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  1. The best option is probably a combination of both. Personally I would speak to komotec directly and see if they can help with a hybrid solution.
  2. In reality only you can make the choice. In pretty much every measurable way the porsche is the better car, its faster, more comfortable, built better, likely to depreciate less and in your situation has rear seats, however in non measurable ways its a bit numb and once you get used to the speed, quite boring. The exige sounds better and is more exciting if you do weekend countyside blasts or trackdays but if its for commuting or just having a nice drive out with the family then the porsche is what you need. Really different cars for different needs. When you decide what you need the right car falls in to place.
  3. I use race for the first session and then go full off once I feel confident in the car and circuit.
  4. I quite fancy either a big lumpy V8. Not really bothered what car its attached to so long as its obnoxious and sounds like an old muscle car. or a v12 sports car. There are a few cars that tick the first box for not too much money but the second option will always be expensive so that one may have to wait a few years.
  5. Seriously I wouldn't want one.
  6. Never owned one but I have been looking to buy one recently. Having driven a few Im not massively impressed, they sound ok but it needs an exhaust to liven it up. The F1 is horrid so manual is the only real choice. Speed/power is underwhelming but I think I may have fallen in to the trap of wanting to tick ferrari off the bucket list.. I disagree with the people above that say the F430 is a better looking car, personally i wouldn't have an F430 given but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. Best thing to do is drive one and see if it excites you. Personally I prefer the sound and driving experience of the V6 exige but the ferrari is a nice thing to see on the drive.
  7. Having checked local hotels Im now not 100%. I know its the Spa 24h weekend but local hotels seem to be sold out or £500 per night. I think I paid about £100 per night last year and that was the spa 24h weekend too. Im open to suggestions for decent hotels at a reasonable price?
  8. I should be attending this one. In my opinion the best track day of the year.
  9. mine has been sat outside for 4.5 years with no problems so far. Keep the polish/wax topped up at least once a year and you should be fine.
  10. You don't need to remove the seats to fit the bar, I fitted it with both seats in place however you will need to remove the seats to fit the harnesses.
  11. they look great imran, well done for putting in the work.
  12. would a better solution not be to use the same mirrors and brackets as @alias23 and then have a purely cosmetic sleeve that covers them and adds some style. That way you get solid and stylish mirror mount (sorry Imran not trying to be negative on your current set up) I would imagine the sleeve would be cheaper and easier to produce as there is less testing and research needed as its not structural.
  13. I was considering ordering some of these a few months ago until I saw some on a car. The brake lights basically don't work and are close to dangerous. Only the 3rd centre brake light catches attention. Just something to have in mind when ordering.
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