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  1. The tyre thing is one of those old stories which you have to make your own decision. Museum cars are fine as they generally just sit on them. The issue is the age hardening of the older rubber technology compounds (IIRC). These would glass over and become so hard there was no flex or grip. An infamous bus crash in Cornwall was attributed to 35 year old tyres with loads of tread but no grip. However, modern-er compounds may behave differently. An MOT would advise on aged tyres. They can definitely be kept as show tyres to keep originality etc. or for a rolling chassis. As said most wouldn't drive on them. Excellent effort on your project. Brave man.
  2. Also note that my pilkington one fitted by Autoglass isnt the right fit. High at the top. high in the corners. I heard the LB ones fit well.
  3. If you pop across to you can subscribe to the parts manual which will give you all the diagram breakdowns you will need.
  4. Switch to an SA Excel chassis. Been done
  5. Speaking as excel owner, I believe there is a how to guide on the forum. Does the eclat door skin 'wrap' around the hinge pin like the excel? If so I dont think you will be able to remove the pin. You will need to break the door down - frame; skin then beam. You may need to press in new bushes as well. Dont remove the door as a whole as they are quite heavy and you will end up doing damage.
  6. Can you just post a picture to confirm the style? I am thinking they are Aston Martin type and just short of a million squid a pop.
  7. Picture of the almost 'new' condition chassis I know is available.
  8. Have you found a chassis? I may have found you one!
  9. Try this guy
  10. If correct I take it yours is the air ride pink panther - if so the PO brushed the trim to hide the multitude of scratches from his PO.
  11. Hawaiis0

    Elite chassis??

    Hi John I believe the steering column, including lock is direct off the MA61. The Lotus exploded diagrams are identical to the Toyota. This makes the lock 6906414060. Stu
  12. Agree - check corrosion at base. Some cars have a jumper harness in the left hand footwell. Check it's not detached.
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