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  1. Washer then circlip. The key is to take a time out, grab a beer and come back to it... like everything on these things. Patience is key Wear goggs too! Washer then circlip. The key is to take a time out, grab a beer and come back to it... like everything on these things. Patience is key Wear goggs too!
  2. Thanks. I have the bullets and the period correct rubber sheathed connectors and I have replaced many of them. I am hoping to simply clean the plastic connects though as they are a pain to source etc.
  3. Hmmm... I’m having an issue with the old salt&vinegar / bi-carb clean up. I’ve rinsed everything per above and the contacts looked sparkly clean. However, after a few weeks it oxidises again. Any thoughts?
  4. One correction to my previous post - salt vinegar, baking soda, and then rinse throughly. About 1/4 of the way thru I noticed my previously clean connections started to go green Upol, spray it straight on. No primer. I will then hand it over to the panel beater to decide what goes on it next.
  5. Only just started. Using salt, vinegar, baking soda to clean up the connections. Using a sewing pic to cut the electrical tape (blade may cut the sheath) Found some new matching connectors and bullets. Rebinding with loom tape (not as sticky as electrical).
  6. Going to use the salt and vinegar method w/ Baking Soda to refresh.
  7. G’day everyone, Wiring loom: mine is wrapped in electrical tape. Could someone please confirm what the original finish should be? Loom tape? Electrical? Etc. thanks BTW - I’ve killed the wrapping idea. Suppliers said I need a very good base paint to work off which defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to achieve. Only upside is that the wrap would offer some protection for the Fiberglass and rather expensive paint job.
  8. Done correctly it’s very difficult to tell it’s been wrapped. 99% of people wouldn’t pick it. I’ve seen a Ferrari that’s been wrapped and it’s impressive. Black is absolutely stunning, but it’s the very worst colour for a glass car. For heat retention (which leads to cracking) and also the time it takes to get it right (like a mirror). My fiberglasser has said it’s not a question of if a black car will crack, it’s a matter of when. To wrap a car here is approx $5k AUD using the best materials. To paint in black, to the standard I would want would be $25k +. I also like the fact that I won’t have to be precious about it. I could drive the car on sunny days. Swirl marks. Scratches (I have kids flying around), Stone chips. Repairs are easy etc. This would also mean I could get the car on the road a LOT sooner. Remember the wrap can be removed within a few hours and then she can be sent off to the painters at any time for its original skin. As I’m sure you’ve worked out from my quick fix engine post (whilst I take my time with the original engine), I’m keen to get this thing on the road. I have another two projects coming through and I need it up and running. I can see at least another year of putting it all back together once the body is done.
  9. Slowly getting there with the Fiberglass. I need to start thinking more seriously about painting. As we all know black is the worst colour for fiberglass. However, I’m conflicted as I would like to keep the vehicle as original as possible. I was thinking about leaving the car in epoxy primer and then wrapping it. Therefore leaving the final colour option up my sleeve for a later date. This will also keep the glass in better condition. Reduce chipping etc. What does everyone think?
  10. Thanks but I’m hoping for something a bit more main stream. Any other suggestions?
  11. Quick question from left field - Is there a more modern engine and transaxle that is easily transferred into a series 2 that doesn’t require a heap of irresversible modifications? Probably dreaming but worth asking as it will help me get the car on the road sooner.. Im thinking of grabbing something now and then I can take my time with the original engine restoration.
  12. Definitely soak it for days. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.
  13. Yes it is. I’ve had a lot of help from some great guys at “quality Fiberglass products”. One of them has a boat building background. Lots of things has had to be done twice The biggest waste of time time was trying to hand sanding the car down to the gel coat. I should have bead blasted it from the outset. Wasted over 6 months. Anyway, mounting the doors and headlight pods next.
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