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  1. for anyone else having probelms I think I have cracked it!!! I was so close to giving up in this. I just received the below Obdlink LX and rather than hang when pairing, it has a pairing button to click first and then it connected right away! OBDLink LX 427201 ScanTool Bluetooth: Professional OBD-II Scan Tool for Android & Windows, Green I just did a few seconds test recording and the data is all there! When opening in virb edit it opened the video with all the obd overlays there already! I tried loads of cheaper ones and when connecting to the virb would just run and run, but if I clicked cancel they would show as connected, but never any data was recorded. These did not work for me: OBD II Engine Management Diagnostics and Tools on your phone,obd 2, ELM327 bluetooth connection ACITMEX OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner, Bluetooth 4.0 Auto OBDII Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool Upgrade 1.5 OBD II Engine Scanner Fault Code Reader Support IOS,Android,Windows,Hot Plug In Design Torque Pro Elm 327 [ Android ONLY [ V1.5 ] OBDII OBD 2 Bluetooth Fault Code Reader - Track Recorder Camera Accessory
  2. Ye, you can do the fronts with the wheels on full lock. I have slim wrists and hands and can do the rears reaching through the rear wheels just below the rear caliper, with a bit of playing around with arm and hand position.
  3. Could you clarify on the smooth ‘internals’? I need to snap a photo of mine for you (380 Cup). The inner part is smooth as your photos show, but the carbon piece on mine is not smooth in the inside.
  4. Some one just posted on the v6 facebook group simply sports cars sell carbon cup style one? He posted photos of his install. Im out of storage, so cant post photos
  5. Is the back side of the carbon part of these scoops all smooth? My 380 Cup ones have the back side a bit rough and ready looking. It would be great if you could get a back side shot as I would maybe be interested in just the carbon parts if the reverse if nicely finished. Any idea on the fitting effort required? Is it a total pig to get to the fixings or even some sort of clam loosening? cheers
  6. Project complete 😀 V2 Supervent lid with some lotus ebay stickers and the #FORTHEDRIVERS sticker from Divine Handcraft that he has now listed on his site. Rob at clubman motorsport was amazing with the helmet, sorting out some bits and chasing its dispatch from V2 themselves, cracking guy:
  7. I was looking in the trackday sub forum Just looked again and somehow I missed the latest post being quite recent, the second post was May. I think I just saw the advert and auto pilot scrolled down past it to see the May post I have just ordered the v2 super vent. V2 have had great feedback for quite a few years now and its a step up from the karting omp lid I’ve been using. Regardless, thank you for all the comments. I went for this spec:!/V2-Super-Vent-with-HANS-clips-visor-and-peak-white/p/78959437/category=22435617 Off to order some lotus sport stickers for it now 🤓 For future reference for anyone else, I posted on the facebook track time group, (16k members) and hedtec were also recommended as good helmets at a good price
  8. k20Rob

    TLF GT430 Club

    Look up maidstone sports cars page on facebook. They are about to launch the slip on silencer, this was the one in use at the goodwood day. Photos of it on their facebook page.
  9. Can anyone help with a budget friendly but good trackday helmet. My OMP super budget helmet has served me well (well i havent crashed, so it has just sat on my head really), but it is time for something just a little nicer I think. From what I gather V2 helmets are great bang for the buck. Is there anything else out there? Ive not posted this in the trackday section, as that hasn't had a reply for two months! Cheers
  10. k20Rob

    New Toy

    Looks great! another 350 with 2 piece disks. Did you spec them? One owners just turned up with them.
  11. I had read this somewhere in the past, but couldnt for the life of me then find it again! Has anyone actually done this yet?
  12. Changing to a 215 45 front from the standard 350 Sport 205 45 will give you a little extra height, about a 5mm height gain.
  13. Did you fit the carpet behind the seats back or leave it out? I am thinking of putting the carpet behind the seats in mine, so if it was going spare and up for sale I could be tempted 👍🏼
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