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    Lotus Esprit V8SE (now enjoyed by another owner) 1972 JPS Europa # 63 of 100 special editions (similarly now enjoyed by another owner). Ferrari F430 F1 replaced with the new Esprit i.e. a McLaren 570GT.

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  1. I did the rebuild just prior to steve930 becoming the new owner. As I recall, mains and big-end bearings had the crank journals 7 and 8. This is not uncommon. However, it was the bearings not the journals that had slightly worn, but sufficient to create a bottom end rumble, so the crank needed only a polish. Then came the while-I'm-at-it. There had been coolant leak, only slight but a leak nevertheless. The engine had several leak tests but liner failure was not identified. I strippped the block, removed the liners and resealed with Hylomar. The liners had no detectable wear. Prior to that, Simon Armstrong at Ultimate Performance CNC machined the ports and in particular, throats of the cylinder heads. Work of art. I wasn't sure whether to mount the heads in my living room as sculpture installations, or put them back in the engine . . . Valves, seats and guides were surprisingly and remarkably good. I used new valve springs. Pistons were good and needed only new rings. Getting the rear crank oil seal to hold oil was problematic but eventually, it did its job. Fitting to do so is exacting. Removal, rebuilding and refitting are big jobs. Very big. Especially for two state pensioners. Throughout the rebuild, Mike Sekinger gave me invaluable help. He was superb in his expertise, generosity and willingness to provide technical support.
  2. Noo Tim Marra, ooz thee dyurn? Arz Cumbrian an or. Ar wuz born in Penrith, lived in Carlisle, Maryport an Wigton. Me mam and dad went on frae Wigton to Silloth then Thurzbee. Me great aunt Ginnie lived in Whiteheven. Bahree eh.
  3. John's right about the exhaust. And the nice-looking black one that went at auction might not be quite what its seems. ?Originally Roman Purple. There were only 100 numbered JPS Europas produced. Not many of us still have one . . .
  4. 1972 JPS number 63 (of the 100) at speed (image courtesy John Watkins) in a Lotus Drivers' Club sprint at Wellesbourne circa 1983. The side traficator is clear to see. Anorakers might spot the black windscreen surround. The windscreen was removed to seal a leak. For several years the chrome-effect trim was not available, only a matt-black alternative. It is now and subsequently, the trim was corrected accordingly.
  5. Horses for courses indeed. Arguably the best Europa though is the John Player Special. Black body with gold lines and oatmeal interior. And one of the numbered 100 that Lotus built in 1972/73 to commemorate both their 1972 F1 Constructors' title and 50th Grand Prix win is a particularly notable model.
  6. Winter

    Urgently wanted

    Welding shouldn't be an issue.
  7. One of the JPS-livery Lotus Europa Specials. Oatmeal interior, 5-speed gearbox and electric radio aerial. Fabulous car then, and now. Attached is an image of Colin Gain "working" on my car. The photograph was taken in 1986 or thereabouts as a publicity shot for Norvic Racing Engines. In the 1960s, Colin worked at Lotus and was central to the adaptation of the Renault 16 type 365 gearbox for use in the Europa. Similarly, he was centrally involved in the introduction of the type 352 and 365 5-speed box for use in the twin cam and Special respectively. All had to be converted so as to have several forward rather than reverse speeds; in the Renault 16, the gearbox pointed forwards. The 352 and 365 boxes required different gear-change systems and he was involved in the design of those as well.
  8. Don't worry. Over the next forty or so years, you'll assemble a useful collection to deal with the tasks that arise. And occasionally, you'll use the same tool again :-).
  9. In 2010, after several promises of its imminent arrival, I gave up waiting for the replacement Esprit and sold my V8SE. I bought a Ferrari F430F1. I was surprised by just how much of a step-change the F430 represented. Last October, I sold the Ferrari and bought a McLaren. That was another step-change. During that time, the Ferrari has been superseded by the 458 and now 488. The McLaren is but one of several models with, notably, at least some input from Lotus by way of engineers who work now in Woking rather than Hethel. I am curious to know the marketing rationale Lotus has taken and more importantly, what it intends to do. It is now some 46 years since the company attempted to move upwards via the Elite, Eclat and Esprit models. Many of us were raised on the Elan, Europa and +2 - some, the original Elite - and we still own at least one Lotus but, and it is a big but, we have been attracted by the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche, because they have the types of car we seek to buy. And Lotus doesn't.
  10. Paul Matty or Richard Winter might be worth a try. The S2 and TC/Special sets differ.
  11. Thank you Trevor. My caution was well placed. Attached is a picture of Colin "working" on my car. It was taken in about 1983 as a publicity image for Norvic Racing Engines. Norvic was headed by the late Steve Sanville and was based at Little Staughton Airfield, just north of Bedford. Notably, during World war II, the USAAF had a base there.
  12. A short but enjoyable and informative piece. The Europa was a remarkably good car. It was, I think, the first production mid-engined car for road use and it's final incarnation, the Special, was indeed special. I am fortunate to have number 63 of the 100 that were built with JPS livery to commemorate Lotus's 50th GP victory and 1972 F1 constructors' title. I was also fortunate to meet Steve Sanville who developed the Big-Valve twin-cam but for which, Tony Rudd received the credit. In addition, I had the good fortune to meet Colin Gain, who was central in the adaptation of the Renault 16 gearbox for use in Europas. In particular, to ensure that the 'box had four forward speeds and one reverse rather than the other way round. Another piece of trivia is the tube-linkage system for the 352 and 365 gearboxes. Steering joints were ingeniously included in the mid- and tail-sections of the tube.
  13. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of this car? It was bought brand new in 1973 and a son of the purchaser is trying to locate it. Please contact me if you know where it might be so that I can pass on the information to the enquirer. Many thanks.
  14. A few years ago I waited for the then supposedly new Esprit to arrive to replace my Esprit V8. And waited, and waited and waited. In the end, I replaced it with a Ferrari F430F1. Last week, I traded that in against a McLaren 570GT. In several reviews I read before purchase, I was taken by a comment that said, and I paraphrase, it looks like what a Lotus might have been; after all, Lotus designers and engineers were recruited by McLaren. It is remarkable in every respect and, like the Ferrari, makes a nice stablemate for my 1972 JPS Europa. I couldn't help but wonder though, just where is the "new Esprit"?
  15. Homework, or as I believe in certain circles, it's called "Prep": Read Robert Tressell's The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. I suspect, but don't know for sure, that Dan has read it and embraced the sentiments. I have.
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