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  1. Only had time for a very quick test run and most of that was stuck behind traffic but it does seem to pick up a little quicker. It even seems to have lost some of the lag otherwise seen in touring mode. I might try and get out in it one night this week for a proper run.
  2. Well induction kit fitted, test drive completed and cup of tea made, it's time to sit down for a reflect for a few minutes. Before anyone else buys one of these please make sure you enjoy supercharger whine because the noise is LOUD. I thought the larini sounded loud but when pushing on its completely drowned out by the whine. secondly don't bother polishing the induction pipe as it can really be seen once it's installed. The lotus air box is massive and complicated but as its all plastic it doesn't seem to weigh all that much. The ssc one does save a little weight though so probably still worth it.
  3. Well I've spent an hour giving the induction kit a quick polish. A bit blingy for some but I can always scuff it back up if I don't like it. now time to get outside and get it fitted.
  4. A parcel from Australia has arrived for me at home today and it just so happens I have tomorrow booked off work anyway. Hmmm maybe my engine bay will be a little lighter and a little more noisy tomorrow.
  5. Crouchy

    Lotus on Track

    Not many tracks up north im afraid. You have knockhill up in scotland but after that i think you will have to drop down in to England. As far as im aware there aren't any dates for knockhill yet this year. MSV run a few of the northern tracks such as oulton and cadwell so most trackdays at those tracks are organised by them. LOT also have a day at croft (north yorkshire) in july which i am attending. Ive thought about doing the oulton LOT day but I have been told by more experienced people that oulton is very very slippy in the wet so an october day may not be the best day for someone fairly new to trackdays, having said that I already have 5 days booked this year so i might be a little more experienced by the time it comes around. If i were you id just book a couple and make a weekend of it each time.
  6. I ordered one of the SSC induction kits yesterday too. I was going to wait until there was a review on here but im impatient. They seem to arrive fairly quickly considering where in the world they come from.
  7. Are you sure the v6 knobs light up? Mine never have. 2015 build.
  8. Ive spoken to a couple of owners that have these installed. By all accounts they are slightly louder than the standard exhaust with the flap open but not as loud as Larini or 2bular and obviously dont have the valve to quieten it when required. Ive only ever heard one once and it was ok but not amazing. Even though I was offered one of these for next to nothing I decided to get the Larini instead
  9. Great write up and i tested all three modes on mine yesterday at blyton park. Race mode really is fantastic and so much more progressive and natural than touring or sport mode which seem a little more all or nothing. I do fear that race mode may make it too easy to go fast and make me feel that im a better driver than I really am.
  10. I'm certainly no mechanic but I can do the simple stuff. I used ramps to do mine but someone who has a less fat head may be able to do it without. It will always be easier to do on ramps though.
  11. Yes the Larini is noticeably louder than stock. I find the Larini on mine nice and quiet on long motorway runs with no drone and yet its a real screamer when pressing on. Before the video was made there was a lot of praise for the 2bular so I was considering changing the larini but having heard the comparison ill definitely stay with the larini. To me the 2bular is just too monotonous and possibly a bit contrived. They are both nice though and different people will prefer different exhaust notes, just be thankful we have a choice. In regards to fitting its really easy. It probably took me less than 2 hours doing it out on the driveway with nothing but a simple halfords socket set. Simply unscrew the diffuser, unbolt the clamp on the exhaust and pop it off. Put the new exhaust on and refit the diffuser.
  12. Good write up, and its taught me a few things about the system. Hopefully ill be able to put some of it to use in my first real track day next month.
  13. Im surprised how different 2 exhausts can make the same engine sound. From the video im a little unsure which sounds better. The 2bular sounds deeper and louder with more pops and crackles but it sounds a bit flat/monotonous. The Larini sounds a bit quieter with less pops and crackles but its seems to have a better range so sounds less flat/monotonous. From experience the problem I find is that the valve on the Larini seems to make little or no difference to the sound. All in all they both sound great.
  14. The car looks awesome. great choice on the colour combo
  15. I had a very similar issue with mine. Turned out to be the main electrical connector in to the fuse box. It might not be it but worth checking all the connections around there.
  16. Finally. I hope one of you is taking some recording equipment so we can all hear the results.
  17. Shame they are all manuals as my dad is looking for a test drive in an auto when they start rolling them out. Don't get the whole auto in a sportscar thing personally but he is an oldy and he is used to the pdk in his Porsche. I guess he will have to wait. I might nip up to jct for a look around next week.
  18. I would love to but I'm down there the week after for the academy day and I can't really afford two trip to Hethel in 2 weeks
  19. I didn't pay a penny for my run in service. I have the 333 deal. Car ordered March delivered may 2015
  20. Just ask them to do it. They will paint it any previously used colour so long as you are willing to pay around £2k for it
  21. I changed my exhaust on the v6 in about 1hour and I am by no means a mechanic so pretty much anyone can do it so long as you have a socket set. I do like the sound of it but I'd need to hear it side by side with a larini to know whether it's worth me changing over. Anybody in the north got a 2bular?
  22. As you are no longer doing the diffuser this isn't of any interest to me but I think before you get any firm responses you will need to clarify pricing as with vat it's likely to be closer to £1500. Also does that include shipping to the end user or shipping to a single address and then people have to collect/courier from there?
  23. I'd be interested in one for the Exige v6 if it was an option
  24. Looks and sounds fantastic. The weight saving should be helpful too. I'd quite like that diffuser/exhaust setup on mine but probably couldn't afford the fab costs.
  25. GTE for me too. If I could afford it I would have bought the GTE at oakmere rather than the exige v6 I have now.
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