaft as the hub nut loosened a couple of turns. For a couple of drives before it sh1t itself, I started to get a small feeling that the back end of the car was trying to steer itself whenever I accelerated or braked . If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
  9. I remember visiting a website that had a red G-car with black rubber replacements for the silver trim and it looked awesome. I can't find it again. Does anyone else know of this car or the link?
  10. Thanks for the replies. I guess it was resonating the wrong way if it sounds better without it. Anyway, it's going to stay off, and I will probably have to take it when the car goes for a roadworthy inspection so they know I didn't take a cat off.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. As other people have the same problem after some attempts to fix it, then I'll just have to notch this up to an Espritism. If I get some time after fixing up all of the other problems on the car , then I might look into alternative setups for the wiper system. Thanks again, Evan p.s. if anyone else has found a fix, don't hesitate to post.
  12. G'day all, My windscreen wiper has a strange movement (maybe normal for an Esprit with all of its quirks ) (refer to the picture below) 1. When I turn the wipers off, the wiper arm stops at position 'A', as in the photo. A little too high. 2. Whilst driving above 40 km/h (or below 40 and accelerating), the wiper goes back and forth with its lowest point being the X at point 'B'. 3. Whilst driving below 40 km/h (either coasting or slowing down), the wiper bangs heavily against the stop, at point 'C'. Very loud! What could be causing this? And how do I fix it? It makes me want to drive fast all the time, , but then just being in the car does this. The position it swings to on the other side is fine.
  13. Lotus Part Number A079U6013F - S1,S2 B079U6013F - S3 A082U6074F - TURBO (til 87) Description Gas strut, tailgate support Originated/Alternative Product name: "Strongarm - Gas Charged Lift Supports" Model number: 4771 (the exact specs, eg strength, are unknown but I tried a few and this one works best for me) Price $39.99 (AUS) Recommended Supplier Manufacturer: Gabriel Made in the USA for AVM Inc. P.O. Box 729 Highway 76 East, Marion, SC 29571 (although the strongarm stuff is not on their website) Purchased in Australia at Supercheap Auto Have seen the brand in USA on Autobarn website.
  14. Let me start by saying I know virtually nothing about exhausts. During acceleration between 2200 and 3000 revs, my (Australian) S2 had an extremely annoying sound similar to a hotted up rotary engine, very 'tinny'. I went to an exhaust place nearby and asked them what it might be and they suggested it was this part. When he tapped it, it was hollow and I could easily imagine this part causing the noise. When tapped it sounded similar to the tinny noise whilst driving. As you can see in the photo, it is being cut out and a pipe was welded in to replace it. The 'rotary' noise is gone. The guy said it was probably put on to quieten the exhaust, but that it was too close to the manifold and any filling inside would have been burnt away. Now I have no idea whether this was on the car originally when delivered to Australia way back. The guy at the exhaust place said it is not a cat, and a car of this age is not required legally here to be fitted with one. My S2 service manual shows cats with different shapes to this part. Here it is out of the car. And looking into it, it's straight-through. Now my very basic understanding is that cats are not straight through as the exhaust needs to be pushed through small holes in a metal coated in a catalyst. This particular part of mine would not do what a cat does. Any ideas?
  15. I haven't found a supplier for the Bathursts yet (half-hearted effort at the mo). I found something similar at called the Challenger. The one in the picture below looks pretty lame though. Again, I haven't done a great deal of research on this either, with regard to 4 stud availability or other dimension suitability (such as centre hole or offset) If you've got any other ideas, let me know. I'm gonna do some more research today. Also gonna find out the availability/cost of some replacement tyres for the standard S2 rims. For the suspension experts out there, if for some reason I couldn't get the same offest as is currently on the back wheels and I needed to put a spacer in, would it change the camber on the wheel if there was nothing done to the suspension?
  16. Mark, I'm not having a go at you here, , but bravo to them, they've managed to make a classic British sportscar look like every other Japanese racer on the streets. Don't take this post too seriously. Those low profile tyres look more at home on the 'Stevens' than the 'Wedgie'. If you're after that kind of look then each to his own, but it's just not what I'm after.
  17. For all of those purists out there , since it is almost impossible to get S1 wheels here in OZ, I was thinking of keeping the retro theme of the car. Wasn't going to put these on it. But something like these (keeping plenty of rubber showing B) , not that low-profile stuff ): Similar to Ferrari 308 of the same era. And I'm not going to source a Ferrari set.
  18. I've just replaced one of those older Momo wheels (the only difference is the centre cap) with a Momo Pilota Corse 'D' shaped as you were thinking of using. It takes a bit of getting used to grabbing the flat spot when cornering. It does give a small amount of more room when getting in and out. 35cm or 13.8 inches is the one I got. Any smaller and you start seriously covering up your gauges. I can post a picture of it in the car later (in about 8 hours when I get home from work) Can you post a picture of your 10 inch beast. Curious to see it.
  19. All very useful info to know so far. Thanks. My question: What about citrus type degreasers? Are there any drawbacks using these (such as those problems with Simple Green)?
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