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  1. The coloured diagram is so much easier to navigate. Thanks @giorgio67 & @Lotusfab Given my rear loom has been Frankensteined, I might need to make a rear section in situ to ensure the lengths are correct etc. At least the front and middle section is almost done.
  2. Thanks for the responses gents. Loom has been removed, disassembled and re-mapped on a piece of ply. I’ve had to go over the damn thing twice as all the connectors I cleaned had a bad reaction to the vinegar/baking soda. The engine bay section is such a mess, I’m seriously tempted to get a new loom. There is a pink wire that has been terminated. This must be the one you mention. Did the factory original loom have a ballast? I wonder why it would have been replaced with the sheathed resistive wire. Must get my hands on a coloured wiring diagram!
  3. Could anyone assist with the above pls? On the diagram I can see WR - white red. It looks like it’s from ignition to starter but that doesn’t correlate with where it’s located in the loom which is more starter to rear fire wall area
  4. Working on the loom while I’m waiting for a spot in the booth. Wiring: This wire from the engine bay has a cloth sheath and a solid core and it needs to be replaced. The ID tag had been ripped off. Could someone shed some light on its purpose? cheers
  5. Try por15. I’m convinced it’s equally as good as plating for large parts as it’s not sacrificial. It’s cheaper. Looks good. And is easy to apply.
  6. Speaking of mirrors. Any tips on how to disassemble the unit? Does the mirror simply pop off? I’ve applied a fair amount of pressure - feels like the mirror will break.
  7. Sorry what do you mean? Satin unless the body colour is the same - I.e. black? Thanks
  8. I was thinking of painting the mirrors and bars gloss because it looks so much better. What do you think?
  9. I was thinking about the ski racks.... how about 3D resin printing them?
  10. Thanks. I can’t locate the upper fixing. I can see the lower one - see my fat finger. Perhaps it’s been removed by the previous owner. Rear vision mirrors Mine are satin black. I’m tempted to paint them high gloss like the rest of the car. What does everyone think? What’s original? Sills For the section that you see when you open the door, is there some sort of scuff plate? If there isn’t, I’m thinking I might wrap it in clear film.
  11. Door Jamb; I still haven’t resolved the issue around the 2nd missing bolt in the door jamb. All the s1’s appear to have two upper bolts and I’m 90% sure there should be one there. What’s perplexing is there is no receiving hole in the vertical beam behind it. I don’t have an original photo of the area in question before I disassembled. Looking at the inside, there are no holes in the vertical beam to accept another bolt in the said area. Could an S2 owner confirm there is definitely two bolts pls?
  12. Reassembled the car again for the final check before high fill and the pods don’t match up with the bonnet as they should. Just out.....frustrating. The panel beater said you can only properly rivet to fiberglass once. We have been using machine screws to hold the bushes so we can remove for painting however I believe they are moving, hence the issues.. I think I’m going to rivet them in and paint in situ.
  13. Paint colour: Need to buy the paint soon. The shooter that’s doing the honours wants to use an ultra pure black. The lotus black is not as deep. And therefore doesn’t have the same lustre of pure black. It has a faint greyish tinge to it. Should I choose the original colour or chase the better finish? The method is paint it. Cure it. Cut it. I would like to then partially reassemble. Then, Shoot clear. Then cut again. He would also like to use a solvent based paint.
  14. Looks good. Are you going to use the standard rubber beading or custom?
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