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  1. Kristof, I sent Ryan some nice Vinyl in both Matte Black and CF. If you like I can pop a set in the mail for you free of charge. Ryan, The mirrors and mounts compliment your already stunning Exige really well, thanks for the kind words!
  2. Interesting to see the different side mirror mounts. Does anyone have any closeup shots of the paddle shifters on the steering wheel?
  3. Sure, here is the circuit fitted snugly inside. It may require some minor sanding but should pop straight in and be secure.
  4. It's simply an integration of the cobra fob and key into one unit.
  5. It's taken a fair bit of time and hard work to get things slowly off the ground but so far we've enjoyed every minute. We're off to SEMA tomorrow in plans to bring forth more cool products but here's our first official video launch, please share!
  6. So a separate fob dangling around with a separate key is smaller in size?
  7. Get rid of those factory things:
  8. There should be no disassembly of the door, to confirm I also spoke to the owner from Italy with the Cup R so I'm a little surprised but no shape or form dis-crediting Steve, his car looks stunning. Upon closer inspection of the photos, it looks like he installed the mirrors in the reverse order with the stems angling upwards (personal preference). Since you had requested the mirror mount to mirror pre-assembly you shouldn't run into any movement issues. Have your set ready to ship out on Monday, mirrors just arrived!
  9. That's stunning color on the Steve, what is it? When you say movement of the mirrors, do you mean tilting up and down, that shouldn't happen or at least we haven't experienced that yet, you did the correct thing by applying silicone, alternatively adding a longer rubber grommet around the mirror stem would also do the trick. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM or email anytime, glad to assist.
  10. That's not a problem at all, please let me know as soon as you are both ready.
  11. Sorry if you're encountering issues with the instructions, feel free to drop me an email. Thank you Chris for your response to the buyer above :). The decision to place the text isn't a TransForged thing I would not have that text in place, it's the manufacturers.
  12. Please confirm who is in, I'll have a code submitted for the checkout discount. Thanks.
  13. No problem at all Chris. For all that are interested in ordering with the discount, please confirm by Monday the latest and we'll get this started. If you need more pics before then, please let me know. Thanks again.
  14. Glad to hear it, did you also receive the mirror mounts? Just waiting on the mirrors and we'll have your set also sent out.
  15. Let's get a few more in and we'll provide the payment code and get cracking on these.
  16. Hi Gary, As promised, here are some close-ups of the v.2 of the actual mount to plinth fitment. We'll be applying a vinyl over the plinth over winter therefore you'll notice some blemishes on the door plinth due to removal of the factory mounts which are larger. Thanks.
  17. Gary, will do once I get back on Wednesday. Plenty of room there to mount screws into them. That part is hollow intentionally.
  18. No problem, we ship them worldwide. I'd like to close out the GB by Tuesday since I'all be at SEMA and not available around that time.
  19. Correct, the product we supply should not move at any speed. Once they are adjusted in place that's it. In all respect to the factory mirrors, I never really encountered issues, just the fact that they were an eye sore and heavy. Here's ChrisC's Gloss Black finished mirror mounts going out today.
  20. Swanny - the Version 1's start at $155 and Version 2's from $172, the mirror itself is $338.
  21. Hi Imran, Yes it includes the mirror, mount and associated hardware. Here's the list so far, if we can get 6 secure orders in by EOD tomorrow (EST) then I'll do 10%. 1. 550superfast: 1x V2, Matt Black 2. SteveO...: 1x V2, Matt Black 3. alias23: 1x V1 or V2, Matt Black 4... 5... 6...
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