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  1. Photos show it was a great event.... Gutted I couldn't make it
  2. Gutted I couldn't make it due to a fault with the car.... Looks like you had a great day
  3. It's the Sunday.... Message me if you want more details and I can put you in touch with the organiser. I'm gutted I can't go
  4. My car wont be available for this now so anyone else available to take their LF1 and have it on the Lotus display, Keith the organiser is gutted he wont have an LF1 so I said I would ask the question on here ? Your car would be displayed next to 8 historical race cars..... Message me for more details, Andy.
  5. Cant make it now.... Car is at Lotus Silverstone to investigate P2104 & P2119 error codes ! Hope you all have a great time, I will book my tour later in the year, September probably so if anyone who couldn't make it this time keep an eye open
  6. So the error re-appeared last night after LitP so had to call the AA out again, Once reset I dropped the car of to Lotus Silverstone today for them to investigate, Not holding up much hope of a quick fix before the weekend ! By the way, when its reset the car drives fine with no symptoms, it only appears after the car has been sat overnight of for long periods, Will keep you all posted....
  7. Hi Paul, For myself and Debbie (wife) we will have the following lunch meals - Flour Wrap - Chargrilled Chicken, Barbeque Sauce and Melted Cheese £6.75 Jacket Potato - Bacon and Brie £5.75 Cheers Andy
  8. Error code was P2104 - throttle control unit. Couldn't reset at 1st so the AA suggested removing the intake hose and manually operating the butterfly, once this was done the error could be reset and everything was good to go. Will get it to Lotus in the near future to get it checked out. Cheers Andy
  9. Now sorted :-} Removed intake hose, manually operated throttle valve and allowed to reset code, and starts with no erros, No other codes reported Cheers for your help Paul, Going for a test drive now so fingers crossed it will be OK ?
  10. P2104 - throttle control unit.... Tried resetting via ODB but says can't be deleted, Is there a way to re-calibrate or reset ?
  11. Cheers for the quick reply Paul..... Light is steady (not flashing) AA are on their way, Fingers crossed dodgy connection on a sensor ?
  12. So I went to start my V6 Exige this morning and I have the engine light and traction control light on the dash and it wont rev above 1500rpm ? Problem is I'm not at home and staying in a B&B for the MLOC Lotus in the Peak event and suppose to be one of the group leaders for the run in the morning ! I've currently just connected the battery and will leave for 30 mins.... Any ideas appreciated Cheers, Andy
  13. Paul, you are my hero, love it
  14. Hard tops for me, soft tops don't do the car justice (my opinion)
  15. Got mine (#35) from Lotus Silverstone
  16. Congratulations on the new car, Love the number plate Would be interested in meeting at the Lotus Festival on the Saturday, Put my name down
  17. My Elise passed its MOT after a winter refresh and new +200bhp engine.......
  18. Sounds good to me....... What's other peoples thoughts ?
  19. The reason I ask it that the bird in hand only starts breakfast at 8am, 10am may be better and will allow those traveling on the day to not have such an early start.
  20. Just seen this on ebay..... So this means you can still tour the F1 facility so why are they saying its not available to LF1 owners any more ?
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