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  1. Whilst they're undoubtedly cool and lighter, I prefer the look of the Sparcos. My advice would be to keep as is to save on the faff and ££ of changing.
  2. I'd just like to echo this. I came from a ~500 BHP Supra, and was worried about the lack of firepower when I picked up my NA Evora. No doubt the Supra would murder the Evora on dual carriageways and motorways, particularly from a rolling start. Also, I used to have a Lexus GS450H which was probably quicker in a straight line than the Evora. Same goes for my current 535D tourer... ...However, the Evora is SO good on proper driving roads, the lack of power doesn't matter. Driver involvement and the almost telepathic response from the car has to be witnessed first hand to be believed. Also, maybe as I am getting older (sensible/boring) the need for outright speed isn't a requirement for me anymore. If you were putting it on a track, then it would be more important.
  3. I used to have a similar issue, and I read this elsewhere: 'Try deflating the tyres until they are fairly low, then re-inflate to correct pressure.' Light disappeared, all pressures are good, and has been all OK for almost a year.
  4. Mine (60 plate NA) used to do this, and it got progressively worse to the point that it now doesn't lock with either fob (with new batteries). It rarely unlocks using the fob either, and disarming the immobiliser with the fob has to be done inside the car. Sometimes I even use the PIN sequence with the key in the barrel. I suspect my issue is down to poor performance of the aerial/receiver behind the dash or a related component - hopefully not the case with yours!!
  5. I used to live opposite the Bustard Inn (between Shrewton and Larkhill), now I'm down in the Langfords. Agreed, some good ones near Tilshead, or Ludgershall.
  6. Congratulations, that looks awesome. /off topic - up until 3 months ago I lived on the Salisbury Plain too!
  7. Definitely good vfm. I bought and sold mine a few years ago for ~£2k. Good mpg, cheap parts and labour, and it never broke. So long as they don't have the disintegrating pre-cat issues then you're good to go. The engine position was a deciding factor in me moving on to an Evora.
  8. MR2s in general can be quite fun, but in my opinion the mk2 will never handle anything like an Evora. I tested one years ago whilst I had my Supra but decided it wasn't for me. They can be very tail happy (which can be a good thing depending on how you look at it). I did run a mk3 (yes the hairdresser one) for a while which handled well and was good fun but lacking 50-100HP. There are a few of these with the 'Camry' engine in converted by Woodsport. Nice, but still not a Lotus (and I'm a big Toyota fan).
  9. Lukeyboy2k

    Evora GT430

    Couldn't agree more. I think it's testament to the engine that it can be used over various platforms. Ok, it isn't a V8/V10/V12 and it never will be, but it gives more than adequate performance for the vast majority of cars and driver abilities. I applaud Lotus for selecting such an engine so it can concentrate on the other areas and build fantastic cars. I've done approximately 25k in my Evora in 2 years (2GR-FE), and nearly 15k in 6 months in my Lexus GS450H (2GR-FSE), all of them without issue and in comfort. The engine has a good balance of performance/reliability and... economy! I'm definitely a Toyota/Lexus/Lotus fanboi, I've had various highly tuned Supras, MR2s, along with Ravs, Landcruisers, Lexus RX, GS and they've all had fantastic quality and reliability. The use of a Toyota engine was a deciding factor in me getting an Evora in the first place. I won't be in the market for £100k+ car for at least 5-10 years, but if I was, the new Evora would be right at the top of my list, even if it will probably be surpassed by something else within a few years.
  10. Lukeyboy2k

    Evora GT430

    I hope so too. Front end looks amazing. It combines the beauty of the S1 and purposeful looks of the GTE. Let's form an orderly queue.
  11. Hi Everyone, The headlamp washer (and cover) appears to have disappeared on my drivers side headlamp..... (No idea when and how - can they just 'fall off'?...) As per title, are the headlamp washers the same for each side? It's item number 3 (and 4) on the diagram linked here, but for the drivers side as opposed to the passenger side. I gather the covers come as a pair. Many thanks, Luke
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  13. Picked up this beauty a few weeks ago on the sly - glad the boss approves.
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