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  1. Top work George, 1 & 3 are simply fantastic.
  2. There is no chance of me paying the price for one of these even I could afford to, but that just looks so good with the yellow callipers. Congratulations, so nice. 😍
  3. Motorsport Green V6 Exige.. by Thomas Cunningham, on Flickr Exige by Thomas Cunningham, on Flickr
  4. It looks fantastic, no denying, but why is this on a cup car. Surely this should be done on the 380.
  5. Did you think about that panel In body colour Arun, I think it would look superb.
  6. The only thing I would change on that, is your name for mine on the V5
  7. Have you thought about a smaller mirror, to match the size of the interior. I have seen a few S2, with a lovely egg shaped one.
  8. Coming together really nice. What about the indicator stalks. There are other options available.
  9. All you need to do is google the colour and name and you get plenty of shots. For example. Toxic green exige.
  10. This ( for me ) is a perfect summation of how all the S3 Exige threads pan out in relation to design faults or new model version's. Lotus constantly muddy the waters ( depth too shallow )and The Pit's gargles it. Low and behold it comes out crystal clear all be it decanted into an opaque glass. You might guess i have just made that up while writing my post. I have to add though this does not put me off Lotus or indeed this section of the forum. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see through it and read between the lines. It is quite clear he is a very nice and honourable man, who has set himself a stiff challenge explaining how, ( he believes ) Lotus operate. While lotus continue to raise the cost ( to buy )these latest versions, more and more punters are going to question and complain what is going on. What a challenge Lotus have re-aligning themselves higher up in the market, without any tangible investment in the product. Good luck to Lotus and The Pits.
  11. Woah! what a difference that makes.
  12. I hope i have read this correct Mark, You have only covered 1000 miles in your 380, and want to trade up for the next new model. Something sounds amiss there. If you are susceptible to marketing and have to have the latest greatest without even using the one you have then unfortunately this is going to cost you. I bought a V6 new for 62k and then due to circumstance had to sell with 2,000 miles on the clock. It took quite a while to sell but sold privately for 46,500. On both my previous S2 Exige i had managed to sell for more than i paid, which was a strangely new phenomena, to me. All my previous new cars lost 10k, the second they handed me the keys. Even if they gave you 75k by the time you had your 430 run-in, the all singing 450R will be lapping Hethel at warp speed. If you can afford to keep changing and ultimately feel the need to, then you can't really complain how much this costs you personally.
  13. I used to own a 2010 Cup 260 and the rear carbon spoiler was made by Prodrive.
  14. The one on my V6s must have been taken off the test mule then as it was ruined out of the box.
  15. Surely the wiper is only erect in park mode? And once ignition on it will return to the bottom. It really can't be difficult to do this I would be amazed but not totally surprised if this was not the case.
  16. You need to remember where Lotus are as a company. This rolling out of new variant every few months has been going on for years, they don't have any money to do anything else. You have got another 3 years before a new platform so get used to another variant every few months up to this point. The V6 has finished as an engineering development unless the squeeze in a charge cooler, so i would expect by 2020 to see full carbon clams and interior but as MR Bailey say's essentially the same car. They could however modernise/upgrade the interior without too much cost so god knows why we still have a crap dash and cheap switch gear.
  17. Hi Mark, I couldn't comment on the carbon but wouldn't think that part would be like that for cutting costs. From what I have heard the quality of the carbon is first rate as it should be. The other bits you mention are purely for cost cutting as you mention, quite painful when considering the price you are paying but that is where Lotus are right now. Is it the right approach and direction is up for debate but it is only you who can decide. I don't think these small points will bother you much or for long after you lift the garage door. You can always upgrade these parts as you go along.
  18. Top cat

    Top cat

  19. Oakmere have a black S for sale at £53,000. They took this car on, just as the the 350 was announced so have had it sitting round the back for quite sometime and the price has been coming down steadily. It is now nearly 10k under list price and i just cant see the gear change benefits on the 350 adding up to this amount in benefit, unless you plan to track it every weekend. I would guess with hard and patient negotiating you could get it for nearly 50K.
  20. It's not everyday you see a Roadster with a Sunroof. Fantastic if not a slightly bit mad. As all self respecting Lotus owners should be.
  21. You do not need to worry about your reaction times unless you are racing the guy next to you. The timing goes from when you cross the beam. A lot of the experienced guys let the other car go first by a second or two so they can hear the start as well as an extra aid to judge the grip. I haven't tried a fast start in my V6 but i know on the S2 Exige Lotus had a release valve of sorts on the clutch preventing fast starts, it would just bog down if the revs were to high. It was a popular mod with our American cousins to get it removed. Does the V6 have it as well?
  22. They look like they might be able to slow you down. You will have to watch where they put the balance weights on your next set of tyres.
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