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  1. Door frames: I’m about to install the door frame reinforcing bracket upgrade before I paint them. When I place it on the outside of the channel it is almost flush with the frame. It would therefore be difficult to install the rubber seal. Q. Should the bracket be relocated to the inside of the frame (the channel is deeper)? tks
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to revisit the topic of fuel tanks. Looking at SJ’s the welds seem to be acceptable but far from perfect. I also note there aren’t any pressings on the top. My question is who makes the best tanks for an S2? thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. My car came with a very rusty vertical radiator which I assume is original. It’s certainly looks like it’s done the hard yards. It also appears to be compatible with the air dam which has original mounts. The new vertical radiator from SJ appears to fit. It looks like whoever made it forgot to add the side mounts. I intend to mount it to both the body and the air-dam shell. I also intend to mount the fans directly to the lee side of the radiator - sucking gives greater efficiency if I trust what Google states.
  4. Thanks David. radiator: I've dusted off the radiator I purchased from SJ from 5 yrs ago. Looks like the brackets on the ends of the radiator are missing which is annoying. I made something out of aluminum stock but I'm not completely satisfied with how it looks. The deflector plate had come up well although there is a gap between the plate and the radiator. If I insert foam I'm fairly sure it will blow out. I intend to purchase SPALS per previous posts. For the upright radiators have people purchased 3 x 6 inch SPALS? Is the cowling necessary?
  5. Thanks for your replies. Outer bearings have been ordered. I had the box dry ice blasted. It has cleaned up nicely however it’s not at the standard of finish I’m looking for. I was thinking of using a scourer to clean it up furthermore. Any other suggestions?
  6. Gearbox: I’ve had my box dry ice blasted. It looks good. I think I’m going to replace the hardware and leave it as is. Is there anything I need to be mindful of?
  7. Great responses. Thanks folks. I’m glad I asked. I couldn’t recall whether other marques are a direct fitment or whether they needed the mechanisms flipped around. I think I’m going to buy the new black sj handles and add my chrome square lever. This forum is a lifesaver!
  8. Hello everyone door handles: Quick question. My external door handles are mostly chrome with a black inner. When I look at photos of S2’s on Google there is a mixture of chrome (like mine) and full black handles. I also notice there are only black ones available from SJ. From memory these handles are from another marque. My question is what are the correct handles for an S2 (2L)? Chrome or Black? If it’s chrome what’s the work around? Many thanks
  9. I’ve ended up buying a new one from the UK - $3000 landed which is approx 1500 pounds.
  10. Windscreen; NLA here in Australia. I can get a new one economically made using the old one as a template. Does anyone know if there is anything special that I need to know? Appears to be straight forward but knowing lotus, there is usually a catch.
  11. heater tap: keen to keep heat out of the cabin entirely - it’s gets fairly hot in Melbourne (Australia). Have people installed taps in the heater line circuit to keep the heat out and if you have, would you mind posting some pictures of the installation please?
  12. Another couple of heater related questions. My heater wasn’t working when I acquired the car so it has been a bit of a mystery box. Does anyone know why what two holes are for? Is there a rubber plug?
  13. Okay thanks. I must say that’s rather surprising though. I’m finding the matrix to be fairly challenging to get right.
  14. There is foam but I’m thinking it would need some sort of fixing as the core is heavy
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