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  1. Windscreen; NLA here in Australia. I can get a new one economically made using the old one as a template. Does anyone know if there is anything special that I need to know? Appears to be straight forward but knowing lotus, there is usually a catch.
  2. heater tap: keen to keep heat out of the cabin entirely - it’s gets fairly hot in Melbourne (Australia). Have people installed taps in the heater line circuit to keep the heat out and if you have, would you mind posting some pictures of the installation please?
  3. Another couple of heater related questions. My heater wasn’t working when I acquired the car so it has been a bit of a mystery box. Does anyone know why what two holes are for? Is there a rubber plug?
  4. Okay thanks. I must say that’s rather surprising though. I’m finding the matrix to be fairly challenging to get right.
  5. There is foam but I’m thinking it would need some sort of fixing as the core is heavy
  6. Heater box: I had my heater radiator pressure tested many years ago. I can’t figure out how it mounts back inside the heater housing so that its locked into position. It fits well but it wobbles around inside the housing. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks. The fabric on the firewall does not remotely match what’s on the dashboard. Appears to more of a nylon backed velvet. My car has been reupholstered at some stage of its life and therefore I need to figure out what are the correct components to make it factory correct. Esprit s2’s are rare here - I have only ever seen one on the flesh so not a lot to compare it to. I know that the colours in the interior should be black and green. I don’t know what materials I should be using. Would I be right in saying: *seats - black leather *carpet - black polypropylene (provided by Steve 🙏🏼) * firewall - black textile pima cotton to match the dash Or should it be more of a nylon backed fabric ? *door cards - black leather and Pima cotton (dark green) *dashboard - Pima cotton (dark green) The Pima cotton doesn’t sound quite right but it’s the only fabric I could find (that’s still available) in the feed from @JonB from 2017. I also note some people have used Crypton Suede. Thanks 👍🏼
  8. Hi everyone, Firewall panel: I’ve started on the interior which is exciting. My carpets have been replaced at some stage so I’m not 100% confident that everything else is as it left the factory. I would like to confirm that this material is original please? Any tips on where to source from / what colour it’s called etc?
  9. Surprisingly, it does help the bonnet hold its curvature. You can buy new ones from S&J
  10. Okay thanks. i have a doggy bag with P clips from the strip down. Im guessing they are aftermarket.
  11. Sorry - for the engine bay area... I can’t find a clear picture.
  12. Does anyone have a photo of the correct route for the park brake cable and boot release cables please?
  13. Tail lights; I have used automotive silicone when affixing the taillight mounting plate to the body. For the black cosmetic surround, do folks simply screw it into the body from behind? It would mark the paintwork... I was thinking of using some foam tape however I’m concerned this will be a trap for moisture. Thanks.
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