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    Owned: Peugeot 106 Rallye (1.3 and 1.6), Clio Williams, Subaru Impreza Turbo, Lotus Exige Sprint (1984): Own: Lotus Exige S LF1 No 56
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  1. Just 6 being made.
  2. Spotted this for the Lotus Elise:
  3. Hi Andy, Great colour. Glad you enjoyed my old Exige Sprint. 350 is a different beast! Enjoy!
  4. This should help:
  5. Chris J, excellent post and more or less why I voted leave. The government did not need to talk to the EU, they were told by the result of the referendum, that the people wanted to leave the EU. So why negotiate with the EU. It has been a total waste of time and proved by parliament voting the deal down. So quite simple, we leave and stick 2 fingers up to the EU. The last 2 years should have been spent on how the UK was going to manage, instead of talking to those parasites who run the EU.
  6. Brilliant! Do the seats have 250 Cup on the latest models? Saw a pic of one the other day and the seats had the logo on. Love the blanking plate. Was this supplied by Lotus?
  7. Lee, take care, it has been very sad reading everything that has happened. The girls will be your inspiration as you will be theirs. And of course Alex will always be there in your minds and in your memories. Take comfort from your wife's bravery and take joy from watching your daughters grow up. All the best.
  8. I don't think in the front size at the moment. Otherwise Avon ZZS should be fine. Also if you can, join the following facebook club, where there is a large post on what tyres to use:
  9. Why don't you borrow Stephen's wife!!
  10. The LF1 owners have taken their reg plates to a good level. I cannot post any pics but we have the following on our cars: LF11 LOT F1 XGE LF11 ONE EX11 GEF LF11 XXX E7 EXG LF15 EXG F13 XGE EXII GEO F1 OON
  11. A 75th celebration would be good at Hethel and I would not mind waiting 5 years to have the party at Hethel. Plus by then we will see what Geely have done over the 5 years, factory improvements, new models etc. And if Bibs can, somehow improve on the 70th!!!!!
  12. Work starts tomorrow, bring a spade and your overalls. No wonder it was free entry!!
  13. Hi Bibs, Still no tickets, can you send them out so he has them delivered tomorrow. Thanks. Have sent you a PM
  14. Surely they will loads of burgers spare from the BBQ the evening before.....!!!
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