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  1. I don't know what a KWD is, but the official service interval for the Exige S/350 V6 is 15.000 km. Is that different for the 380 ? Costs around 500-600 euros. Not got the 3+3+3 package from your dealer ? 3 years warranty and 3 free services.
  2. yes, this was all under the 3 years warranty i got with my car. Lotus charges 160 pounds for a fuel filler cap with new keys.🤤
  3. My fuel cap was also broken in 2017. My dealer gave me two options: 1. replacing all (!) locks on warranty because Lotus key numbers are absolutely useless !!!! That's a fact, I already had a broken door lock 2015 and Lotus had to replace all locks, fuel cap, two keys, ignition lock... on warranty for around 1.000 Euros. Very clever Lotus 2. Get a new fuel cap on warranty with a separate key. Then find a locksmith to adjust the tumblers to match your old key. > But I contacted the Lotus customer service, sent my second key from Germany to Hethel and got a fitting new fuel cap and my key back, all within one week. They simply did what a locksmith does but need the original key. Beside the sensless Lotus key numbers and the poor quality of the locks this was awesome. If I remember right Lotus has a better/newer version of the fuel caps since around 2017.
  4. The car is hard coded to the ECU as a Roadster. It must be reprogramed to a Coupe to remove the speed limit. That's something not even a Lotus dealer can do. New Roadsters still have this limit. So probably only Lotus itself could help you.
  5. I'm currently using the GRP GT lights. For the V6 Exige you need a resistor and fit it to one of the rear lights. GRP knows what resistor you need. He can probably send it to you with the lights or you order it from eBay or Amazon. This definitely solves the traction control problem.
  6. ArthouseCompany


    And the Roadster of the year if officially a Coupe 😂🤣 Isn't there a warning the sticker when "accidentally" removing the top 😉
  8. Yes, bought some Alfa air vents. Sorry can't upload pictures. Looks like on pic 2
  9. If it only would be a question of color: Nr. 3 in grey and red. Like it is. Maybe with silver or black wheels. The blue cars #4 and 5 also look great. Purple looks like a gay or girls car. Please no ! You won't be happy with this color a long time.
  10. 1. Although the Schroth are available from Lotus itself my Schroth papers say they're not street legal/approved for the Exige V6. So it makes sense to have both fitted. And for a short distance drive I prefer not using my Schroth. 2. You can simply fit both harnesses by removing the washers and springs and fill the place (if needed) with smaller washers. Foto:
  11. The ground clearance isn't so relevant, all cars must have min. 10cm. The approach angle of the exige is bad because of it's long front splitter. And gets even worse with the longer cup splitters and less ground clearance/other suspension: The approach angle of a stock Exige V6 is only 7,6 degrees ! Cayman or Boxter have around 12 degrees.
  12. like Kristof said, remove mesh with the 2 torx. But inside the scoop are 2 more screws you can remove easily from the outside. Unfortunately a third is hidden. You can only remove it from the wheel arch liner
  13. I had exactly the same issue this year. Got my brake light switch replaced and now the problem is gone. Try this as a temporarily solution: press the brake pedal while starting the car.
  14. like said: override valve switches are illegal in Europe for new cars since 2017 or 2018. So Lotus can no longer fit it. I see one problem with these aftermarket switches: the valve is no longer controlled by the ECU. So if you give full acceleration and forgot to open the valve you could damage your engine ! But please correct me if I'm wrong. A cheap trick for an always open valve that you can manually close is this one here:
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