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  1. I don't know what chargers Lotus supply but the best way to keep a battery in good condition is to use something like a CTEK "maintenance charger". I use them and keep it attached and powered on at all times. It only charges if and when it's needed by continually monitoring the battery. That way your battery won't do a total discharge and potentially become unrecoverable.
  2. Where's the selfie of your grin? wonderful and pleased you found what you wanted. We should meet when I'm next dan sowf!
  3. Shorai make Lithium Iron batteries which are light weight (2.19Kg) This one is Left + Right - connections and this one is Left - Right + There's tons of lightweight brackets to fit every battery. I found what I needed for my Odyssey battery for the Elise easily on eBay stores.
  4. You could look at Odyssey - depends on the size/power you want/need but could be well under 15Kg
  5. Saturday Bibs - Elise 111s Danny - LF1 #27 CocoPops - Evora 400 Hethel Edition Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Rick - Elise 2.2 DaveC72 - Evora S Mcx- Evora 400 Nigel Scott - Esprit S2 Martyn - Esprit SE Kalli - Exige V6S JAWS - Evora NA Hedgehogfromhell Marky68-Exige 350 Sport Yellow Peril Esprit S4 robinmgb - Elise S1 Sunday: Bibs - Elise 111s Danny - LF1 #27 Ian & Shan - Esprit S4s Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Rizla603104 S4 Mbes2 - Exige V6 Matt Black Rick - Elite 2.2 Sparky - Esprit GT3 Viper - S4s PaulCP - Essex Evora S Sizona - GTE (unless separate area for GTE's) DaveC72 - Evora S bp81 v8 esprit Neil - S2 elise Barrykearley - Esprit "im gonna punish you good for buying me" V8 Marky68-Exige 350 Sport
  6. Anyone travelling down to Brands on Saturday the 27th from the Herts/Middx area want to meet up around the A10/M25 junction/area or South Mimms? What time?
  7. I'm not too far from @ChrisJ so if you want to look at my MY1994 S4 you're welcome. Let me know.
  8. Anyone going to the Spa Historic races next month? I'm going out on the 17th via the Eurotunnel at 7:30am if anyone is going and want's to meet up.
  9. Hi Bibs

    Still no ticket for the Brands Festival Saturday.

    I did PM you with the payment details. Can you check on the address please?

    Should be 3 Landseer Road, Enfield, EN1 1DP

    1. Bibs


      I'll pop you another in the post mate.

    2. Yellow Peril
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