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  1. would a better solution not be to use the same mirrors and brackets as @alias23 and then have a purely cosmetic sleeve that covers them and adds some style. That way you get solid and stylish mirror mount (sorry Imran not trying to be negative on your current set up) I would imagine the sleeve would be cheaper and easier to produce as there is less testing and research needed as its not structural.
  2. I was considering ordering some of these a few months ago until I saw some on a car. The brake lights basically don't work and are close to dangerous. Only the 3rd centre brake light catches attention. Just something to have in mind when ordering.
  3. you can get the actual mirror with a standard metal mounting but they come from china and therefore take a while to arrive. if you check out @alias23 build thread the details are on there.
  4. I haven't booked it yet but I will 100% be doing Spa again next year. Im also considering bilster berg but it might work out a bit too expensive for me.
  5. from what I hear some time last year lotus were trying to sell the vented 380 clam to anyone that wanted a front clam as they had stock and were obviously trying to introduce the new style front clam to the production line.
  6. I don't know how much factory forged wheels are so what sort of prices are we looking at? £2-3000 I could be interested but at £4000+ I personally wouldn't see the value in the upgrade.
  7. I know its a while off but anyone fancy the Lotus on Track Donington/oulton double header 29/30th October
  8. probably not. Already got a day at blyton park on 2/9 so unlikely to be able to sneak another full day off work. I will see what I can do
  9. are you planning on making a stylized cover for it or leave it for that "because racecar" feel
  10. I might be up for one of the evening sessions.
  11. I saw this pic earlier and thought why is his cage black and not rusty like mine. Looks like I will have to get the hammerite out now.
  12. @550superfast They seem fine on track. I was at spa 2 weeks ago and even through eau rouge there was no rubbing and its pretty high compression at that point. Its purely just when the steering is on full lock. The other thing to keep in mind is that the tyre wall is also much taller so your front ride height may need adjusting too.
  13. @550superfast Having run them for a while I have decided that its not the offset that's causing the issue but more the rolling diameter. Its seems that the tyre is catching on the vents at the front of the wheel arch liner. It only catches when you hit the stoppers on full lock so its not an issue most days and it went through its MOT with them on. If it really bothered you, you could file back the vents a bit to stop the rubbing.
  14. Ooh I haven't done anglesey for a while. Highly doubt I will get a pass that weekend though as im at spa on monday. Ill see what I can do.
  15. do you have to become a member of mloc before being able to buy tickets?
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