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  1. Okay thanks. i have a doggy bag with P clips from the strip down. Im guessing they are aftermarket.
  2. Sorry - for the engine bay area... I can’t find a clear picture.
  3. Does anyone have a photo of the correct route for the park brake cable and boot release cables please?
  4. Tail lights; I have used automotive silicone when affixing the taillight mounting plate to the body. For the black cosmetic surround, do folks simply screw it into the body from behind? It would mark the paintwork... I was thinking of using some foam tape however I’m concerned this will be a trap for moisture. Thanks.
  5. I’ve used bright zinc, hot dip gal(galvanised), zinc, cadmium, copper, self plating kits, rust converters and powder coating on all sorts of cars. Zinc Plating is sacrificial so it will always deteriorate. Great for fence posts. Not so good for pretty cars. If you like using zinc consider spraying with diamond coat from Eastwood to help preserve its finish. Powder coating is deceptive as it may look fine however it traps moisture under the coating if there is a chip / crack etc. It floats over the surface. it really is nasty stuff for long term external components IMO and shouldn’t b
  6. This thread addresses the bodywork in great detail and is by far the most comprehensive on both this forum and others. I wish it was available before I embarked on my journey. Would have saved me months of frustration, time and cost. This car is a real credit to you Dave. Congratulations.
  7. Well done gents. On point as always. I was under the impression the binding should be a pvc material. Not cotton. thoughts?
  8. Carpets I was chatting to @Stevev8 about the originality of my existing carpet set. We are trying to determine if in fact this set is a reproduction. He felt there were some telltale signs. Can you guess what they are?
  9. Notice how one has a silver painted band around the base... Is that correct?
  10. I’m glad a infilled my sunroof versus repairing the whole roof section. Much easier.
  11. @Fridge ive just had a heart stopping moment... my front bumper for my s2 doesn’t have this attachment set up that you describe. Any chance you could share a pic please? I hope I don’t have to repaint??? 😞
  12. “Mine was far to gone, but I'd recommend repairing it if at all possible. Regardless of best intentions new stuff is sometimes lacking. Thinner, so easier to bend, but present their own unique problems. I think @Rolls was doing this, but I'm not sure how he's got on.” I did take Fabians advice and tried to refurbish the old loom. I spent months sourcing the correct connectors and cleaning my old loom up. 1) the cleaning process left a residue so I had to re-clean all of the connectors and ended up replacing about 3/4’s of them 2) When checking the semi-finished loom I found
  13. New SJ loom arrived today. Ordered, paid and received down under within 10days!! Will have a closer look tomorrow. Tempting to wrap it in the proper loom cloth tape - a much better looking finish although I don’t believe that would be as per original.
  14. Given the variance of replies, perhaps we should post some pics of what we have, both original and new? I’ll take some shots tonight
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