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  1. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    In for its 1000mile service, met up with a sibling...
  2. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    They look amazing! Must get me a pair...
  3. Delivered / registered in December: 2016 Sport 410 2+0, solid yellow, manual,
  4. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Sound deadening came with the stereo/sat nav option - I assume this is the £250 sound insulation pack option, but when I ordered it was included. For £250, I can't imagine there is a huge amount of sound insulation... Don't get me wrong, the exhaust is very noticeable, but I appreciated even more when I opened the window! :-)
  5. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Two things I discovered driving to work today: (1) the steering wheel position is adjustable - how I didn't realise this previously I don't know. But allows the seat position to be adjusted, and is now perfect! (2) opening the! The noise from the exhaust is even more epic! Actually shows that there is a reasonable amount of noise insulation within the cabin.
  6. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Certainly will when I've put some decent miles on them (grip and wear wise!). So far, they seem super grippy, even in the wet (which surprised me). Not sure I will venture out in the snow in them this week...
  7. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    I don't think the changes to the 410 (vs 400) have compromised the 410 being a road car at all - in fact, I think they have enhanced them. Road holding is improved over the 400, but it never feels harsh at all, in fact it feels very well sprung. This is no Exige, which can feel harsh at times. I have bought mine as a road car, I doubt I'll ever take on track. My impression is that it isn't intended to be a track car - if you want track car, you buy an Exige. The 410 is just a more bespoke/special 400.
  8. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Yes, there's one supplied with the car - as it needs to be specific for the Li-Ion battery.
  9. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    No difference in battery usage, but Lotus supplied a trickle charger specifically for the Li-Ion battery. This shouldn't be needed under normal use. You can't "jump" start from another vehicle with the Li-Ion battery though.
  10. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    So far, I am absolutely loving it. It is even better than I imagined when I put down a deposit (March). Obviously, this time of year is not the greatest for getting to know a car, plus there is some running in to do first! However, even under these conditions, it is a joy to drive. The grip is astounding, it feels so planted. The steering is sublime, and you get a huge amount of feedback from it and also from the chassis through your bum. The gear shift is way better than the Exige S I had - on a completely different level, and as good as I have tried anywhere (much better than a manual R8 I had a few years ago). Power wise, impossible to tell with using limited throttle, but it feels quick even at these levels. The exhaust noise is truly epic! The seats seem comfortable so far, although I have not completed any particularly long journey as yet. I have been hugely impressed with the build quality. The interior is lovely, and feels like a special place. The carbon parts are also stunning, much better quality than I was expecting - the roof and tailgate look amazing (the tailgate is a work of art!). I think overall, the amount of thought and detail that has gone into this car is excellent. So far I have no negatives at all. I would also like to highlight how impressed I have been with Lotus Silverstone - which supplied the car, and where I also purchased the Exige previously. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a Lotus - Matt and Aimee have been fantastic.
  11. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Yes, the seats are easy to get in and out of - I'm sure helped by the lower/narrower sill (I had previously had an Exige S). You can slide the seats forward to access the storage behind the seats, sufficiently to put a size of bag that fits into the storage. A bigger bag would be more difficult, but then it probably wouldn't fit in the storage either. That's what the passenger area is for... :-) I didn't go for the titanium exhaust (+£5K option) - but I'm not sure there is any difference in the noise, just lighter...
  12. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    @JayEmm they are supposed to be the carbon inlays, but they are still waiting for these parts to come in. I'll see what they look like when I get them, and decide to fit them or not (or perhaps keep as spares!). The rest of the carbon parts are incredible - especially the roof and tail, the quality and finish is way better than I expected.
  13. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Couple more photos when I picked it up yesterday. Nice and dry today, so will be heading out for some miles later.
  14. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Couple of pictures from earlier in the week when delivered to the dealer. Pick mine up tomorrow morning...
  15. JT73

    Evora Sport 410

    Wow, first one, awesome! Going to try and arrange a factory visit when mine is in build, hopefully not too long after yours! (Ordered in March).
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