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  2. Did some tests today,added 10 litres of fuel and now the engine is running, i go to the gas station to fully fill the tank. So i think that the fuel indicator is not correct, still indicating 3 blocks of fuel on the display. Is the fuel indicator / sensor easy to test or to replace ?
  3. Hello, Done some test again. When i put a silicone tube behind the fuel filter, i have the folowwing : When egnition key is on, fuel is flowing in to my bottle. When i put is off and back on, fuel is coming again. After 2 times on and off, my bottle of 0,5litres is full. Now when i put the fuel line back on the fuel filter, and after several on and off turn, the car is starting and turns again for 30 seconds or less. I hear, if i put the ignition key to on the fuel pump, but it did not start afterward, it is like the fuel is flowing back to the fuel tank via the fuel filter, is
  4. Hello Bibs, Do you have a partnumber or brand name for a uprated part ? Regards Geert
  5. Hello, I have a lotus elise S2 with rover k-series motor from 2004. I deactivate already the imobiliser. I replaced the battery with a new one, i replaced the spark plugs also. Now, when i let my car for approx one week in the garage itry to start him. 1) The car starts and is running, after 30 seconds to 1 minute the motor shuts down. When then i try to starts there is no way that the motor is running, started different times. When i wait a couple of hours, so for example a day, the process is repeating back from step 1. What could be the problem? Could this be a defec
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