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  1. Latest, our new in house diffuser is currently in the works as well.
  2. Nice work Ryan, I'm very confident the TransForged Mirrors will finish your car. Not to detract to much but I have a new sexy diffuser upcoming
  3. Hi Chris, The majority of customers have had a shop do the install which is what we recommend. Typically with a Version 1 install shops have just installed a simple Vinyl over the plinth. The reason we stopped producing those was due to slight variances in the cars. On a better note, your Mirror mounts are scheduled to be shipped by Friday
  4. Hi Gary, We're open to discussing distribution to the UK. In terms of the Group Buy this is what we're thinking: 0-5 orders: 5% off 5-10 orders: 10% off 10+ order: 15% off If anyone is interested in becoming a distributor please PM me directly.
  5. Greetings Everyone, I'd like to do a brief intro to my company TransForged Racing. Our primary goal is to provide custom designed solutions, whether it be ArtWork or Motorsports. Out of our product line, we've had an extensive interest in our custom wing mirrors that are available in two versions, which are selling world-wide, we even had a customer fit a set to his NSX in Dubai so the options are limitless. We've had requests for the possibility of a Group Buy, which I'm happy to do and wanted to gather some insight. Here a few shots of both the Version.1 and Version.2. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Perhaps Chris. Is the plinth shape exactly the same as the S2?
  7. With each order we're planning to send smaller plastic flat caps to insert in those holes. You'll notice that the holes prior to wing mirror removal/install include black stickers, that when removed are difficult to replace.
  8. We just joined TLF and design various emblems. Check them out at:
  9. Marty the total length of the Version 2s is 12". Remember the mirror is convex glass and provides a very good visual. Here's a few pics from several months ago during my prototyping.
  10. We decided to become a sponsor of TLF By the end of the day, we'll proceed to answer some of the outstanding questions.
  11. Great info here on the removal of the factory mirror. I'll add a few which are extremely critical: A) Make sure your window is down all the way. B) Have a magnet on hand to grab the screws and prevent them falling into the door panel.
  12. Good evening all. Just a small heads-up that we're in talks with Bibs about the possibility of becoming an official vendor here on TLF. I'd like to hold off on commenting further on our current product range as well as planned future releases out of respect for existing paying vendors. A group buy can certainly be arranged Hi Fellas, Firstand firemost
  13. How do you guys feel about using the upper side sill? I could do a conversion kit from our smartphone holder.
  14. No videos at this point, but we do have a professional video releasing soon (just before SEMA). If anyone is interested in what we do, please visit Facebook - TransForged. The end goal here to is to design and produce the cleanest, unique designs that have not been attempted. I'm a designer - blame me. Yes, I should have stated, feel free to visit that, a simple brainstorming concept.
  15. The factory units are about 3.5lbs for the set, the TransForged set weighs in at less than 1lb.
  16. No folding in thus far at speeds of over 120mph. The GR color scheme was done on a customers car in Hong Kong, looks the business.
  17. Bibs, I'll have one of the team contact you, or please could you send us an email? (Apologies if I derailing this thread)
  18. Greetings everyone, this is Mick the founder of TransForged. First and foremost thanks for the kind words and a special thanks to Chris for setting me on the path to this thread. I have to state we're not official sponsors here on TLF so we don't want to intentionally break any forums rules and respect that those are in place for obvious reasons. If you do have any questions please let me know and I'll be glad to help. Here's just two pictures that identify the two versions:
  19. Hi everyone,. Did anyone capture and pictures of the a black Evora 400?
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