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  1. I havnt owned a cup but I have been a passenger once or twice and for purely road use I wouldn't move from my current V6. The sense of occasion is almost exactly the same in both models. The major differences are in its capability at the extremes which on road you won't get close to approaching. But as others have said don't rule out Trackdays even in a V6s as they are great fun. I never really intended to track mine but after doing my first day back in November I'm already on my 5th day this year.
  2. Yes We should all try and do a trackday together. Would be good to see arun's Cup too. Turns out i can no longer do donington or anglesey in june as im in germany with work that week.
  3. Wish I was. I think I will wait until next season to have my first trip to spa. Good luck though and have fun at what must be one of the best tracks in Europe.
  4. I've finished mine now. It's not perfect and now I know what I'm doing it would be easier to do the next part but it's not bad for £50 and a first attempt. I must admit I spent 10 mins yesterday looking around the car to see what else can be carbon wrapped. I'm thinking I may do the side intakes next. No photos I'm afraid as its dark but I'll take a pic tomorrow.
  5. Well I've made a start. Fingers crossed it will be half as good as spinneys.
  6. I bought this skinning kit months ago with the intention of doing this but never got round to starting it. It does look great though so I might have to start it tomorrow since i have the day off work. I only hope i can do it half as neatly as you seem to have done. Great work.
  7. looks fairly quick Arun. You dont seem to loose too much time to the other V6. Ive done some driver training at hethel in an elise but I havn't done a trackday there yet. Hopefully i will get a chance to do it later this year.
  8. Problem with sticky tyres is they soon need replacing and can't be played about with to suit your driving style or the track. Nitrons allow more flexibility and will help you understand more about the car as you play with them.
  9. Yes it should be angled upwards. mine is one of the more minimal installations. Probably not very good if I need to use it but looks neater day to day.
  10. I would have the nitrons. In fact I should have them on by early July
  11. We shall see if the cup r splitter makes any difference at blyton in May. No high speed corners there though. Maybe the difference will be felt at donington in june
  12. Not recommended by lotus but we will soon see if there is anything to worry about. Personally I feel it could do with a little more front end downforce anyway
  13. Ride height looks much better but does it seem to have improved the handling too? I think Nitrons are the next big thing on my shopping list.
  14. My first set have done 5000 miles including 1000 mile run in and 3 track days and the rears need changing this month. I'm going to get the geo changed a little this month to see if that helps a bit with the understeer. Only problem is I think a different set up for each track is ideally required as the car was awesome at donington but under steered quite a bit at Anglesey a week later.
  15. keep an eye on it as the prices on cam skill are up and down like a tarts knickers. I looked late last week and they were 180 then 2 days later they were back down to 130
  16. I didn't realise anyone else was there with the ssc. Were you in the green V6 or the LF1? I had the SSC on the primer grey V6 too. To be honest I'm a little disappointed that I didn't notice it had a ssc on it.
  17. glad to hear you are happy with most of the upgrades. I got my canards this week but I dont have any free time to get them fitted until april. The Brake upgrade sounds good and I imagine the tyres will be the limiting factor in your braking now. Just wait until you get the trofeo on. I may be interested in the brake upgrade when i need some new ones in a few weeks after the next few trackdays so its good to get genuine feedback on them.
  18. I find the new porsche ultraviolet an odd colour. In photos i thought it looked great but when i saw it in person I didn't like the colour itself at all. The thing that makes it odd though is that there was 4 different 991 GT3RS lined up (lava orange, white, silver and violet) and out of the 4 the violet car was the one I would buy. It just looked much more epic in that colour.
  19. I love the 570gt and it may well be my next car but I will find it hard to justify the extra £10k over the 570s when you consider the gt doesn't come with ceramics or the sports exhaust and a few other bits. Option those back in and you are paying £20k more for the gt which is basically a glass boot and extra leather. I'll probably end up with a 570s or 570 spider but I do prefer the look of the gt.
  20. Imran you sneaky sod ordering extra parts. I'll never keep up with your mods if you keep adding more. look forward to hearing from you Dave.
  21. Yes technically it is but it's good to have at certain times. Or when you are still learning a new track and want to safely know where the limits are on the first few runs.
  22. I didn't go last year as I was down at Hethel the week before. I would be interested this year depending on the date. Especially if it can be arranged for 29th July so I can combine it with a Hethel track day with LOT on 30th to put all my new information into practice.
  23. Ive never heard of an S3 with upgraded cables. I just thought it was something the early S2 boys did. Let us all know what difference they make when you make the change.
  24. the MGR/ohlins electronically controlled dampers are amazing but seriously expensive. I simply can't afford them so I think i will end up with Nitron 1 way.
  25. I thought that mine didnt light up but they do. The lights in and around the dials are quite dim to start with, if you then dim the dash lighting they become dimmer still or completely turn off depending on how much you dim the dash lights. I generally run with my dash lights a little dimmer during winter months which in turn means the heating controls are no longer illuminated. I'm sure if you turn up the dash lights the heater control lights will turn on.
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