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  1. Lets not turn this in to seloc lads. No offence was taken from pits post and im sure none was intended either. Lets all just hope lotus have something awesome in development that we all get first refusal of as existing customers and all the porsche guys can swivel
  2. I did personally ask about the chargecooled exige last time i was at the factory in April (the week after they launched the cup 380) and was told by 2 separate people that it would not happen. Scott even referenced all the speculation online and said it was nonsense and despite what people on the forums were saying the chargecooled exige was not and could not be made with the current platform as it didnt fit. Obviously i was being lied to by the head of sales as he would have been well aware that the very vehicle we were discussing was probably parked in a building not 100 metres away. In reality im not that bothered anyway, the cup 430 is amazing but it is too expensive for me, at that sort of money if i trade mine in next year i will be putting in the extra £30k and getting a mclaren or i may keep the exige as a track toy, make a few choice mods and buy a nicer daily. Either way as I said in my first post Im glad lotus are doing decent testing and I fully expect there to be a 450/500hp version out there somewhere testing how far the engine can be pushed within OEM constraints, and lets hope it leads to even better cars in years to come. Who knows maybe there is one out there using a shortened evora chassis, low mounted 500hp engine, even lighter body panels and entirely new gearbox.
  3. I understand your pain, I nearly bought a sport 380 with all the carbon and light weight options, then soon after the cup 380 was released and i was even more tempted by that and I very nearly pulled the trigger but they were allegedly sold out (only to dealers not customers) by the time i made my mind up and now the 430 has been released the constant changes to the model lineup have made me loose interest.. Im too scared in case they release the new latest and greatest next week so i can 100% understand how upset you must be. On the other hand you do have to bear in mind though that yes maybe you don't have the latest and greatest exige but that was always going to happen at some point and the car you have is exactly what you ordered and were happy to pay for at the time. Its also a stunning car to look at and if my little old V6S is anything to go by your 380 must be awesome to drive so enjoy what you have and when its time to change it see what appeals, just dont rule out an entire brand just because they went through a period of releasing new models quicker than you wanted them to.
  4. The 380 has the new exhaust from the 400, i think the 350 is the same as the V6S. So if pits says its ok then you should be fine. I know I have to be very very conservative with revs to even get under a 105 limit with the larini.
  5. Id like to say thanks to Ross for posting his memories of his time at lotus. Obviously Imran had no way to tell if he was genuine as there are a lot of dreamers on facebook so now we all know its genuine, no harm done. Im glad lotus take testing seriously and i have no doubt there is some testing happening now for whatever car is replacing the 430. I suppose the annoying part is when you ask people at the factory specifically if they will ever put the chargecooled engine in it and they deny that it will ever happen and its not possible, only to find out they already had it in testing. I don't mind lotus bringing out new models that are faster and "better" than my original V6S. I think the main issue people have is that from 2012 to 2015 we had the V6S for everyone and the cup for track addicts. Then from 2015 to 2017 we had club racer, sport 350, cup 360 (with old gear shifter etc), Cup 360 (with new gear shifter etc) Hethel edition, sport 380, cup 380, cup 430, and maybe another I forgot about with each one seemingly superseding the other. Its also a lot of different models considering they only produce circa 300 exiges per year. We all know the 400/410 is going to replace the 380 next year anyway so then we should have the base 350, mid range 400 and range topping 430. So long as they leave it at that until its final year of production when they should release the run out special editions, we will all forget about the messy past 2 years and fall back in love with the brand.
  6. great dedication Imran but i will stick with my full carpets, leather covered dash etc. Plus im a fat little sod anyway so the best saving for me would be to cut back on pizza and that aint happening anytime soon.
  7. Unfortunately I cant do the march one but i will be doing the July date if anyone fancies doing that was too.
  8. I know that mine come out if I give them a small pull. Found that out when I tried to remove the phone holder and the whole thing came with it.
  9. Crouchy

    Evora GT430

    A few colour choices for the lucky customers Toxic green for me I think
  10. Drivers seat has started to rock. First 8k or so miles were fine but its been getting worse (may 2015 build Car)
  11. Crouchy

    Evora GT430

    The engineering sounds good and the carbon parts look great but It just doesn't tempt me to open the wallet.
  12. I had a faulty fuse box that cut the engine on 2 occasions when it was new. Quickly replaced under warranty and no problem since.
  13. Nice one Dave. Can't wait to hear what you think of the upgrade.
  14. Im sure the shift movement is fantastic but I wouldn't put that horrendous thing anywhere near my car
  15. I like the 48s but i agree the TE37 do not suit the car
  16. Is that @mcx old RS? Looks like a SCD event. I used to be a member with them but in 12 months I only found 2 people that weren't condescending and obnoxious (one of which was a fwllow lotus owner) so I didn't bother renewing my membership.
  17. Quite simply the best. Last week at the L.O.T Hethel track day Dave @Seriouslylotus was able to supply me with a set of rear brake pads at stupidly short notice which in its self was fantastic customer service but as he was there and had his tools there with him he even offered to help fit them (maybe that should read he fitted them whilst I stood and watched/supervised). He never asked for a penny for fitting them. Customer service like that is so incredibly rare these days that it must be applauded, so thank you very much Dave you have won a customer for life or at least for as long as I own a Lotus. And if that wasn't enough he offered me a passenger ride in his "tweaked" exige cup 360. Everything that has been done to that car is fantastic. The carbon splitter looked amazing the seriously Lotus version of nitron 3ways were unbelievable and the brakes were so good I just had to laugh at them. Well done Dave
  18. Crouchy

    Exige Cup

    Having had a passenger ride with Dave at Hethel last week I can confirm that it is fantastic. The grip that car has in the corners is amazing. Dave was able to take huge liberties in the car that would have put me in the weeds. Following him round also showed how flat it corners compared to other V6s on the day. and those brakes are quite simply ridiculous, the first time he stamped on them I honestly thought my head was going to fall off. All in all that passenger ride in daves car will end up costing me a lot of money.
  19. I was in the factory last week and there was at least 6 3elevens on the production line that day so sales cant be that bad. The production line was very heavy with exige sport 380 though.
  20. Yes it can but the gearbox cant and lotus dont have the money to develop a new gearbox. Until the new owners are announced its not likely to go above 410.
  21. You could be right and that would make sense but it isn't mentioned.
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