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  1. You too, the wet weather is starting here so mine will probably get a bit a bit less use.. Soon be time for us Northern Hemisphere guys to hand over the Lotus baton Si P.S. Mine's actually carbon, but the photo is a little under exposed, as I was going for "arty"
  2. I drove my Exige to the Arctic Circle, and northern Sweden is pretty remote
  3. I hope it's not motion blur as it rolled off down the hill while you were taking the photo
  4. I drove through Germany a short while ago. So I did some testing ... I discovered the limiter is set at 240km/h in a Roadster. I don't think driving with the hardtop off is the problem, rather driving with the soft top on In many ways roof off is actually less scary than soft top on! At 230+km/h, you start to see daylight between the roof and the windscreen frame, and I was more than a little worried it might fly off!!! With the roof off, it is very noisy, but the car felt perfectly stable, and if anything more stable as speed went up. (Of course the aero will be subtly different because of the spolier, so I look forward to your max roof off speed report )
  5. Chris I took the car to a local ICE installer and asked this question. After looking at the ones fitted to the car he said he wouldn't bother, as they are already fairly competent units from the factory. So in the end I just walked out with a better head unit, the stock one is lowest of the low in Alpines range. This had the benefit I could tune the EQ and get rid of some resonance, so it did improve things. On my old S2 Exige I used some dynomat behind the speakers to form a bit of an enclosure, this really helped, but it had the old style non air bag dash, so was quite easy to do.
  6. Your memory serves, no haptic feedback on the Model S, and you are right real dials/buttons/whatever are missed after you use it for a while. TBH I now use the steering wheel buttons for everything. I completely agree it's a sales gimmick, but it certainly shifts cars, and really that's what Lotus need. Sure for me personally some of the features are superfluous, and I really don't think the dials make any difference to the driving experience (though I do miss the previous ones on the non airbag Elise which you could actually read in sunlight with the roof off ), however it's about the overall feeling of the car as a modern product. So for me it's more about getting new sales and fans into the Lotus brand, and unfortunately this means "gimmicks" With a firmer financial footing, they could do absolute wonders with a car like the Exige, right now everything seems done on a relative shoestring Personally I'd give up laptime improvements for a few years, just so Lotus can invest in the other cars in the range, I think it would pay dividends in the medium term. The Elise really is getting long in the tooth now so we are probably arguing about the wrong car actually. Whatever development budget they have should go into making it relevant in a world where it's competitors are all far more modern.
  7. To be clear I'm not suggesting the big centre screen! Just replacing the gauges like the AIM upgrade Jack has done, or that in the 311. As for going on youtube/twittering/checking emails. You can't do any of that in the Tesla, you can't even watch movies whilst stationary. (Which you'd think would be a no brainer for a car that potentially requires you to sit in it 30 minutes to "refuel") It's there just as a big marketing gimmick, which I suspect also saved Tesla a huge amount in dev / production costs not having to design and install all the physical switches and wiring Like many owners, after a period of use we are finding phyiscal dials for the AC / Volume /other key aspects would be better ergonomically, and there are some quarters within the customer base asking to reintroduce them. But the dash itself is much clearer way of display information, far better than analogue gauges. It is the clearest layout I've ever used (I haven't tried a Merc S class though). It requires no faffing, it's just the dials being replaced with a better tech. Saying it's not to enhance driving of the car is a false argument, when every top level motorsport now uses glass dash tech, WRC/F1/BTCC/GTC.... Of course in this evnironment money is no object (as in the Merc S, and to an extent the Tesla) so cost comes into play. But the prices are dropping everyday, and like lots of features from top end cars, it will filter down to even your basic daily run-a-around in the next few years, and analogue dials will just seem dated. If mechanical = nostalgia, then fine analogue dials will do. But I'm not in the market for a Morgan in 3 years time
  8. Fairly, but it could be neater/easier! I basically put a mount on the under side of the top lip of the diffuser (where the parking sensors are). I had to do this in such a way as it's "permanent", i.e. you can't unclip the mount. I just clipped a J curved-mount into a flat surface adhesive GoPro thingy, and stuck the whole lot on in one go. You can't see it unless you lie down and look up, but you get just enough clearance for it not to vignette on the body work. I was a little worried about it coming loose, so have backed this up with some rubber bands round the camera and one looped through the rear mesh. For the front, I have a dashcam, powered off the convenience pack USB. This is actually pretty good quality. I've also mounted a adhesive block on the underside of the body work just above the left front air intake grill. It's pretty unobtrusive, and in an area that won't be seen if the lacquer is damaged, but I'm not 100% happy with this location, so it's coming off. I have cracked that grill (I hit a crow), so need a replacement. I will investigat a better solution when I do that job! Finally the microphone. I took the lazy route here. I got a long microphone extension cable from Amazon, and fed it through the driver's side pod grill, and fed it through into the boot area, making sure it was behind the roll bar and various other hard bits to make sure it couldn't get caught in the moving parts. To get in the cabin I simply followed the joints in the clam, around the door rubber, and crossed over the door rubber, behind the seat. It works, and doesn't leak, but not my finest job and right now not permanent. The dashcam has a microphone input, so once in the cabin I just poked the cable around various bits of trim and up by the windscreen pillar, purely on a friction fit basis. The hardest part has been finding some software to do multicam editing, as my Arctic trip was my first go at having multiple viewpoints. I am experimenting now, and hopefully should make my first production of a run up the Trollstigen some time this week with something called Magix
  9. Something like Liquid Yellow even ?
  10. I generally like the look, bar the red wheels. I really like the louvred boot lid and new access panel. (hmm I wonder what would look like painted body colour... ) As for the extra 10hp, I'm not sure I'd notice, but improved exhaust note sounds interesting. (Though I'm _really_ tempted to go the 2bular route at the moment!)
  11. Splitting hairs, but in my experience it's probably 240kph. My GPS clocked 148mph with the speedo reading 150mph. (This was on the German Autobahn) I managed this with roof off and on. The latter was much scarier as you can see daylight develop between the top of the windscreen and the roof
  12. @NedaSay Current V6 Roadster is £56,500 before you add anything You are very, very quickly over £60k with the "essentials for resale" of AC/ leather/paint.
  13. Completely agree finding new customers is going to be a challenge. We are sort of in a no-man's land right now. Expensive but not deemed a status symbol. For whatever reason the brand isn't seen as exclusive enough (madness really as I suspect the Exige will end up being rarer than most of the GT Porsche cars) Is it because the engine is from Toyota? Or because Lotus don't spend billions in advertising / product placement I looked out in the car park, and my car sat next to a pair of colleagues cars an SL and a C4S. I can tell you which looked most special (and actually expensive if you knew nothing about the brands) Maybe DB was right in this regard, to get silly margins, it's more about brand than substance.
  14. I agree, but as far as I can see the only direction Lotus pricing is going is up It took a huge amounts of man maths, and "getting my head round" to go from my old £36k (new) Exige S220, to a £62k Exige V6. We have to look at this in context. Back in 06 when I picked the Exige S it was somewhat of a performance bargain. Compared to a Boxster S of the same era, it was both cheaper and MUCH quicker. 10 years on the car now is MUCH more expensive than a current Boxster S, and the performance gap has narrowed significantly. Where will we be in another 10 years? Don't get me wrong I'm glad I did it as I'm completely smitten with the car, however I'm probably one of a handful of buyers prepared to splurge this sort of cash on what is really a second car. (On the plus side it oozes exclusivity that few cars in any price bracket get close to ) If the Exige 400 is >£70k (which is where I suspect it will end up) it will probably be a bridge too far even for me in 18 months time when I consider upgrading
  15. ^oops that should read: It was still up on Lotus site in April 2015, so I asked about it, but was told it had finished in March but the website hadn't been updated.
  16. It was still up on Lotus site in April 2015, so I asked about it, but was told it had finished in May but the website hadn't been updated. I ordered and took delivery in April, so looks like I missed out FWIW For the benefit of any non UK buyers, It's still on Lotus main website, but only includes mainland Europe:
  17. Thanks Blue, nope I didn't get the card so looks like I'm paying for my servicing
  18. Chris I'm interested to hear where this goes. I bought ( / took delivery of) my car slightly before yours, and was told the 333 deal had finished. I pointed out it was still being advertised on Lotus's website so should be honored, I was promised it would be looked into by the dealer, but I still ended up paying for the running in service. So there's definitely some confusion about the offer.
  19. Well fortunately I renewed part way through my road trip I took a record of the mileage when the new one came into force (somewhere near Oslo) so still 3.5k left on this policy
  20. So 6,500+ miles in a little over 3 months, and the car has been amazing. The exhaust is sounding better than ever as it matures with age, and I still haven't got tired of the power delivery. The gearbox is getting better as it beds in (not that it was ever bad), and I still keep admiring how fantastic it looks. I'm REALLY happy with my choice of Roadster over Coupe now, it has really suited my usage (even though I still get the odd bouts of spoiler envy ) but as a more road focused machine it has worked out so well. It's used virtually no oil, the tyres all seem in good shape, and I suspect I'm getting near 30mpg average. It's taking me on some epic adventures, and I suspect it's already seen far more unpaved road than any Lotus really should. More than all of that though, I've had a pretty crappy day at work today, so coming home giving it a good wash, then taking it for a spin for no good reason soon put a smile back on my face. The only downside is I probably now need to start rationing the driving (or more likely up my annual insurance mileage ) I now just need to buy a new number plate
  21. Having just driven through Sweden, one thing is for sure, the Exige would pull more crowds than the Caymen, irrespective of how many spoilers it has stuck on. The Lambo (and I will be honest here, I did briefly consider one instead of my Roadster) would probably draw more attention. The cost of ownership is in a different league however, even if the used price matches the new price of the Lotus. It also has a completely different image. People would actually be interested in the Lotus with much more chance they realised you'd bought the car for it's driving qualities, rather than as a show of wealth (or is that genital inadequacies ) I can't begin to say how many people had genuine interest in the car, I literally lost count, every petrol stop involved a chat, and everyone was very "friendly" about the car. It's hard to put a finger on the exact nature, or quite how Lotus can capitalise on this aspect of their cars.
  22. simon mac


    I completely agree with you. I suspect they just opted for the easy route of stuffing it in the carousel, rather than embark on redesigning the 3 column layout they use further down on the home page, or adding it to the menus. After all the Type 125 is listed on the menu system, surely that is more niche than the 3 eleven
  23. It also makes a great arm rest (Though I generally find even the leather option requires some additional padding to be comfortable, so I use a small cushion on long jaunts, but then I'm mad enough to do 600 miles a day in one!) Toss up between a CR or a Cup as a focused track car I'd say Cup, just because it's likely to be the more exclusive and so desireable used. (Though as always trying to second guess the used market is a mugs game) As a weekend road car the Roadster is marginally more practical, because you have better clearance, and rear visibility. It also has a slightly crisper turn in at slower speeds (I believe because of the different front anti roll bar, tbh I wasn't expecting this but it was a take away from my test drives) As Pits has said all are fantastic cars. I think the best thing for you to do is to try and back-to-back a test drive of the Roadster and Coupe/CR, as your next step. Only then can you work out which is right for you!
  24. simon mac


    It isn't on any of the menus, or listed in the current range. It only comes upper in the scrolling banner image area, if you wait for it to revolve round (the first thing you will see is the Evora 400) It's not immediately obvious if you click on these images they will take you to the cars sub sites either. Rather it just looks like some fancy graphics to add some bling to the homepage. So the truth lies somewhere in between. Saying that who is going to go to and not know about the 3 eleven anyway? Probably more important is first hit in google search for "lotus 3 eleven" takes you straight to
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