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  1. And 440bhp for the standard car. Pretty please with jam on top
  2. simon mac


    Everything is relative All the Elise variant cars do extremely well, but the Exige S1 and S2 are arguably a safer bet than the 340R / 2Eleven's IMHO (hence the mixed bag comment)
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    Agree, I never fully got the premium for the x'11 cars. Less car, pay more, use it only on sunny weekends. Then wait 6 months and all the good bits trickle down into the road going cars. It wouldn't be so bad, but the residuals are a mixed bag Fingers crossed we get a cracking "Cup 450" in 6-12 months time. (DISCLAIMER: If I could run 2 Loti I would have a 311 AND an Exige)
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    I bet it will be a real rocket ship with 450 bhp! I think I'm of the same mind as Pitts I just can't justify a full on track car of this ilk, as much as I'd love one. Fingers crossed there's a 450 Cup or similar in 2017 when mine is likely to be replaced!
  5. Very true Diego. I'm just a complete glass dash convert now. You could have a track orientated set up, I could have a road orientated one, and switch to suit. As I'm spending more time with the car I'm coming to the conclusion the current dash is worse than the early S2's. At least with the old LCD style display (as in my pre federalised cars) you could read the digital portion in daylight Maybe it serves me right for buying a pimp-wagon roadster
  6. Congrats, looks fantastic! Enjoy!
  7. I've got a Tesla Not a P85D unfortunately. I've had mine for almost a year now, so have got a reasonable handle on them. The real issue is big day round trips for work. There was a big spat between Tesla and Ecotricity (the ones doing the motorways/Ikea), which meant the Supercharger thing stalled and we don;t have a complete network or ideally placed sites. The motorway service chargers take hours to recharge a Tesla, so you still need an element of planning. They came to an out of court settlement this week, so hopefully we will see some progress. I'd say bank on 200-220 miles @ 70MPH, 300 miles is wildly optimistic at any speed. Almost there for a full day of running around on motorways, but until the Superchargers are more widespread it is still slightly limited, and I have left it at home and taken the Lotus on a couple of occasions. Fortunately I'm office based, and it's battery is complete overkill 95% of the time. I reckon it would show an Exige a clean pair of heels away from the lights (unless you got the launch spot on.) The Tesla even a trained chimp could post a good 0-60 time. Personally I find it a bit of a big luxo-barge now though and just pootle everywhere in it, which it is supremely good at, they never were designed to be sports cars despite the impressive numbers.. They do lack a bit of "soul", but the power delivery is amazing up to 70 which is all you really need for a road car. Anyway back on topic... Enjoy the car Benny, it real is pretty special, and if it weren't for the fuel costs and mileage worries I'd be driving mine everywhere
  8. We don't really have the infrastructure here either I was just surprised how cheap they are relative to the other stuff on your list. (Though I appreciate luxury cars are all just plain expensive in Oz)
  9. You should get a Tesla P85D, they are mega cheap in Oz!
  10. BTW the easiest way to wire in the mic is to take off the lower steering cowl, remove the old radio cage and BEFORE you fit the new radio cage you can just about pass the cable between your hands. (Though be careful it is sharp back there!) I made the mistake of switching out the radio cages first then trying to feed the mic, and ended up and taking the cage back out. (No biggie, but it's easier to learn from someone else's mistakes ) If I were to do it again I'd say it was a 15-30 minute job, and I'd probably use some sort of flexible rod to feed the cable through (and avoid the cuts )
  11. If you want Bluetooth, the Pioneer is the brand to get IMHO. They use Parrot chips and are generally regarded as the best option. Mine works perfectly in combo with my Sony Xperia, and as soon as I get it in Spotify fires up without touching the phone. Recent calls / contacts / track skipping / track display etc. all work perfectly. My previous experience of head units has been patchy compatibility, dropped music streams, and poor control over the device meaning you can't just leave your phone in your pocket. The handy thing for us is the cheap one has illumination colors that match the dash. Like the Alpine mine came with a small mic, so the same as Rancid I discretely ran it up to the steering column.
  12. Great to hear you are enjoying it, and as you are finding out it's complete overkill for the road Just wait until you get to use the full rev range I found the cornering went up again because I was less worried about keeping the revs down. Then there's the power... the car is quick even using the first 4k RPM, it's bonkers afterwards, and boy does it sound great The thing I'm most impressed by though is the ride compliance over my old S2 Exige, it's so much better at soaking up bumps that would see the old car bounce around all over the place. I went from an S2 Exige S to an early K engined S2 Elise, and for road use I actually found the Elise suited me more, but I did miss the power at times. The S3 is like a perfect mix of both aspects for me, just turned up to 11 Keep enjoying it, the first 1000 miles will fly by!
  13. Doesn't look like a Maestro to me
  14. A cheapy Pioneer. I think it sounds quite a bit better, probably because you can tweak the EQ settings more than the standard Alpine. For me the biggest win was BT Audio / Phone. I can make receive calls, and stream music from my Android phone, where the stock Alpine only plays nicely with iPhone / iPod. The hands free is nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. I can have a passable conversation at 50 with the roof off, and even at motorway speed you can hear / be heard enough to pass on some basic "I'm running late be back at xxx" type calls. Of course you are sacrificing a CD player, but think of the weight savings of going from CDs to a USB Stick
  15. For completeness, here are some pictures: The camera permanently mounted in the screen. I think it's pretty neat and unobtrusive (you can't even see it or the wires from the drivers seat) A screen grab of a free playback tool
  16. I was out driving the Exige and just up the road from my house is a small railway bridge. This bridge is just after a set of lights. (I guess you can see where this is going) Now I couldn't help myself from pootling up to it, then flooring it just as I went under the bridge. (Boy does that V6 really sound glorious in tunnels!) Now for the bad part... A friend was following me in his car, and saw the outcome of my childish behaviour. There was a lady walking a small child just the other side of the tunnel, and it was like one of the train horn videos, as the poor kid ducked down and covered his ears in complete shock. Unfortunately my mate doesn't have a dashcam, so I can't post exact footage, but to give you an idea: So to the lady and the child, I have to say I am sorry.
  17. I swapped the head unit out for a decent one. It now goes up to 100 Saying that in my daily driver the stereo goes up to 11, and it's miles louder than the Exige (I think there maybe a Spinal Tap fan somewhere at the factory, because the A/C fan also turns up to 11 )
  18. I gave them to one of the lovely ladies at work... she seemed pleased with the gift
  19. Quick update, I just bought a proper dashcam, i.e. something you can just leave in the car, rather than something that screams "steal me" in the way a GoPro does. I was hoping it might just save me (touch wood if I did have a bump on the road) + having it always record, you never know if you get a hidden gem of a picture / interesting car/ etc. without messing about taking it in and out of the car. Complete with GPS unit for around £60 delivered from Amazon, and I'm actually amazed by the quality of the picture. OK it's not 4K, but is full HD and perfectly acceptable white balance /colour/ detail and the exposure compensation is very fast. Taking the SD card out and putting it into my PC with "Registrator" and full map trails including speedo / speed plot played back almost instantly. If you don't already have a GoPro, and just want something for remembering trackdays, it really does tick a lot of the boxes for a fraction of the cost. I'd be more than happy to use it exclusively if I just wanted a single view capture esp. as it has GPS logging. It also looks far neater, you can't see it at all tucked up behind the rear view mirror, and all the wires were really easy to hide. The only question is how long it lasts, I know QC isn't as high, but a fairly cheap gamble.
  20. You are probably right! I tried to find an online photo of them and couldn't, so I am a going on memory too, and other than when I picked it up I haven't really paid much attention to them. The two cars I test drove didn't have them, so they were a nice surprise at collection
  21. Yep I agree. Mine are different to that (not sure if it's a 2015 thing / premium pack thing) the heel pad is a large Lotus roundel encircled with "Handbuilt in Hethel". Can't seem to find any photos of other cars with the same mats. (and of course mine being a poser-car the carpet extends over the aluminium rails )
  22. I'm with Paul Same Exige font/style as the rear badges. Being picky, and why I'd personally go this route, V6 is not used officially by Lotus in the name of the car, it's either an Exige S or an Exige V6 Cup The other option maybe a Lotus roundel. This is what the standard car mats have, but I think it's too big / central to withstand being embroided in, (the OEM being a rubber moulding). So I think you need something smaller and closer to the seat base away from foot wear areas, and probably off centre (I guess from your description where you are planning the V6 logo)
  23. I've not tracked mine yet, I will at some point though, but I won't be a regular. I'm still quite precious about it looking nice, and I know I'll have niggles in the back of my mind I didn't have in my old, much cheaper car, that wasn't so pristine. To be honest, I was never one of the serious brigade. Turn up, drive some laps, hopefully be quicker than one or two people, and not a mobile chicane (challenging in a standard 125bhp S2 K Series on road tyres). Basically just have some fun. There will certainly be a lot more pressure on me in the Exige! Saying all that, I'm tempted to give it its inaugural track visit at Hethel (seems fitting). The main thing holding me back is I am driving mine to the arctic circle in July, and I'm piling on the miles as it is.
  24. Hope you do make the Lotus in the Peaks meeting, would be great to see the car in the flesh. I think all the spots on the runs are booked now, but you are welcome to grab a lift with me.
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