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  1. Previous intro thread here from owner number 4 :
  2. Strictly speaking Russ is the fifth TLF owner - Al and Kenny were the first two, then AquaJim then myself. (The first owner being Lotus themselves, so everyone's accounted for!) Glad you got her home OK - she probably covered more miles last weekend than she'd normally do in 3-4 months! Enjoy her. Guess I'll have to change my forum profile now...
  3. 😁 - yep got a similar reaction at NYLOC too! Back to the dark side.
  4. So after a fun three years Eva is ready for her next Forum based buyer! Thanks to Al, and Kenny for helping me pad out the history file, and hope any new buyer becomes a fourm user and enjoys her as much as I have. We're drifting back to more Germanic waters with a Cayman GTS 😊
  5. This is good info - cheers. Might be thinking about selling our Eva privately as the trade-in against a newer Cayman seems pretty poor. Might give Aimee a call after reading this and see if she agrees
  6. Guiseley


  7. I like the Aquamarine with black forged alloys In fact here's a picture of one...
  8. Great answer - thanks for your post I'm also beginning to wonder if the front jack points might just be for those with four post lifts and not for us to DIY! Might abandon the idea and go for a regular low profile jack for the rear.
  9. But the Mrs has signed off on getting a new trolley jack so shush Might as least have a useful Xmas pressie this year!
  10. Any idea how far these can reach under the car - the evora with barge boards needs 100mm Max depth (seems ok on that score) but a reach of 400mm + some wiggle room to reach the jacking point which is 'inboard'. I'll ping them an email too.
  11. Cheers guys - a gentle ish tap with a big soft hammer did the trick. now to search for a low access Jack as the barge boards stick out too far for my current set up
  12. With the wired versions - do you just bang them in from the front, or do you have to remove the wheel, separate the two bits, and try to fiddle the wire bit in from behind? Bit reluctant to bang them in as it feels like I'll lose tabs!
  13. Lucky break if those were new - might resort to OEM but wondered if anyone had had any luck with aftermarket too?
  14. As the title suggests, I've noticed that one of the wheel centre caps has gone MIA, and given that the others are pretty faded I thought I might get a new set. Has anyone got and replacement ideas from aftermarket suppliers (ebay etc?) or know how much they are OEM. I've got forged 18/19's if that makes any difference, and they seem to be 60mm fitments. p.s. Have used the search engine first honestly but didn't see anything that helped!
  15. Photo is right way up - No Aussie numbers plates - steering wheel on the correct side - there's no place in Australia called Leeds -
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