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  1. Hi Martin Yes would definitely be interested in the tickets For 2 with sticker we left it to late to order some we are in Hampshire would gladly pay for any delivery charge etc. Regards Richard
  2. Hi Vipers Can they not do chrome orange any more as a special order ? Here's my V6
  3. Exigecrome1


  4. Here's a picture of my Lotus sports exhaust had the tips coated black by zircotec. Not sure if it's any louder than stock as had it fitted from day one. The twin pipes look so much better than the pigs snot of the factory box. Richard
  5. Hi Rancid / Arun D This is my black filler cap surround on my V6 brought from the Elise shop which is an S2 surround had one on my previous S2 did not realise they are different? Had B&C fit it from new they never said they had a problem fitting it also fitted the black screws which are a must in my opinion got these from pro-bolt Richard
  6. 183 Richard & Sandra Chrome orange Exige v6 Looking forward to a great day out
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