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  1. Depends where you feel most compromised by the car. If you feel a corner could be taken faster but the suspension set up is letting you down and cannot be tweaked any further the go ohlins but if you feel most frustrated by a lack of power then go that way. Also depends on which sort of track you prefer. If you enjoy big tracks like silverstone then more power would be beneficial but if you prefer little tracks like blyton park then more power is useless. Personally I would go for more power but thats because im a big show off and having over 400hp in an exige really appeals to me. Plus the extra power could be used on the road even if only in very short spells but i dont think you would or should ever drive fast enough on the road to get past the ability if the nitrons you already have.
  2. Love it. Do Komotec sell the wing separately?
  3. Id just like to add that i have no idea what difference i diff makes in reality and therefore have no opinion either way
  4. I still love it. it's faster, lighter, more powerful and what I believe the v6 cup always should have been but put simply at the minute I can't afford an £80k car. If I could it would be ordered tomorrow.
  5. Exige 380 - £67900 Full Alcantara steering wheel - £300 Floor Mats- £80 Exterior Colour Pack - £3000 Air Conditioning - £1250 Stereo - £400 Cruise control - £100 Black Pack Removal - NCO Lightweight forged alloy wheels - NCO Carbon Exterior Pack - £4000 Track Pack - £3200 Total - £80230 Then I would need to add a few lotus exclusive elements including other alcantara parts, painted wheels etc so it would probably be a £85k car. with a £42k px value its a big stretch. Full pricelist below INTERIOR AND TRIM Leather Trim Pack(seats and door panels in Black leather with Red or Yellow stitching) - NCO Tartan Trim Pack(seats and door panels in Red or Yellow with Black stitching) - NCO Full Alcantara steering wheel (Black with Red or Yellow strip) - £300 Interior Colour Pack in Red, Yellow, Orange, Silver or White - £500 (seats eyelets, HVAC control housing, centre console upper section, electric window bezel) Full Carpet - £350 Floor Mats- £80 EXTERIOR AND BODY Hard-top - £1250 Metallic or Signature Paint - £750 Exige Sport 380 Exterior Colour Pack (with red brake calipers-includes car body colour) - £3000 (choice of Metallic Grey, Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue, Metallic White, Metalllic Black-with Red Accents) Black Pack Removal (mirror caps, side pods, rear transom panel, roof) - NCO COMFORT AND COMMUNICATION Air Conditioning - £1250 Stereo plus two front mounted speakers - £400 Sound insulation - £500 Cruise control - £100 LIGHTWEIGHT AND PERFORMANCE Lightweight satin black or silver forged alloy wheels (17"front and 18"rear) - NCO Lightweight lithium-ion battery - NCO Carbon Exterior Pack (hard-top, louvered tailgate) - £4.000 Carbon fibre sill covers - £1,200 Titanium exhaust - £5,500 Track Pack (2-way adjustable Nitron dampers and 2-position Eibach anti-roll bar) - £3,200
  6. Just received the 380 pricelist. My spec comes out at over £80k. If i'm completely honest this is making me think again. I do love the 380 and I disagree with most on here that it isnt a match for the old cup but £80k is a big upgrade cost from my 18 month old V6s. Im not ruling it out but i think i will struggle to justify it.
  7. but if we are going as far as changing the front clam then why dont we take it a little further with new headlights too
  8. Having met you Dave you don't come across as the sort of person to give up on something. I'm sure if this one isn't quite up to the job you will develop another that is. Either way you will be the man to go to once the r&d is done.
  9. Fantastic work Dave. Not for me at the minute as I'm a big chav at heart and love noisey exhausts but maybe in the future when my car becomes more track orientated. For those of you who already have a track focussed v6 here is the solution you have been crying out for.
  10. Love it. I really want to trade mine it but at probably £75k+ for the spec I want and a probable trade in of about £35k on the 2015 v6 I have now I'm not sure I can justify or afford the extra £40k. I'll still go see the dealer next week though to see what can be done.
  11. Having read that blog it seems like the main problem the Swiss gent had was with Jubu and their incompetence rather than with the tvs1900. It sounds as though Jubu butchered the car and provided software that just wasn't up to scratch. I will investigate further though.
  12. Any more info on this swiss guy and where the info came from. As im looking into taking the plunge later next year i want to make sure I know all the possible problems with both methods
  13. Personally I would go for the SSC but I would wait and see what komotec launch next. rumour has it there may be a turbo conversion coming in the not too distant future. no idea how true it is though and I can't see it personally but who knows.
  14. I didn't mean to give the komotec exhaust any bad press as I'm sure it's an amazing bit of kit, it's just that the sound didn't appeal to me at all. to be fair the only other v6 at the event was mine with the Larini so I wasn't comparing it to a standard exhaust at the time.
  15. Sort of. It is a valved exhaust but it works the same as stock so the valve opens at 4-5k revs. Therefore it is open for most noise tests. I have since disabled the valve so its just in "loud mode" all the time, It was 103 static at oulton last month. Obviously it probably wouldn't get on at uber strict tracks like goodwood but so far the only issue ive had was at donington. When I went flat out I got black flagged with a 99.4 driveby, if I short shifted quickly through 4th into 5th at a certain point then I had no issues. Mine is the version 1 larini and i know there is a version 2 but i dont know how it differs. Probably the best exhaust is the 2bular "Track" system with the larger down turned add ons. Still a risk at certain tracks but then again so are a lot of modern sports cars even with standard exhausts.
  16. Don't take my word as gospel, its only my opinion. Someone I know bought a komotec off the back of hearing the same exhaust i did so its obviously just different opinions. Don't trust YouTube unless it's a video of all the exhaust together on the same clip taken with a proper Mic (not iphone). Personally I own a Larini and would be happy to buy another. I'd be equally happy with a 2bular but I wouldn't personally buy a komotec as the sound doesn't appeal to me even if the engineering\idea behind it does.
  17. I too was very interested in the komotec until i heard it. heard it driving around for about 3 hours at a charity event and didn't even realise it wasn't standard until someone told me.
  18. Looks really interesting even from that one pic with the double canards, extended carbon splitter, mpsc2 tyres, forged wheels but I'm afraid I could never buy a lotus with a 12 month warranty.
  19. The TRD uprgade worked on the old S2 exiges but the only way to increase induction noise on the S3 is with a new induction system such as the one available from SSC. I have both the SSC induction and the Larini exhaust and get through most trackdays without issue. I tend to get a few question about the noise from other lotus owning onlookers at trackdays so it either sounds horrific or fantastic from the outside.
  20. I have the mk1 Larini Absolutely no problem at Anglesey, or Oulton but I do need to short shift at Donington.
  21. They are BC forged wheels They have a good reputation as far as im aware
  22. Yes if you remove and bung the vacuum hose it will be in loud mode constantly. I have done this to mine and I believe a few others have too.
  23. Ive never really understood why the above isn't possible. Obviously I have no idea about exhaust design but the valve open position would produce a true straight through sound but with the valve closed it should pass through the over sized silencer and therefore make it "track safe". You would need to wire in a switch for the valve rather than the vacuum line. The major down side I can see for a manufacturer is that it would also require a new diffuser which would bump up the price.
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