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  1. So the error re-appeared last night after LitP so had to call the AA out again, Once reset I dropped the car of to Lotus Silverstone today for them to investigate, Not holding up much hope of a quick fix before the weekend !


    By the way, when its reset the car drives fine with no symptoms, it only appears after the car has been sat overnight of for long periods,


    Will keep you all posted.... sad.png

  2. So I went to start my V6 Exige this morning and I have the engine light and traction control light on the dash and it wont rev above 1500rpm ?

    Problem is I'm not at home and staying in a B&B for the MLOC Lotus in the Peak event and suppose to be one of the group leaders for the run in the morning !

    I've currently just connected the battery and will leave for 30 mins.... 

    Any ideas appreciated 1532.gif 


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