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  1. Something has come up and I will no longer be attending this event at all.
  2. That rule doesn't seem fare considering other stands such as the Supercar Driver stand will be completely empty on the saturday and have over 50 cars on the Sunday but if that rule stands for us then im afraid I cannot make it.
  3. Absolutely stunning colour. You must be so happy with it and a summer purchase means the run in miles should fly by. It was nice to meet you at buckles on Tuesday and I hope you will be bringing the new beast along next month.
  4. Any chance I could attend only on the Saturday? as I too am there with pistonheads on sunday which includes a free track session so I dont really want to loose that.
  5. Just been out to wash mine and thought I would check for any similar issues. I have had the Larini on for nearly 6000 miles including 4 or 5 track days and I have absolutely no signs of any burning, melting or overheating at all so i wouldn't say this is a common issue at all.
  6. Is TLF having a vehicle display? If so which day and have the cars already been selected? I'm there on sunday anyway.
  7. fantastic looking car and welcome to Exige ownership.
  8. If you no longer have a valved exhaust then just bung the pipe that is coming from the supercharger.
  9. nice looking render. I hope they produce something like that. Rear end probably needs a bigger change though.
  10. AC Cobra and ford GT40 replicas I understand but these are just toilet foder.
  11. Looks good I think it may look even better with a slight curve to the centre section in V2.
  12. I wish a simpler looking harness was available as it looks great
  13. my 2015 non 350 also has the "extended" carpet, I think the change was made around the start of the year 2015
  14. Ive noticed the price on camskill goes up and down like a tarts knickers. Always seems to drop just after I buy a set too.
  15. link now shows tyres at £184.55 unless im missing something
  16. stunning car. get the run in done and then you can really have fun
  17. Mine is very much a road spec car as its my daily so the cruise control comes in handy on todays camera laden motorways but there isnt anything i would add to mine. Anyone can take the hardtop off, its only if you want to fit a soft top a little work needs doing. even then it can be done diy but personally id still let the dealer do it. people will suggest options that will help resale but in reality it wont make any difference. The only thing that may lower resale is a terrible colour but who knows what will be in fashion come resale time. A lot of new lotus have "character" but im not aware of any major issues with new cars at the minute.
  18. All the Cup 360 cars currently in production are based on the sport 350. They have the new gear mechanism etc
  19. I too think a 2bular V6 will struggle at 102db. If you can either get it tested before the day so you can sort it out or just switch the exhaust back to stock for the day.
  20. no idea im afraid but this could be interesting You could even have a clear louvered panel much like a Ferrari F40, hopefully with a bit of extra clearance so we can run a charge cooled TVS1900 as soon as SSC release the kit.
  21. Lotus themselves are currently out of stock and there are a few people on here wanting them so i think the first available batch will sell out pretty quickly. After that its really a case of trawling forums and ebay for a second hand unit. There is no special tool for the roof its just a standard security torx bit
  22. yes it was quite well rubbed down. I had no scales so had to measure the resin with the volume ratio so maybe i got that wrong somewhere. anyway I gave it a go but just a warning to everyone it may not be quite as easy as it first seemed so please take your time with it. Im sure it is robust if done correctly.
  23. Well I did finish mine and it looked great for a couple of weeks of normal running. The problem came after a trackday when the carbon started to delaminate from the original part. I shal now be binning the carbon covered part and buying a proper one. I can only assume that either I did something wrong when applying the carbon/resin or it cannot take the heat produced during a trackday.
  24. I was at Blyton yesterday Richard. Fantastic day. see you at abbeville.
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