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  1. Sorry I forgot to mention. The new steering wheel that comes with the airbag delete is not removable. makes that £2500 even more reasonable doesn't it? oh no wait, I mean it makes it a complete and utter rip off.
  2. I highly doubt the baffled sump is in there. Bear in mind that the fire extinguisher and electrical cut off is a £2500 option, Airbag delete is another £2500 option and although it isn't actually on the price list i would bet that the harness and a frame is another £2500. If you add up all the option on the price list it totals £97500 and that doesn't include any paint options, exclusive options or the harness and A frame. Seems that it would be very easy to get a £100k exige.
  3. Great write up Imran. When shall we expect the next installment of the magpie story?
  4. Im down at the factory on friday and saturday so I hope there is one i can have a look at. Secretly hope there is something I dont like so that I dont have to save up and buy one.
  5. Yes I already guessed that things like air con and radio are the same price as on the 380 but specifically I wanted to know the price for the "motorsport" elements such as the A frame and harness, airbag delete & alcantara non airbag wheel options. I still love the look of this and yes all the new bits are minor changes or carbon tat but they are minor changes that I like and I love carbon tat. The issue that keeps revolving in my head is that I am currently half way through my finance agreement so the monthly cost increase to upgrade to this car now would be the same as the monthly cost to upgrade to a mclaren at the end of the finance. It would be amazing to upgrade to the mclaren but ive heard too many stories of them overheating on track and depending on your dealer they can be a bit funny about track use and warranty work, so im not sure which car is right for me.
  6. Anyone seen an options price list yet?
  7. those lights do look fantastic mick
  8. Or as close to pewter grey as my naff skills can get. I have a soft spot for this one as my current exige is pewter but I couldnt order a second car in the same colour
  9. I absolutely love it but I simply cant afford what would be a £90k car by the time you add a few nice options. In my opinion Lotus are playing a dangerous game pricing it so high its almost getting into the big boy ball park and with lotus tech and build quality they quite simply cant compete in that market. Having said that if someone would like to order the below car in full on cadbury spec then I will happily buy it from you in 12 months time with a huge discount.
  10. Yes im down at hethel. I currently have the plank of wood that lotus sell but could easily be persuaded to switch it.
  11. If you play around with the web address on the lotus website brings up a duplicate of the sport-380 page but sprint-380, sport-390 etc bring up "page not found". Anyone think this is a sign of what is to come or just a quirk on the lotus website?
  12. For her and the conservatives its a great time for it because corbyn doesnt appeal at all to the majority labour of voters and the other parties barely have a following at all at the minute so she doesnt really have any competition.
  13. So that would make it a £82K - £87K base price plus another £5k for nice paint and a few little option and you could easily be heading for a £90k+ car. I just cant see it personally. I love my exige and this one looks like it could be even better but I paid £58k for my fairly high spec v6 less than 2 years ago so that would be a big jump. I guess I will just have to wait and see what they launch.
  14. Yes the rear tyre is wider but do I also see some threads and a collar on that suspension on the left above the caliper? Does it come as standard with nitrons? So far it looks like it has wider tyres nitrons Carbon exterior parts Front arch vents/ better aero and possibly a wider flatter version of the 380 wing If all that is correct then I may actually be forced to relieve my wallet of all its contents and then some. I am down at hethel next week for the factory tour and track day so i do hope there is one kicking around.
  15. So glad I didnt buy a 380 sport as this seems like it might be even more my sort of car. I will certainly be interested when its unveiled.
  16. You're right the Komotec is reminiscent of an APR or modern BGW style. Surely if you run a shallow angle of attack on a larger wing you can tune the down force to match that of a smaller wing with a higher angle of attack? That way I can have the slightly increased rear down force but also aesthetics that appeal to me. I could be wrong though as i know next to nothing about aero.
  17. I do prefer the shape of the komotec wing but its too short. The eltech is completely custom made so its fairly easy to have them make different mounts to your own design and get the right cord and length.
  18. hmmm now that does look good. I fear the exige may get treated to that rear wing next year.
  19. they look great. Keep us informed when you have a UK version available.
  20. I only know of two. You can get the big carbon one from reverie but its expensive and requires an adapter plate to blank off the gap of the old diffuser and then you have the SA fabrication one which just isnt very good looking at all and i would imagine has zero effect on downforce
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