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  1. Right. The vacuum pump starts / stops / starts so there is definitely a leak somewhere. I'm getting new tubing and will find the leak. Wagon was 99% there. The MAP sensor pipe was attached ok to the rubber elbow BUT in refitting the water header tank I had managed to pull it out of the MAP sensor end! Also the elbow at that end is shot. esprit mon shows map sensor high confirming this. So off to get rubber and fingers crossed.
  2. I'm just about to check the vacuum pump I discovered in the back and trace the vacuum lines. Also, what I now know to be the secondary ballast resistor seems a bit of a loose fit in the relay/fuse box. I'm thinking that perhaps I should be a long tie-wrap around it?
  3. Yellow Peril


    From the album: Rear Pump

    Pump in rear area connected by vacuum hose to chargecooler via L-shaped elbow. Power comes from engine bay light switch, which is and has always been disconnected
  4. Yellow Peril


    From the album: Rear Pump

    Pump in rear area connected by vacuum hose to chargecooler via L-shaped elbow. Power comes from engine bay light switch, which is and has always been disconnected
  5. Yellow Peril


    From the album: Rear Pump

    Pump in rear area connected by vacuum hose to chargecooler via L-shaped elbow. Power comes from engine bay light switch, which is and has always been disconnected
  6. OK Ian. Except in this case I searched for "Loss of power" and found this thread so posted here. At that moment in time there was no discussion about ALDL cables, sensors, etc. on my "list". They have come in via the various and welcomed responses (to my bit). IMHO what's tricky is the opposite - searching for say "Loss of power" or "O2 sensor" and then finding half a dozen threads and having to pick the relevant bits from each thread the *might* be relevant. But we cant have our cake and eat it! What would be good is to be able to "bookmark" a reply into a bookmark list like you can do in your browser. I think I will do that for now by downloading all relevant replies/information into an Excel workbook with one sheet per topic
  7. Yes Bibs, I sort of thought that myself given the screen shots in the manual
  8. Thanks Bibs. I've actually got the manual (from ChrisS) with the software and Espritmon. I just hoped that if I plugged it in and ran it up I would at least get some useful data but I only got RPM, Coolant temp, and Battery Volts all of which did change so it's "seeing" something (!) but not everything. I'll know more later.
  9. No. I didnt RTFM first! I havent got any new sensors until I know what is/isnt working correctly Tonight I will get it out of the garage for easier access, pull apart the boot area to gain access to the rear ALDL, check all connections and pipes, clean the plugs, etc. ready for a Saturday morning session. Will keep you posted!
  10. Yes, Qavion, the MAP sensor tube IS still attached at the chargecooler end into the L-shaped rubber elbow. ChrisS sent me the ALDL lead and I've hooked it up tonight. Two things: 1) I couldnt get Freescan setup to run on my Win7 laptop (it just hangs on the first progress bar window) but (I have just done it) I did manage to get it installed onto a WInXP "virtual machine" and the USB drivers installed. Anyone else has issues installing onto WIn7? Espritmon also runs OK on both Win7 and WinXP. 2) One thing I saw is that all of the sensor readings on Freescan (FS) are zero. RPM shows OK but that's about it. However Espritmon (EM) showed lots of info so I'm slightly at a loss why FS doesnt ??? I've attached the output files if anyone with some experience has time to take a look. I will look at it now and check against the software manuals and Lotus service manual before asking any further questions. NOTE: All of the EM files I added .TXT to in order to be allowed to upload them. FS-aldl1.txt FS-thurs_070815-1.csv esprit_8_6_20_1_16.log.txt esprit_8_6_20_17_33.log.txt esprit_8_6_20_36_22.log.txt sparkmatrix.txt
  11. I will have to check later. It sounds quite likely/promising given it's in the area I was working in and possibly easy to disconnect without noticing. If not or can't determine then I'll wait for the cable and check with Freescan. Thanks for advice!
  12. Thanks for the tip Bibs. I've got one ordered and on the way
  13. Bibs, do you know - is the ALDL cable from a company or private individual ? I'd like to collect it if possible and after work is best
  14. I've just started seeing this issue. Has anyone got an ALDL cable I could borrow to check it ? I'm in Enfield. Any other. Ideas welcome. All was ok until I had to remove the water header tank and reconnect it. A very small amount of coolant leaked. I would had thought that if it ended up on any cables they would have dried out by now BUT as far as saw it only went onto the inlet manifold.
  15. Purple S4 (Rizla) Sat/Sun '86 Turbo Esprit White - Mike (MPx) Sunday '94 Yellow S4 - (YellowPeril) Sunday
  16. Can you perhaps find out from your colleague the details and post them here?
  17. I've gone the Glyptone route. So far just dealer with the bad scuffs and scratches. I would be interested to share notes with MYSTERAE though on procedure and tips/tricks.
  18. Excellent weekend in Newcastle, meeting up with Andy_A and his red V8 and another Esprit owner who had picked up his car less than 24 hours earlier! Thanks to David Harding and NE1 Newcastle for organising this inaugural event and hopefully more to come next year. Pics to follow but there is spectator footage already on You Tube - (Andy, we're about 1:00 in on the clip)
  19. I need to replace all 4 tyres on my S4. What have others fitted? I been offered Falken. any good? Anyone else tried the Federal mentioned above?
  20. Update: It's fitted but just for GPS tracking. Using an app on the iPhone I can send it a "move enable" and "move disable" text. If it moves more than 300 metres it starts texting me with the location. If anyone wants more info or help, let me know and I'll be please to assist. App is this one (free):
  21. So let me work this through: I need to be upside down, head banging off the pedals, socket and wire snmippers in one hand, video camera in the other hand with the sound muted (to avoid capturing any sudden expletives as I catch my knuckles on stuff), head torch on, and then upside again manhandle the binnacle avoiding the mirror and windscreen and leather rips whilst still keeping the video camera working? Plus some pre/post video editing? Could be tricky me thinks. No seriously, I'll see how it goes. *IF* it feasible then once I've got it removed and then reseated I'll try and video the procedure doing it a 2nd time.
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