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  1. Hi Dan..... Frosty.... Thanks for the message. I've got loads of pics to upload as we are well on with this job. So, that paint....not quite faded like a Royal Mail van....damn have you seen how pink those Vauxhalls go? but I guess over the 37 years on original paint it's faded and gone flat ….mainly at the rear so I suppose it must have been parked facing the sun on the rear end. What is good is very little/almost no crazing so must have built the bodies well. Can't wait until painted but I think that won't be until December. I was determined to do the oily stuff first and that was a good ca
  2. Really looking forward to getting stuck in. Man, there has been a lot to do and to be honest I don't want the car out of action for a year and not least because this year after the mechanical refurb I want to retrim the interior and have the car painted. Just look at how much filth and oil is on that chassis. The gearbox and engine the same. So the list of jobs and they seem to multiply by the day are: and most now completed but will add more photos later. So why all this effort. I want to keep this car and if son George ever has a place to store it at home then it's his....unlikely
  3. Well I've put up with a couple of oil leaks and a water leak for 4 years and it's been choosing the right time and that time is now. Engine out and whilst out refurbish, replace, fix, paint, improve as much as I can. I've read on this forum and the advice is solid that whilst the engine is out get to check other here is my effort. This first picture is the engine and bay as it was. I borrowed a crane from a mate and it was fine for the gearbox but the reach truly wasn't long enough for the engine but we just about managed. Putting back in will be different though so I will need
  4. Job complete except I'm now to replace the shocks with new as having done all this the car still leans to the offside.....must be the old shocks. I'm pleased with the results though but can't take all the credit as I had others press in bushes and bearings and lots of help from the lad and a very good and old friend who over the years has prepared his own rally cars....his advice I trust, jut got to keep the old boy from doing heavy stuff. His help was priceless when trying to get one of the driveshaft bolts out from the hubside. In the end we welded an allen Key into the hex and then managed
  5. I've now read lots about the venerable hub absolute pain and I guess mine hadn't been out for 37 years. The nice bit though is the reassembly but with a little anxiety putting the new pins in. The process used was to make sure the holes were nice and clean and despite this the new pins won't go in without encouragement so the pins we put into the freezer and the hub warmed up and bingo …...success. You will see on the photos we wrapped the lower links in cardboard to avoid them getting scratched on reassembly and as the drive shaft bolts are easy to tighten on the gearbox side and a
  6. Part 1 Last time I posted was end of December and was just starting the rear suspension rebuild. The fact it's taken me 6 months to write this up then is either a measurement of how busy I am or how lazy I am ….fortunately the fragrant and gorgeous Mandy Wright isn't nearby to comment. Strange to think that what prompted me to start this task was the car was leaning over to the offside and naturally the advice was get the springs replaced.....I know now that I can change the springs fairly quickly without having to disturb the hub pin but back then I thought I would remove the pin gi
  7. Thanks for the replies and always amazed how much knowledge people have gathered. In reply to the extinguisher, almost as important as the car insurance itself, my son has bought me a replacement extinguisher which I travel with now. Always in the back of your mind isn't it that you are minutes from disaster, just how it gets you. Interesting post regarding the carb mounts and got to be honest and say that I am at the mercy of the specialist who set them up, I do know that he changed the mounts as part of the set up so i'm all ears in case one of you lads identify something that appears u
  8. One of the jobs forced upon me was to effect repairs following a small engine fire. I'd had the car for a short while and not many miles and yes there are many jobs to of which a flexible fuel hose that needed replacing. I had literally just come back from a short drive and sat in the car in the driveway as it was ticking over when one of the kids was pointing at the car, I looked around to see smoke coming out the back. I popped the boot and lifted the cover to see the fuel hose melted and burning back, I flew into the garage and blasted it with the powder extinguisher which left a
  9. Hi Chris, Yes I should have uploaded some before now so apologies for that so now making up for it, attached a few pics and a short video clip will follow shortly of the car running taken last month following a bit of work done by me and my lad. When I got the car there was only one fan fitted so I obtained a replacement and upon fitting realized that it wouldn't turn freely in the plastic cowling at which point I saw a cracked cowling which I reckon is the reason why the original fan burnt out as it would be trying to turn and was being halted. The solution was to fit a replacement
  10. Thanks for those helpful replies John and Dan. John, yes considered welding and I know some good people in my industry that could get that done but wondered if the nature of the stress point might be pushing it. I will get some feedback from a race prep guru mate I have who is popping over to mine tonight. Funnily enough I did find that article on removal and used the hand hacksawing technique to cut that pesky bottom pin in two places between the bush and washer and bingo out she popped ….not the split bush though that git is hard fast in so will get that out when the hub carrier is on
  11. Hello to everyone on the forum. I originally registered and posted 3 years ago with the thread title "New Boy" when I bought my S3. Although I've not been active on the site I've really enjoyed reading the great advice, banter and encouragement of you all to those active members but also those reading but not contributing such as myself. So whether it's been replacing the clutch hose to a braided item or replacing the old tyres to new Vredstein, what you have written must have helped others as well as me....incidentally I've done both these on my car since so keep up the good work. Like others
  12. Mariner


  13. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and have really enjoyed reading the various topics. I've been a lifelong Colin Chapman and Lotus fan and am fortunate to have finally been able to afford one. I have an 82 S3 NA and am looking for a wheel jack and brace, a steering column plastic cover (top part) plain plastic not covered type and am also seeking to buy new the driver's and passenger's floor mat in light grey/blue. Any advice please? Thanks Dean
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