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  1. So we have new offering. It's something that's bothered me for quite sometime:
  2. Decided to post up a few examples of our work, enjoy.
  3. Thanks John. Not the best pics, but should give you some idea.
  4. Could one of you kind gents please provide the dimensions of the Exige S3 wing mirror mount? I know it's slightly longer in length than the previous generation but by how much? Thanks.
  5. Enjoy - work performed by TransForged
  6. Hello everyone,I've had requests to design and construct various parts to display by enthusiasts from other marques and thought why not give this a try.This is an exact setup of the S1 Elise/Exige Accelerator Pedal with attachments, colors and size can be customized, what you see is the raw product in Dupont Zytel® nylon but we will also provide the option for Glass Fiber and Kevlar.Hopefully we can gather some interest, it's certainly a talking piece!Enjoy.
  7. What a warm welcome, thanks chaps! Keeping black paint spotless is a nightmare but when it happens..... OMG! I'll post up a few more snaps in the Exige section but it's really nice to chat to my brethren, been in the states since 99!
  8. Thanks Bibs, looking to exchange some ideas and tips with my fellow Lotus owners!
  9. Just joined up to see what was going back over the pond. Here's a quick snap...
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