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  1. and not the last of the build run either!!!
  2. Lotus Cheshire have on order the LF1 sill for me. Might take a good 8-10 weeks. Thanks for everyone for their help.😀 jep, could you kindly post a photo of the leather close up on your sill. I assume it is leather as per LF1 spec?
  3. Table Number: 99_03 Position: 11a Part Number: A138V4306S Description: Sill Trim Panel, RH* Notes: Gold stitching Qty on Car: 1 Price (each): £263.40 Condition: New Stock: Factory Order
  4. brilliant, so best bet is to get a replacement ordered and it will match 100%. Thanks Justin. much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the reply Justin. I will try and go with that approach. It is important that it is 100% spot on.
  6. Does any LF1 owner live near to Allon White? The reason I ask is they are trying to get hold of the leather that the LF1 came in. It needs to be the correct grain, correct black and gold colours. I have been sent a sample but the grain is not quIte right nor is the gold colour. My LF1 had a mishap while in for a service and the result is that the leather sill needs replacing. If any kind LF1 owner who lives close by to Allon White and wouldn't mind popping in, then please let me know. Many thanks in advance.👍
  7. I may be interested! Have you the original Cup wheels in black?
  8. can you ask him to post a photo of the plaque, number 16 is one that is missing.
  9. If any LF1 owners own one of the the following Victory Numbers, could you kindly post a photo of your plaque. 16 - 1964 Zandvoort, Holland 23 - 1965 Zandvoort, Holland 34 - 1968 Mexico City, Mexico 37 - 1970 Monaco, Monte Carlo 42 - 1970 Watkins Glen, United States ( 51 - 1973 Paul Ricard, France 63 - 1977 Monza, Italy 64 - 1978 Beunos Aires, Argentina 65 - 1978 Kyalami, South Africa 66 - 1978 Zolder, Belgium 67 - 1979 Jarama, Spain 11 left to complete the set!!!😉
  10. The LF1 came with no carpets at all, just the LF1 floor mats. So I would need the underseat and rear bulkhead carpets as well. I would need to cut the full height sill carpets and make them into two, like you have done. I assume Lotus have plenty in stock as they are quoting £350 to full carpet the final edition cars so they must be available. Did it take long for you to get them from Lotus?
  11. Looking good your Exige.🤩 I wondered if you would be so kind to let me know how much did the new carpet cost? I was thinking of carpetting my LF1 in exactly the same way as you have done with your Exige Cup.
  12. Table Number: 00_00 Position: 00 Part Number: B128S0001F Description: DOWNPIPE/CATALYST ASSY S/C Notes: Qty on Car: 1 Price (each): £1,037.10 Condition: New Stock: Factory Order That is the Lotus part number. Maybe somone can find out if the Corolla 1.8 VVTI - engine code 2ZZ-GE catalytic converter can fit the Exige using the part number for Lotus. I concur with Bibs, what a stunning car.😍
  13. I don't understand Italian, but worth a watch for the lad's enthusiasm and of course the LF1.😍
  14. Looking fantastic!!!! What is the official colour of the red paint used?
  15. Lovely car. Keep up the good work and the progress reports. Will be one hell of a car when it is finished.
  16. 03 - Italy HD 12 - UK RHD 23 ? 32 I think LHD 37 I think LHD 49 ? 50 LHD 53 ? 60 ? 63 LHD 64 LHD 65 RHD 67 LHD 31 UK registered cars. I have nearly all the photos of the plaques. Only ones missing are: 16 23 28 34 37 42 46 51 63 64 65 66 67 If you have photos of any of the above, please reply. I can send you any that you might be missing. Thanks.
  17. very smart, and a lovely story about you and the car being re-united.🥰
  18. After my car was serviced, the gear cables were not aligned properly, sounded awful everytime I accelerated, sounded like something was loose, banging around, sounded awful. Took the car back to the lotus dealer, car back up on the ramp and I ensured everything was put back properly. This may not be your problem but that was what was causing my thudding noises. Hope this helps.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I have ordered the Ring Automotive RAC 900. I will see how I get on when it is delivered.
  20. Anyone recommened a decent one? Ideally would like to run it off the mains in the garage or work off the car battery. Came across this one: Anyone got any views? Thanks in advance.
  21. Stunning car. I had my LF1 out on the driveway yesterday, looked beautiful in the sun. Enjoy the car.
  22. So sorry to hear about his death. Bibs, can you link the story about the time when Stirling Moss signed the plaque on the LF1 Victory No 1?
  24. A step in the right direction, agree it needs the price to be shown as you add the options in!
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