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  1. Right following thee feedback that they are in production and almost half way through already it shouldn't be much more than a few weeks for them to finish the rest then I will add myself. 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold - UK 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car just manifold) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) - UK 4) @x180r19 (Stevens SE, just manifold) - CO, USA 5) @lewtus (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to CO, USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? - CO, USA 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit - PA, USA 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. - UT, USA 9) @chris Stevens 1988 carb turbo - UK 10) @gfallon 1983 g-car manifold kit - MI, USA 11) @NR2k- 1984 G car full system, no cat, standard turbo flange - UK 12) @andmac - Stevens Manifold - UK 13) @Saturn Silver - Stevens GT3 manifold - Sweden 14) @Teava12 - Stevens manifold - French Polynesia 15) @stephenwhyte - G-car manifold - UK 16) @NigelM- G-car manifold + exhaust - UK 17) @CarSalesman - Stevens manifold - PA, USA 18) @DrieStone - G-car manifold + catless exhaust- CT, USA 19) @Mrbmist - Stevens manifold - MD, USA 20) @faykfox - Stevens manifold - NV, USA. 21) @dawn - Stevens manifold - Istanbul 22) @ATSAaron - Stevens manifold -TX, USA 23) @DaveS4s - Stevens manifold - GA, USA 24) Mattzx - G car full system (no cat) - '84 Giugiaro Turbo - UK - Full System Based on 10 GB 25) keith95S4 G car full system (no cat) 26) Stormy69 - Stevens 27) Zig - Stevens 28) Quadcam - Stevens manifold for 93.5 -usa 29) @850 Combat - Stevens with external connection capped Oregon USA 97141 30) MrDangerUS one Stevens s4s manifold same option as Zig's ( without the wastegate port option, w/new collector option ), shipped to USA 31) Jenna'sEspritTurbo - (1983 G-Car just manifold) Milford USA 32) Top Plumber - Stevens Manifold 33) Splashout - 1986 G-car manifold only for standard back box I will get an email off shortly.
  2. HI Mark, Have they given you any idea on lead time yet? If we can get an idea and its not too long I would add my name straight away. Thanks
  3. Well this could be fortuitous! having popped on for a read this morning not being as active on here as I used to be. having got the car back on the road only for it to blow a small hole in the manifold on its first trip! It now sounds like a tractor. as Keith above said is there any planned closing date and then lead time on this? I was thinking of gong down the SJ upgrade route but if this isnt too far off then I may add my name and go this route.
  4. Hi Mark, I have been around just had other things I needed to turn my attention to so the esprit has been rather neglected for a long time. So having had an advisory with its last MOT for bush play in my fashion I decided that was a complete suspension rebuild and poly bush needed! I am now getting back to it and that is finished and engine has been gone through not bad for it to start with a mornings fettling following nearly 7yrs lay up! Anyway it has suffered as it lost its garage so now needs a load of interior work and new paint as has been rather sun baked all good fun! Should be out in it soon despite it looking like it has eczema. anyway enough thread de-railing catch up with everyone soon.
  5. I have recently done this job and all other bushes, this was the only one that defeated me. Having taken them to my tame local garage I got a call to collect them a couple of days later. They were all done lovely however he had originally not been able to get them in he told me. Turned out that he had to ask someone who simply told him the answer was red rubber grease. To which he commented with that they popped straight in. So to those looking for lubrication for this I would suggest you hunt out some red rubber grease.
  6. I have done it a few times now with no issues. When I first did it I stumbled across the following site wich has nice easy step by step instructions. Have a look and see if there is anything different in there to what you have done.
  7. Just catching up after getting back on tue glad to see you guys made it the old man bottled out and hes only 5mins away!! Anyway I was doubly pissed off as as well as missing this and going to a bloody christening no covering of snow down in the south west which was where I was so missed out on all fronts great pics though!
  8. Its all good any way they can make some cash and keep them producing the cars we love is fine with me
  9. Noticed I am still in there but I am being dragged to a christening so wont be there I'm afraid updated list: 1. Cliff (gghc87) 2: Pete (peteyg) 3: Hilly (Hilly) mutant behavoral problems depending 4: Daz (dazman3) 5. Peter (pitstoppete) hopefully. new house buying permitting. 6. Matt (Caulkhead68) - subject to car being back on the road (currently with Troy having some work done) 7. Rog (SE OWNER) - what he said... 8. Gary (sparky) - wife working again. She's getting suspicious. 9. Jon (GT3-jonny) - maybe, hopefully 10. Andrew (obione) - probably, work permitting. 11. Mark (LotusNA88) 12.Setras- even if the speedo isnt back I will be there 13. Darren (Atomic Punk) - Elise
  10. Yep they are there which is part one. What you can do now is ude them directly by copying the IMG link for the picture you want if you click get links you will see a set of links either just below or to the right of the image copy the image one. for example the JPS one looks like this {img}{/IMG} (but square not currly brackets) if coppied straight into your reply you will get this
  11. Thats good to hear actually and hopefully bodes well for the rest of the year dont forget though last month was the first and the theme pre war is not one that appealed to the masses add to this the weather wasnt great and it was probably a quiet month.
  12. A said come and go as you please, infact the last time last year you lot went I was actually leaving on a hoon as you lot pulled in lol Anyway I am being dragged to a bloody christening so wont be there. Regarding car parks, if you want to be in the paddocks or on the home straight if your lucky 8:00 is still pushing it! The first over flow car park which is also great to look around will be full by about 8:30 easy this is the large tarmacked car park to the right of the roundabout when you pull in. If you leave it much later you will be in the field! Weather today is great had one shower but been beautiful blue skys and sunny rest of the time and I am only 5mins from goodwood, hope it holds out for you guys will think of you while sat in church!
  13. There are size limits I think but thats about it. I am sure bibs will sort it when he is back in the mean time why not upload somewhere like photobucket and then link to them instead.
  14. If its the same as the low comp and I cant imagine it wouldn't be then yes. Remove the undertray and then you will see it bolted to the body on the left hand side, easy to see and change once you have the undertray off. I believe that there is even a walk through on LEW somewhere if you search for it.
  15. Yeah I would imagine its 86 that would be the year where the odds may be as obviously 18 months puts it at the middle of 86 from 84. However there are two people that have 87 cars saying that their HC have the badge. I suppose they could of been manufactured in 86, also exactly how many of the things they had. I wonder if any ended up on any of the really early Stevens cars?
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