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  1. When I can pull my finger out and get on with it! lol... See comments below re display.. That's exactly what I am after, like the old Stack ST displays did for example. Just want to be able to keep a visual eye on it and set alarms. While it would be nice to do what Garw mentioned "upto 4 could fit in the free space. These can be used to display , oil temp , oil pressure , map , afr (o2, lambda)" on the actual S1 screen... For more than 4 options it would be good to easily on the move swap to another screen for advance selectable inputs like Djwilma mentioned.
  2. Good update.. all positive from me! Can't wait to get my hands on one. Next on the list.. additional features like boost etc? :-)
  3. Personally I'm in no rush, I would rather wait to get the best you can produce at a realistic sum of hard earned. Evolution of different peoples ideas are where these projects really work well. Keep it evolving I say! At the moment I would probably have to go for a 2nd screen to display all the options I want to see or be monitoring, but I would much prefer to have it all on one display, even if I have to flick between pages while on the move.
  4. Thanks for clarifying my questions. That's great news. When do you think you'll have it ready for production and thus up for sale? Ben
  5. How are you getting on with this? Watched the demos on YouTube and it looks spot on! As explained in this thread I'm using a Syvecs S6 ECU, so will provide a CAN connection as well as the standard S1 loom plug. Will you be able to add other signals/data onto the standard graphic displays that you have made.. for example I want the standard S1 display graphic but it would be cool to somehow add boost or charge cooler temp onto the display. Is this something that the end user could do or not? Also I'm using a VDO fuel level sensor, presumably I can change the signal input in the settings fo
  6. Their loss! Good luck and look forward to purchasing one in the not too distant future :-)
  7. Yes that's me. I'm that idiot! lol. (think we need to have a chat about your scratch build at some point as I'm just starting something similar along side the exige project.. bit of a long term project) Anyway I've been chatting with DJWilmas on SELOC about your dash display so understand its capabilities a lot more now but your response clears most things up. I plan to put the speed sensor(s) through the ecu for traction etc as you mentioned. I will have to have a play re the canbus codes when I get it wired and connected to a laptop. If not I'm sure syvecs can help. Re additional
  8. Like this project a lot. I know you are working on a product that will be for standard replacements at the moment but would this work, perhaps in the future, for elises/exiges running aftermarket engine/ECU's? For example my syvecs ECU supports CAN 2.0b.
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