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  1. Another happy customer then. If I upgrade power it will be this route for sure. Do you know if they can increase the rev limit, given the 380s lost a few hundred rpm.
  2. One of my favourites, toxic green I think?
  3. Hello, were we talking recently on youtube about this same car? It has the sequential? If so, I thought you mentioned it was a tracker/alarm fault that caused it? I always thought a blowing exhaust may have caused the fire.
  4. I second these from my use of them on other cars. Mine did always squeal on the road though if not used heavily for a while. Also cold bite is not great on the road, they need a stop or two to get to their operating temp.
  5. Regarding running in, something to remember during the process:
  6. Do our factory mounts have gaps that can be filled, like these: If so, it is a shame there are not any inserts that can be bought, like from this company:
  7. I thought 1000 also but the dealer said to me anything past 600 really 🤷‍♂️
  8. Those mounts havent held up well! Could it be the angles ended up being slightly different with modifications you had to make to get them to fit, putting mire stress in parts? Ive never fancied poly engine mounts, I fitted some uprated rubber ones to an S2000 I had and they were great, they really improved the response with hardly anymore vibration. It’s a shame there isnt such a kit for our cars.
  9. Mine is on the three years free servicing and I asked when buying and I was told it would be included. Ive not checked anything in writing though.
  10. It is the posting running in service on a new car where they change the oil and give it a once over. You pay and it covers the labour and service items such as the oil.
  11. PS Mine is when the shock extends to drop in to the hole or a large join in the road. Not on compression.
  12. My 380 Cup is doing this, only up to 260 miles at present, it has done it since leaving the show room. It has the nitron 2 ways. What does your 410 have? My 350 Sport didn't do this.
  13. I just spotted that my phone was chopping some of the table off:
  14. Simply Sports cars have finally posted some figures, 400 for the non charge cooled at the crank.
  15. It is 425 pages and running, so a little hard to sum up. But it is the general s2/s3 exige discussion thread, mixed in with elise cups. Going round in circles, posting up prices and people worrying about values, with regular analysis the ads currently out there every few weeks or so. Youre not missing anything.
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