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  1. Great looking car, Congratulations
  2. Really enjoyed the day, some great racing.... thanks again for the tickets
  3. Hi Bibs, How do we get hold of the tickets ? cheers Andy (Komso)
  4. Red Line MT90 gets my vote, Put this in my 2010 Exige along with up-rated engine mounts and this mod transformed the gear change
  5. Standard photo card licence is all you need
  6. Congratulations, Great looking car & spec...... Now get it on track, you wont be disappointed
  7. I missed the boat on the LOT Anglesey day, Looking at the attendees its going to be a busy day !
  8. Same here mate, I'll definitely come and say hello. Not aware of the VX national, any more info ?
  9. I use he floor type bicycle pump, I also find then quicker to use
  10. Avon recommend 30psi hot for both ZZR and ZZS tyres, I've run both tyres at this pressure and they seem to perform well for my track driving needs.
  11. I swapped my A048's for Avon ZZS as I didn't want to mess about having 2 sets of wheels. They are still a semi-slick tyre but so much better in the wet than A048's including standing water. No complaint on track back in march in cool wet, damp and dry conditions, Ultimate test will be a fully dry track day on a warm/hot day, Hopefully will be able to confirm after the LOT day at Blyton next weekend.
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