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  1. more elegant and also cheap method, cut the hose anywhere and use a aquaristic valve:®-Edelstahl-Aquarium-Kontrolle-Fließen/dp/B01GW5M2CA
  2. I know what you want but please read my post again. Both this switch and the Race mode are part of optional Race Pack and can not be unlocked. Your switch will be without function.
  3. On Exige S (V6) the valve button and Race driving-mode was part of the optional "Race Pack" (something around 1.500 Euros) which is hard coded to the ECU. My dealer says this can't be unlocked, only from Hethel itself. Ironicly all Exige S have the full Race-Pack functionaly and complete wiring. A very rude method for generating extra money So a button will not lead to sucess. This seems to be different on newer Exiges.
  4. Same problem here in 2015 when my car was just 1 week old. the lock plate had to be adjusted.
  5. like GFwilliams I've also done more than 60.000 km and use it daily. I had some minor problems in the beginnig (locks, fuel cap, interior light and so on) so I recommend to buy a Lotus with some miles because all minor issues are usually fixed under warranty ;) Like said the clutch IS the weak link of Exige S/350/360. Mine was replaced at around 50.000 km, with the stronger Exige/Evora 380/410/430 clutch. Overall costs are around 2.500 to 3.500 euros, depending on the working hours of the garage. The huge Toyota V6 should last forever....
  6. For a non UK citizen like me it sounds extremly strange and some kind of funny that your really have unarmed police officers. I first thought this is a joke. So who wants to do this job nowadays with all the violance and terror if you can't defend youself and other people ? So what the hell do your officers do if the criminal is armed and trying to kill him or others ? Talking ? praying ? giving flowers? phone a "real" policeman? In my country you have to learn 3 years becoming a police officer and learn to handle the firearm, train regulary to keep your firearm and certainly there are strictly rules when it's allowed to shoot or not. It makes no sense for me and probaly the rest of this world to not give firearms and tasers to the people that must protect you.
  7. The color is like always a question of personal taste. But black lights on a black rear is something that reminds me of bad 90s car tuning 😅 i like to see these beautiful lights even on daylight.
  8. I have Option 3 of the GRP lights. The reflector is this red circle behind the signal light. Look nice and gives the light a 3D-look. ´ http://
  9. The car on this Eltech advertising is my car. This are the GRP GT lights, red, EU spec (yellow signal and white reversing lights) with reflector. None of these US aftermarket lights are legal anywherr in Europe. Also not in UK. Maybe after Brexit 😁 The reflector looks nice but isn't very good because mostly hidden behind the signal light. So I've added additional reflectors at bottom. Beside that the quality is very good and looks OEM, so probably you won't have trouble with it.
  10. okay, i bought all missing screws and nuts and also had to modify the mount a bit and rasp 1 mm on one side to not scratch the paint. I like the black mounts and a 3 cm wider wing is tolerable. So after all I'm happy because the quality of carbon, clearcoate and the mounts is great, it's rock solid and straight and fitting is perfect.Missing stickers will be send. I guess I'm a member of the club now 😗 http://
  11. Guess what... I measured the length of my wing today 😒 they don't even have a measure tape. It's 3 cm longer than ordered: 143cm. I must live with that, but how can all this this happen with such a simple order?
  12. yes, Facebook messenger, bot I only get "shop is closed". As I don't want to wait weeks for the missing or wrong parts I measured, bought and ordered all missing nuts and screws. So hopefully I can fix the wing next week like it is. And I asked Matteo to send me the missing stickers and right colored mountings.
  13. so, I got my Eltech "plug and play" wing today after 10 weeks of waiting and drive a Roadster now 😡 1. the stickers for the endings are missing 2. the mountings have the wrong color (all black) 3. Four nuts to use the the original Lotus screws are missing, and no new no screws in the package 4. no paint protection for the new mountings to not scratch the car paint. 5. screws to install the mounting to the wing came, but no nuts for the screws. .... I could buy all things today, and wanted to mount it anyway, but 6. Eltech only send me one of the two needed very special sleeve nuts, that i wasn't able to find anywhere. ....needless to say Eltech isn' reachable and in vacation since today ! no more comments....... the quality itself is good but this company drives me mad
  14. Thank you Matteo, your money is on it's way. Please check FB Messenger and tell me if everything is okay.
  15. I just paid the balance so hopefully it will find it's way from Milano to me now. I thought I could pay the balance when the wing is finally here. And i have to mention that an English conversion between Germans and Italians can be misleading 😙 One of the reasons for the long waiting is that i've ordered the wing with the new curved endings like the 380cup wing. But to look more like the cup wing Eltech mounted the endings backwards for me and made some special stickers for the endings.
  16. I'm now wainting since more than 9 weeks for my eltec wing. I made a deposite of about half the price on May 06. First Eltech told me the wing is ready now and sent on Friday, 06. of July. That wasn't true, because I asked for a tracking number and Eltec send me a photo of a DHL sticker with a tracking number from 09. of July. Since then, one week now, the DHL tracking website says the package is still in Milano/Italy. I phoned DHL today and they say they don't "physically" have the package, it isn't sent. Eltech promissed me every day sending it and now they want the rest of the money. So, is this common ? Did you all pay the full price before getting any product and would you do that in this case now ? Is it really a trusted company ? I'm not sure anymore.....
  17. Interestingly you would have the same burnt in black color here if you simply drive the car for some weeks
  18. the exhause valve is controlled by negative pressure from this red hose. If there's negative pressure on the red hose the exhaust valve is closed. The pressure is controlled by ECU, depending on your driving mode, rpm and so on. So to have a permanently open exhaust you can simply pull the red hose off. You should close the air oulet and the hose (maybe soaking dirt in ?). More elegant is my valve or a remote controlled electric valve: Is it safe for the engine ? Yes it is: if you close the hose or pull it off the valve is always open. If you open the hose the exhaust is controlled by the ECU like stock. I use this since 3 years now without problems, but I'm not a technician and please correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. i would say yes if it comes from your air filter, but without any guarantee, because you have a different 410 engine layout
  20. okay, so I just ordered a Eltech carbon wing 1400mm with the new 380styled endings and silver/black V6 logo mountings. Pictures follow in some weeks 😣😣
  21. What's the size of all these wings??? Eltech? Cup380 ? Cup 430 ? Komotech is presumably 1.350 cm ? Eltech offered me a 1450x280 wing that's probably way to large for my taste. I Iike the straight Cup380 wing with it's curved endings most: and only Eltech offers something similar.
  22. My lip was taped only and I tested it on the Autobahn with 180km/h. Everything was fine for one week. Now it's partly fallen of in the middle. Reason was a scraping shortly before. On the left and right the rubber is still clued very strong and still nearly impossible to remove. So in the end screws are needed, but not for hard driving or highspeed but for scraping. As the car is only 6 or 7 cm centimeters from ground with a lip this is hardly to avoid. Surely you don't have to remove the splitter to fit a lip. And you don't have to remove wheels and wheel arches to remove the front splitter the way.
  23. I'm thinking about a big wing and asked Eltech for a price for a straight wing with 380cup endings and mounting. They offer this wing for 1.450 euros, but this price is without VAT, endings and mountings (!) so in the end it is more expensive than a street legal and tested Komotec wing 🤔
  24. Yes, I already have a cost estimate from Komo-Tec and date for repair with the enforced clutch. As this is very unusual for a clutch and the car was serviced every year at Lotus, Lotus now told me they will pay at least for the working hours. But deny it's a known problem.
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