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  1. @550superfast Having run them for a while I have decided that its not the offset that's causing the issue but more the rolling diameter. Its seems that the tyre is catching on the vents at the front of the wheel arch liner. It only catches when you hit the stoppers on full lock so its not an issue most days and it went through its MOT with them on. If it really bothered you, you could file back the vents a bit to stop the rubbing.
  2. Ooh I haven't done anglesey for a while. Highly doubt I will get a pass that weekend though as im at spa on monday. Ill see what I can do.
  3. do you have to become a member of mloc before being able to buy tickets?
  4. would love to but working that weekend
  5. So a 17x8 et22 will extend 10mm on the outside and extend 2mm inwards on the inside. Just been and measured it up and I think that will be fine, especially with 215 tyres
  6. Thats not good. Never been convinced by the longevity of home 3d printed parts.
  7. Crouchy

    Evora GT430

    Went to see this yesterday. Going back next week after Le mans for a test drive in the GT410 demonstrator.
  8. I am currently running 225 MPSC2 on the front and there is some rubbing on full lock. should be fine if you change the offset slightly.
  9. Just to add to the list, I had these metal strips fitted today. They have made the seat rock solid but the slight downside is that the seat is now stiffer to slide back and forth. Happy to put up with that for a solid seat though.
  10. How do you guys keep the Cup R splitter looking good. My car runs higher than either of yours and my front splitter is totally battered.
  11. Washer Update If anyone needs one and lotus are out of stock or you simply don't want to pay £22 for it you can buy a new pump for a 2001+ Rover 45/ MG ZS for £7.99 inc P+P and it is the exact same thing.
  12. Taking it later today to be fitted, but I have been assured by someone I trust that the 2001+ rover 45 part is the right one. Fingers crossed
  13. Thanks for the heads up but ive already seen that kelsport list it. I have been told that it may be a 2001+ rover 25/45 pump and I found those for £7 so ive ordered one anyway to test. I will report back next week as to whether it is the right part or not.
  14. Does anyone know if the washer pump on the v6 is also used on another car. Mine has given up but as usual its on back order at lotus for approximately the next 4 weeks and I can't get it MOT'd until I get the new pump. It should be under warranty but for £20 I'd rather just buy it than have to wait 4 weeks.
  15. that looks like its worth a visit. Stunning collection
  16. i would put money on it appearing at some point this year. not quite sure if it will be an addition to the model line up or replace the sport 380.
  17. I also have the seriously bar but I tried to order harnesses from sportseats4u as they were about £100 cheaper, however after nearly 8 weeks they still hadn't arrived so i had to cancel the order.
  18. ooh so it has a special edition sticker and special edition stitching and a bunch of options you might not want anyway, Why bother
  19. Im there too. Would be good if some of the other V6 gents joined us on this rare summer date at Spa @alias23 @NW76 @Arun_D @GFWilliams @Trevsked @mcx @550superfast @Dunc1 @The Pits. Be good to get comparisons between and passenger rides in cars in different states of tune and set up
  20. For the price I paid back in 2015 nothing else compared, but the 430 cup is pretty much double what i paid for my V6S so the 430 starts to compete within a different sector. Your choices some what depend on how you plan on purchasing it. If its on PCP then a brand new mclaren or Huracan will cost the same if not less due to higher residual on those cars and good deals can be had on both of them at the minute. If its a cash purchase and £110k is your budget then you are looking at 991.1GT3 or slightly used new style R8+, as rivals really. In my opinion only the GT3 will come close in terms of track excitement, all of them will be better road cars but equally they will also all have higher running costs than the exige. Only you can make the decision as we all value different aspects of driving dynamics and car ownership differently.
  21. Plus who really buys a car due to motorsport performances? The only motorsport I really watch is F1, I love mercedes and everything they are achieving in the sport but do I want to buy a merc? No, not even a little bit. On the other hand Mclaren are performing horrifically in F1 but do I currently want to buy a Mclaren road car? Yes, Yes I do. And lamborghini dont even take part in any motorsport I watch and id buy one of those too if I could afford one.
  22. These look great. I'll be sure to add them to my shopping list.
  23. ill check the dates at work but i could be interested.
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