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  1. Be great to get the option for the P Zero colour editions on my Exige, however only seem to be available for a selected range of cars. I envisage if enough people register their interest then it may become an option. Link below if anyone is interested, just fill in the form to register your interest Clicky
  2. edguy


  3. Yep seen all the haters at Seb's channel, what is it with them {puzzled!} subbed and a thumbs up to show my support, ofc always do that with Jay's channel.
  4. Not sure if this has already been shared, but here goes..
  5. In desperate need of a clean, certainly looks likes it's been enjoyed
  6. I was in a similar dilemma and having run many performance cars over the years, I was running a RS5 at the time, fantastic bit of kit however driving it to work and also using it at the weekend didn't excite and was costing an arm and leg in consumptions, not to bear in mind the depreciation with mileage. I test drove a M4 and then a GTR and was about to put down a deposit on a 3 year old GTR but after extensively reviewing the running costs, warranty , servicing etc and taking a realistic analysis these costs were scary. Decided at that point I'd try a Cayman S 981 and the Evora S, The Cayman S personally I felt was a better all-round vehicle than the Evora, however the exclusiveness of the Evora and the looks was winning me over, I then decided to take a test drive of the Exige S V6, owning a 135R Elise many years ago I kind of knew the impracticalities it would present. After getting out of the Exige I knew instantly that I needed this car in my life, It's just how engaged it made me feel working the gears having to actually use two hands to steer and the handling ... wow!, It still scares and excites me and it ticked every box bar the practicality I needed, putting the 3.5 in this platform certainly spiced things up. To cut the story short knowing there was no way I could justify the Exige as a daily, I ended up leasing an extremely comfortable and economically hybrid which I run as a daily to work - Yes it's dull and incredibly boring but it's relaxing, given most of my driving is in traffic it works well. The savings I make on fuel each month compared to the RS5 almost pay for the lease so. I then bought the Exige to use at the weekend. So far it's the best car decision I've ever made, finding one car to give you best of both worlds can be incredibly difficult, something normally has to give. Running 2 cars with every extreme opposite a yin a yang approach has works wonders for me!
  7. Yes I believe the vent is purely cosmetic, Good to know the owner runs the 'other website!' may drop him a pm. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Curious if anyone had any experience or joy with this company or their products. I'm considering a roof for the roadster and have always liked the look of the vented roof on the earlier gen Exige. Obviously the con is it's not a genuine lotus part so may lack quality, Pro being the price - However what I would like to appreciate; if it's likely to cause any drag or affect aero, impacting the cars behaviour?. Thanks Ed
  9. Both Roadster and Coupe are equally fantastic but choosing one over the other comes down to your own personal preference. Watch Then Watch Then decide what you want to do with your car, how much you will be driving it and try to envisage what you would like to see when you open your garage door. The best decision will be your own
  10. Thanks Bibs for the info - Changed by name from NA to Steve- The trouble I had with deed poll to do this was unbelievable. Added a formal introduction, as you seem to be a good community here.
  11. Hello and salutations , seems a very tight community here so I thought I'd forumally introduce myself. I'm Edguy from Yorkshire, Currently looking at buying a Evora S 2012, if I can find a good one! - although not in any rush. Car history - Integra Type R Impreza Impreza WRX Lotus 135R XKR EVO X SST FQ300 EVO X FQ360 - 400/400 @ current. Being a petrol head although not owned a Alfa, I do the occasional track days - and have been part of a fair few enthusiast clubs in the past. Although the FQ is probably the best car i've driven I'm in the process of looking for some new fun with 2 doors, narrowing it down to a select few, Favouring the Evora S, hence one of the reasons why i've joined this forum of knowledge. GTR F Type V6 S coupe. New Cayman S Gen 2 911 (997) Evora S
  12. Wow that is amazing value, although buying a British super car with the wheel on the wrong side just doesn't cut it for me I might consider the IPS, presuming it's double clutch - is it a good box.? After all 2 - hands on the wheel at all times and I only have 2 feet
  13. Thanks gents for the above, very helpful.
  14. I've been talked out of buying a new cayman by the wife, she thinks there ugly after seeing the evora hence am looking for a used Evora S. My budget is between 35-45k which means i'll be looking at a used model. I'll be honest I don't have a clue what to look out for which model will be a good buy, I've seen a few reviews that the 2012 S has a better Nav system but that's all I really know in the difference of models. Should I be looking at buying a 2012 model or would a 2011 be good for the money, and change left over Are the tech and premium pack a must, how does the manual compare to the auto, although in preference I like using a manual box. Is it easy to get extended warranty on a older car i.e 2010/11 - who should I be looking at getting a warranty from and estimated cost. Any after mods that are must or I should consider, exhaust mods etc , that won't impact a warranty.. Sorry for all these questions, would love to get some advise from owners. TIA
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