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  1. I don't mean to offend you with this but I think the dealers are being quite fair with their prices. As you are well aware the price of the vehicle before VAT was only just over 56k so to expect that at trade in is wholy unrealistic, a dealer isn't going to pay you more for a used one than they sell a new one for, not in the current market.

    The only used cups I've seen for sale have been advertised at 52k - 55k and they didn't sell quickly, so your newer one is probably going to have a forecourt price of 57-58k and sell for 55k so an offer of over 51k is fantastic really.

    6 weeks ago I bought an exige s with a list of 64.5k and if I wanted to trade it in now with just 600miles on the clock I wouldn't expect anymore than 42-45k.

    I suppose we just have different ideas and expectations of what used exiges are currently worth.

  2. I've just spent an hour under the car fitting the larini back box. I was planning on getting the full system but now I can't decide whether to get the larini manifold or get the komotec kit in a year or so, so for now it's just the box.

    I've taken for a little test drive and it's definitely louder with more of a rasp. It also pops and bangs a lot more on the overrun. I haven't used the full rev range yet as its only got 600 miles on it so need to wait until after the run in service before I can give a full appraisal.

    It do prefer the twin outlet look too.


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  3. At 40 I really don't think it's your age. I'm in my 20's and I went to 3 lotus dealerships before buying the V6. Every time I was treated as a serious customer. In one I just went in some jeans, t shirt and trainers which probably have the same combined age as me and I was still treated respectfully so I think it probably has more to do with the dealer than the customer.

    I work in retail and I know from experience that in terms of disposable income you cannot judge a book by its cover.

  4. Porsche are very nice cars but i dont want one and dont aspire to own one, not a modern one anyway, id still quite like to have an old 993 turbo.

    My father has had a few porsche now and although they can be pretty quick and certainly more practical than my Exige i just find them numb and boring, and no more exciting to drive than my old Z4 and they certainly aren't as exciting as a lotus to look at.


    Im of the understanding that the GT cars are a different level but with the ever increasing price in the used car market us mere mortals are unlikely to ever own one even if we wanted to.

  5. Crouchy, is pewter grey only available on cup cars then?

    No it is/was available on any model.

    When ordering mine i was told by 2 separate dealers that the colour had actually been discontinued now but as is almost always the case with lotus, they will paint it any colour so long as you pay for the privilege.

  6. crouchy is that pewter grey?? It looks awesome in pictures, are you going to any meets or car clubs that are close by to the midlands? As would love to see it in real life, as it's one of the colours that i am quite keen on, along with yellow and orange...

    Yes it's pewter grey. I'm really happy with the colour which is a bonus as I'd never seen one in the flesh before I picked mine up.

    I don't often venture down to the midlands I'm afraid. I am doing the nyloc pub meet in a couple of weeks but that's North Yorkshire.

  7. Yes a tune will always help release the true potential of the system but for a second I thought it was being suggested as a mandatory addition. I've heard of certain CAI systems on the evora causing fueling issues so wondered if it was along the same lines.

    At least I can go ahead with the full system next month. I think I will go for the Larini system as to me it looks the best design, longer primaries and a true straight through when the valve is open, plus I've had Larini systems on others cars before and they were fantastic on those cars.

  8. Yes, given the fact that I would need to run the car in first, we decided to start with the backbox only and then look to add the manifolds, downpipes and sports cat later on when the car had some miles on it. As the latter would require an ECU update, I didn't really want to do this before the car had been run in.

    Does it really require an ecu update for a full system exhaust? Who offers that? Besides the obvious komotec staged ecu upgrades. I hadn't factored this in when planning to get one next month. If I have to get a komotec upgrade at the same time then it might have to wait until I can afford the 430 kit too.

  9. Subtle colour? Are you serious? That amazingly unusual grey? Big fail I think!!! Enjoy the attention...

    To lotus people and possibly "car people" it may be an unusual colour but to the average person on the street I thought it might at least not scream look at me. The other colours I were thinking about were toxic/isotope/krypton green or Porsche riviera blue so it's a bit more subtle than those. :)

    I am thinking of getting either a full 2bular or full Larini next month so I guess all subtlety will be lost then anyway.

  10. Do they really get that much attention? I didn't seem to get too much in my old S2 Exige but think I might not get away with it with the new one...

    Yes they get a lot more attention than I was expecting. I purposely went for a subtle colour so I could blend in a bit but that seems to have failed. With the yellow paint and noisy exhaust yours is going to get everyone looking.
  11. A few quick pictures of my new toy, collected last week.

    Loving lotus ownership so far. I can't wait to get the first service out of the way so I can really open her up.

    And I can't believe the amount of attention my little grey car gets on the road. People literally stop and stare.

    Hopefully the images upload ok as I'm doing this from my phone





  12. Is it true there is going to be a new Exige coming out with 400bhp? If so anyone know when this is likely to happen?

    It is very likely to happen but hasnt been officially announced yet. General consensus is that it will be announced at the end of this year with deliveries starting early spring 2016. However this is all just speculation at the minute. 

  13. I too wanted the premium pack but most stock cars seem to be specced with premium sport so ordered one to my spec.

    Impossible to say what you will pay as each dealer will have their own bottom lines to consider and it depends on time of year, end of quarter, end of year sales targets etc. I simply worked out a price id be happy with and told the dealer if he could get to it id buy the car. So long as you are happy with what you paid it doesn't really matter what other people have paid does it.

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