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  1. Quick UPDATE: Final testing has been completed. We created our own wiring connections and can proudly say that this will be a 98% plug N' play product which works! So what does that mean? The only part you will need to handle is splicing in a simple connector that will be provided (perhaps a 5 minute job. Complete instructions will be provided along with ongoing support! Supported platforms: 2005 and onwards Exige, Elise and Evora. This was the only hold-up that I forced upon myself to launching the pre-order page so things are now looking positive. Look out for the link to come!
  2. Hi Steve, Yes, today will be the day. I'll post a link here when it's ready to go.
  3. Fella's Pre-Order page opens tomorrow. Fully refundable prior to shipping. Expected shipping approx 6 weeks from now.
  4. Here's the latest from this weekend.
  5. Here's a final of what to expect from us this year for the Exige platform. As expected we'll be steering away from the Lotus platform. Our build is already in progress - setting new standards globally! **Indicators and running lights are displayed here along with our diffuser and side aero treatment. The interior has been completely re-worked and all performed by TransForged.
  6. These will be available very soon - keep updated here and on Facebook.Designed and fabricated in-house from the ground-up... we don't require your 90's housings as replacements...The reaction so far has been
  7. Are the S1 factory stalks the same as the S2? **Just an update, I'm going to go forth and build some Carbon Fiber twill 3K versions soon. If you're interested in a set please add your name here along with your current steering set-up so that I can plan accordingly, this *may* just be a limited run of 15-20 depending on interest. I'm not a fan of pre-orders/payments, just pay when you're ready. Price: $275/set but may come down once I figure out specifics. Here's a sample of our weave. All of our unique offerings are designed in-house within the US.
  8. Thanks Paul - yep I'll send you a set with that design. Give us a little time and you'll tracking once they leave.
  9. Should work fine Paul. Here's a set installed with some Sesto Elemento flair. We've had orders with with a solid state as well. They come in two different sizes. Here's a link to our latest blog post going into details (scroll down):
  10. Excellent! Paul sending you a PM, they'll have no issues!
  11. David, I'm planning a limited run in CF next month. Pre-order will be open this Friday for those versions.
  12. Here's a few pics taken from within the car to provide a better idea. An order of a Sesto Elemento style has been requested which we'll post pics up off this week.
  13. It's the little thing ma jigs that you press for headlight beams and letting other drivers know that you're about to engage a turn or change lanes ?
  14. Hi Arun, Great feedback, we've had a similar response and plan to implement that before shipping. There will be two options, a solid part and one with our proper logo.
  15. It's been a busy year thus far with two major upcoming products releasing very soon, a very first in both respects. In the meantime here's another quick product release for your Lotus Exige and Elise, Indicator upgrades. The decision behind these came forth primarily from aftermarket (Sparco etc) wheel updates. TFR Signal Blades:
  16. Steve, they look good. Aimee had me worried when she sent me pics of the mirrors drooping downwards, we worked together and got it all sorted out. I hope you like them... Please post up full pics of your stunning S3.
  17. Correct, for now only the U/D and L/R power adjustments. We may decide to integrate LED indicators but that's not for certain yet.
  18. Various angles of our prospective final shell. The next item will be a nice mount...
  19. Absolutely understand Here's a few renders I did over the past few days which then led to a prototype...
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