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  1. Just catching this thread now before Inhead for travel. Brendan, you’ll be all set once Insend you instructions and the correct resistors so no worries there!
  2. Off Topic question (please excuse me), does the 3-Eleven use the same rear lamp setup as the Evora including spacer?
  3. A few recent shots from around the globe of customer cars. Hi Paul, Send me a PM please.
  4. We had a recent customer go in for their MOT and passed without any issues.
  5. While in Monterey California on the stunning PCH... One more of our for soon to be 'for sale' shop car...
  6. Yes it does, it's a great touch! Ray, would you mind if we shared this on our Facebook page? (Side note - lights should not be too long now)
  7. We have set on its way for a client's V6 in Germany, his plan is just to switch them out for inspection and use a custom reflector.
  8. Great point Steve, I'll have to look into that but if anyone has ideas in the meantime feel free to shoot.
  9. Sure mate, the customs officers would give me a good bollocking and welcome back! LOL!
  10. Amazing attention to detail George, can't wait to see it in person on my next trip to the U.K.
  11. No repainting of the front Clam if done correctly its a fairly simple process that requires precise cutting.
  12. Lol, Customs is robbing us all! We ordered five sets of Team Dynamics Superlights (the lightest wheel they do) and DHL made us bend over badly!
  13. The new S380 Cup does look good performance wise, but I think certain components could have been revised or improved.
  14. Just showing the indicator in Amber and one with it off, that's what the Evora guys should expect.
  15. I had too... I'll do one from the front as well when I get out of the shop tonight.
  16. Does look nice, glad they integrated Louvers into the front.
  17. Very soon we hope - most of our time for the next few weeks will be taken up by lights.
  18. Hi there, unfortubately we we don't have any pics of these on an Evora yet and may not until the first customer receives there set. My UK family will receive Ambers in the indicators.
  19. Pre-order page is now up on our blog post: Best, Mick
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