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  1. Antkay

    Anthony Kay

    Does anyone still go to the meets at the whipping stocks in Knutsford?
  2. Ok no probs. Have been thinking about that,once the rugby season has finished.?
  3. Is there anyone going on the 25th march. Am travelling from Manchester if anyone would like to meet up.?
  4. Anybody going to Snetterton on 25th March

  5. Antkay


  6. This is the only picture I have at the moment. Bit spooky really it's exactly a year today since I picked her up. Hope u get the picture not very on the ball with the old IT Thanks for the welcome Kimbers. Your right about the name.
  7. Really, Daniel?? Whereabouts? Where in Lancashire do u live? .
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone to TLF. Hi ramjet, yes this is my first lotus and hopefully not the last. Will sort photos out soon.
  9. Thx Tom, might be a bit biased but I think your right. I travelled all the wat to Portsmouth to pick her up. She was the only one for sale in that colour at that time
  10. My name is Ant, I live in Wilmslow,Cheshire I own a 2008 lotus Elise S2 in chrome Orange which I have owned for 12 months. My second car is 21 year old Volvo 940 Estate. I look forward to meeting any of you lotus fans. Near or far
  11. Hi my name is Anthony Kay. I live in Wilmslow Cheshire.I am new to the forum. I own a 58plate elise s2 in chrome Orange , have just had it a year now. Hope to meet more lotus owners in the near future. Can't drive at the moment due to having a hip replacement.
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