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  1. Also stopping the Tuesday night at the Bird in Hand. Do we know what time the tour will start yet, I presume it's not too early ?
  2. Great post...... I'll be doing the same ahead on my track day at Spa in July Where did you get the tow eye from ?
  3. Try Moris insurance, For my LF1 and a LOT day at Spa I've been quoted £191 with £2,500 excess and car valued at £65,000
  4. Hi Paul, Available dates for me 13,14,15,16,20,21,22,23 Apologies for the delay, Been to Le Mans for the past week. Cheers, Andy
  5. Nice idea..... Most likely drive up the night before as it's a long journey for me. Hopefully we can get a date set soon
  6. Good work Paul July should b OK for me, date depending of course.
  7. The LOT day is 27th July, the day after the Spa 24hr race -
  8. Me to... Along with 4-5 others from MLOC, Cant wait
  9. Hi Steve, I'm not the organiser, Just a Lotus owner requested to display my car..... I contacted the organiser (Keith) after he saw Bullphi's LF1 at Castle Combe on Saturday and asked if he would display it at the show, Unfortunately Bullphi (Phil) is not available so he posted on here for other LF1 owners to contact Keith, after a quick chat he asked me if I knew any owners of the listed cars above as he wants to complete his feature marque. Back to your question..... Yes there are other models, I believe Elans, Esprits, Eclats and Elites at least along with the classic Motorsport Lotus cars detailed on the website. It does sound like a good event with some rare exotica. Cheers, Andy.
  10. The organiser of Classics at the castle in Dorset is looking for a few more Lotus for the marque feature this year. The event is on Sunday 19th July and funds raised will go to Cancer research. Check out the website and you will see that this looks like it’s a great event – Classicsatthecastle Cars specifically required are listed below and entry to the show is free for driver and passenger - 340R 211 Lotus Cortina Mk2 Lotus Carlton If anyone is interested and can be available please contact Keith McGee – 01935 474630. I’ll be there with my LF1 Andy
  11. I can be available for this.... Message sent
  12. Brilliant Paul..... If you need any support on this let me know. It would be great if a group of LF1's did the factory tour together
  13. Yes, I did the get the correct box with the Gold USB stick..... Andy.
  14. Well I must thank Aimee at Lotus Silverstone again for this
  15. I have the plaque and I also now have the Gold USB stick after a few emails, Apparently it was one from the display cabinet at Lotus HQ, I don't know how true that is ? How does a car get released without a plaque ?
  16. I get why they cant do the tour now the season has started, However I'm happy to wait..... Big F1 fan here and the chance to visit any F1 facility would be great. If enough people (LF1 owners) want the tour then I will push for this with Lotus, If it's only me then I don't stand much of a chance. I do about 6-8 trackdays a year in my S1 so the offer of track time is no big deal for me and can be purchased anytime, An F1 tour is a little more special.
  17. Sounds like we are all in the same situations and I know it may seem a little petty, however when you pay +60K for a car you expect receive what's on offer and get support from your dealer. What I don't understand is Lotus knew they were going to need 81 USB sticks, one for each LF1, how the hell did they run out ? Very poor inventory management ! I'm still going to push for an F1 tour even if at the end of this season, I don't see why this is not possible ?
  18. Thanks for the quick reply, However still not got an answer to my questions.....? All sounds a bit poor thou so far !
  19. Did all you lucky LF1 owners get the the complete owners pack including the F1 factory tour and all the correct items in the owners pack box ? I've been told the F1 tour in no longer available and I'm also missing the Gold F1 car USB stick which has been substituted with a Black S2 Exige ! Look forward to your replies and message me if you are not comfortable publicly posting. Cheers, Andy.
  20. Hello everybody..... Newbie to the forum and now the proud owner LF1 so added to the list (No. 35) The LF1 is my 4th Lotus having just traded in my RGB, I also have an S1 Elise as track toy Cheers Andy. No Year Race Location Owner 1 1960 Monaco Edinburgh, Scotland delands 2 1960 USA Toulouse, France at dealership 3 1961 Monaco 4 1961 Germany Luxembourg at dealership 5 1961 USA 6 1962 Belgium 7 1962 British GP, Aintree Bedfordshire, UK Vipers 8 1962 Watkins Glen Worcestershire SJF - Steve 9 1963 Belgium 10 1963 Dutch Winchester TheDeadPrussian 11 1963 France 12 1934 British 13 1963 Italian Italy at dealership 14 1963 Mexican Fife, Scotland Steve LF1 15 1963 South Africa South Yorkshire bellwood29 16 1963 Dutch England sold from Murray Motors, Edinburgh 17 1964 Belgium Tours, France at dealership 18 1964 Brands Hatch Lancaster, UK Fortis 19 1965 South Africa Leeds, UK Smuzzy 20 1965 Belgium Luxembourg at dealership (Lotus - Assetto Corsa?) 21 1965 France 22 1965 Silverstone UK GPSLF1 23 1965 Holland 24 1965 Germany 25 1965 USA Germany at dealership 26 1967 Holland 27 1967 Silverstone Aylesbury, UK DDubya 28 1967 USA 29 1967 Mexico Bath, UK Phil (Bully - 30 1968 South Africa 31 1968 Spanish,Jarama Leeds, UK Steve25 32 1968 Monaco 33 1968 UK 34 1968 Mexico 35 1969 Monaco Telford, UK Kosmo (Andy) 36 1969 USA 37 1970 Monaco 38 1970 Holland Bristol, UK For sale at Williams Automobiles 39 1970 France Bristol, UK For sale at Williams Automobiles 40 1970 UK 41 1970 German Munchen at Munich dealership 42 1970 USA 43 1972 Spain Mansfield, Notts Nico 44 1972 Belgium 45 1972 Brands Hatch London Sizona 46 1972 Austria 47 1972 Italy sold by dealership - Newcastle 48 1973 Argentina 49 1973 Brazil 50 1973 Spain 51 1973 France France sold by dealership - South France 52 1973 Austria 53 1973 Italy 54 1973 USA 55 1974 Monaco Dumbarton, Scotland Brian R. 56 1974 France 57 1974 Italy 58 1976 Japan Hedge End, UK at dealership 59 1977 USA USA For sale at Lotus WNY 60 1977 Spain 61 1977 Belgium 62 1977 France England Sold by Oakmere, Northwich 63 1977 Italy 64 1978 Argentina Switzerland Sold by Kumschick 65 1978 South Africa 66 1978 Belgium FKM, Belgium at dealership 67 1978 Spain Switzerland Sold by Kumschick 68 1978 France Lille, France at dealership 69 1978 Germany Munich at Munich dealership 70 1978 Austria Scotland, UK at Murray Motors, Edinburgh 71 1978 Dutch Switzerland Timbo2404 72 1982 Austria London RRSSS 73 1985 Portugal Montpellier, France Legend 74 1985 Italy Facebook page (Lotus Exige LF1) 75 1985 Belgium Italy at PB Racing dealership 76 1986 Spain Belgium LOTUS-Forums (claudevdvd) 77 1986 USA Tours, France at dealership 78 1987 Monaco York, UK Ishy (NYLOC) 79 1987 Detroit Kamen, Germany Freejack 80 2012 UAE 81 2013 Australia Berkshire, UK T3Jn
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