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  1. I don't have one myself but i was at an event a few weeks ago and a friend if mine had just had one installed. To be honest until he told me I didn't realise it wasn't stock so at least from the outside it's sounds similar to the stock exhaust. I was a but disappointed in the sound as having a truly switchable exhaust appealed to me but I was left underwhelmed by the sound.
  2. That's an impressive upgrade list. Can't wait to read what you think of it all.
  3. great looking car and a few nice touches but still not enough to make me want to trade the V6S in. However I will be Jealous of anyone that gets one of these beautiful cars.
  4. I agree with what has been said above, even if its raining, touring is a terrible mode for race/sprint. Touring is far too obtrusive on track but its nice and safe on the road. Does your cup not have nitrons? If it does did you try lowering the front a touch or softening the front bump & rebound? I know a few others have found that can make the world of difference on the nitron equipped V6's. Having said that I also found that the V6 understeers a lot at Anglesey but mine is a standard V6S. I've been to a few other tracks and I had only very slight or no understeer at Donington, Blyton, Croft etc, for some reason i found either the V6 or my driving style (I'm quite agressive) didn't suit Anglesey
  5. Technically it is possible but I'd be 99% sure that lotus will not code it for you.
  6. I havn't done silverstone in the exige yet but with the other days I have booked in October I fear it may be a little too expensive this month and it might have to wait until next year. I hope you can make Oulton, would be good to finally put a face to the name.
  7. Got blyton early October and oulton park on the 28th. Also contemplating fitting the standard exhaust for Oulton in which case I might do the LOT donington day on the 31st.
  8. I kept thinking about doing it but I've already got 2 Trackdays booked for October so I probably won't be going. Still tempting though as I can only go to donington on noisy days.
  9. I find cruise really useful on mine too. Makes the early morning drive to the track that bit easier.
  10. My solonoid failed after about 12 months so I've disconnected the vacuum hose.
  11. I think the V1 is the better looking unit but i dont like the fact it leaves the 3rd mounting hole open. I think a V1 with a built in base plate would be much better
  12. I agree with StephVG. I i was to upgrade to a 350 sport I would make swapping the glass panel on to the new car part of the deal.
  13. its not the best but it depends on how much you lean on your brakes and which circuit. A few people have managed to boil it on a track day but that tended to be at the end of the day so if you dont have time dont worry, plenty of people have managed multiple track days on the standard fluid
  14. I find the standard brakes fine but then again i only started doing track days last year so i'm a bit of a newbie. I have now changed all 4 pads after 5 track days and 6000 miles. The corsas are a good tyre and at least they work in the wet unlike trofeos, but I am thinking of buying a spare set of wheels with track tyres on next year. Besides making sure the pads have enough material on them etc the car is ready to go. Just enjoy your first day out in the exige and figure out what improvements/modifications you want to make after. As you can see people have different opinions depending on their driving style.
  15. 98db open? isnt that less than the standard exhaust.
  16. what thickness plywood did you end up using? I think I may need to replace my Cup R splitter with a slightly smaller one when I get the nitrons fitted. I think the Cup R is about 12mm.
  17. as far as i understand the KT one doesn't use the standard vacuum line but instead uses a switch wired into the cabin, so it can be overidden anytime.
  18. seems to be a bit of a trend but I came from a Z4 Coupe to the Exige V6. Best car move ive ever done and the lotus is fantastic. Unfortunately I know nothing about the reliability of the K series but good luck in your search
  19. I want the SSC too but it wont be until the warranty runs out 22 months from now. The JUBU cooled version seems a good option as it uses the same larger charger as the SSC but then it starts pushing into big money. that looks the same as the cruise stalk fitted in my 2015 V6S
  20. Crouchy


  21. ever increasing passenger and pedestrian safety rules dictating silly things such as headlight design and placement, means many cars start to look alike. Then the ever increasing cost of development means that manufacturers start sharing chassis etc in order to save R&D costs. I'm afraid it will only get worse as time goes on and global legislation gets stricter.
  22. dodge plum crazy. No idea if its a dupont paint but it looks great
  23. Interesting question Maybe it will revert to a 350 cup but as the 360 cup didnt come with nitrons, carbon seats etc as standard how would that differ from the 350 sport other than a sticker. maybe as other brands do there will be a period without the hardcore model and then relaunch it with a slightly different spec in 6-12 months time.
  24. As much as we would all like to see a new Esprit Im not sure Lotus could compete in the £100-150K sector at the minute. Could it really beat the £130k mclaren 540C in terms of technology, performance, drama and build quality. From all the reports the mclaren is a pretty good drivers car so the Esprit wouldn't stand out enough in that respect and then when you consider that Lotus has no suitable engine to compete in that sector and current build quality although better than previous years still isnt great, why would anyone buy it other than brand loyalty. I love lotus and in my opinion nothing competes with my Exige V6 at a similar price point but I think that lotus will focus on small £30-80k sports cars for the foreseeable future.
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