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  1. @Fridge ive just had a heart stopping moment... my front bumper for my s2 doesn’t have this attachment set up that you describe. Any chance you could share a pic please? I hope I don’t have to repaint???
  2. “Mine was far to gone, but I'd recommend repairing it if at all possible. Regardless of best intentions new stuff is sometimes lacking. Thinner, so easier to bend, but present their own unique problems. I think @Rolls was doing this, but I'm not sure how he's got on.” I did take Fabians advice and tried to refurbish the old loom. I spent months sourcing the correct connectors and cleaning my old loom up. 1) the cleaning process left a residue so I had to re-clean all of the connectors and ended up replacing about 3/4’s of them 2) When checking the semi-finished loom I found
  3. New SJ loom arrived today. Ordered, paid and received down under within 10days!! Will have a closer look tomorrow. Tempting to wrap it in the proper loom cloth tape - a much better looking finish although I don’t believe that would be as per original.
  4. Given the variance of replies, perhaps we should post some pics of what we have, both original and new? I’ll take some shots tonight
  5. I’ve been away since February so not much has happened here. New loom arrives shortly which is good. Once I receive, I’ll press on with the interior. Externally, Will start on the pods and bonnet next. I had the fire wall glass panel “re-lined” - came up a treat.
  6. Hi Fabian i would be interested in a set too please. I messaged Steve a couple of months ago and he stated “they are perfect.” Looks like Steve’s are in fact the wrong profile. To get the new ones to conform, have you tried taping them down to the workshop floor, heating and then place plywood with some weight on it?
  7. Hi @Steve V8 I PM’d you for a new carpet set a while ago. Kindly advise if you are still making them? take care,
  8. If you change the colour to something even a little darker, the perceived gap will appear to be smaller. Also, if you are spraying filler (upol etc) it will also slightly close the gap. I would be keen to ensure all of the gaps in that area are the same rather than how wide they are. If you would like to close the gap, it’s very easy. Use resin and microsphere powder with some strand. Blob it on and then sand it back. Sounds primitive but it works - quick and easy. Finished product is perfect.
  9. How will you paint it with the required texture? Coincidentally I’m also doing mine at the moment. Getting the broken bits professionally plastic welded back on... send yours down if you would like him to have a crack.
  10. You could also wipe with wax and grease remover for the crack reveal. You will have to look a little harder but it does work.. Regarding the epoxy comment. I would be cautious using epoxy pre-repair. Resin doesn’t adhere particularly well to it. I admire your contour work Dave. I found my lotus body to be particularly challenging.
  11. I was under the impression copper grease should never be used on Alloys... not 100% but do recall reading that somewhere.
  12. Hate to be biased but I love the black. Always exciting to see another resto begin.
  13. DIY wiring verdict: Well after a couple of months of intermittent wiring work I’ve decided to bin the loom. upon checking my work, I have found a couple of cold soldier connections and consequently, I’ve lost confidence in the caliber of my work across the project.. I regret not buying a new loom in the first place. I’ve spent a couple of hundred dollars on parts and a lot of hours. At least I’ve learnt a lot per above. Could a forum member confirm that S&J’s loom is up to snuff? Appears to be good value at $980 AUD. I read @vintaylor post from 2016 which gives some interesting i
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